• Deciles 1 week ago

    verse happyheart in parkour like if u agree

  • Alexis is bes 1 week ago

    Please Preston make with niób Hello neibor

  • BlakeAlex T 1 week ago

    He’s a wallstreet

  • CJ Ong 1 week ago

    Super easy !😃😃😃

  • Wizard Flame 1 week ago

    Yep biggest parkour noob (wallstreet)

  • Nikolas Kerpiniotis 1 week ago


  • Barbara Pullin 1 week ago


  • Dominique van Zyl 1 week ago

    Wallstreet is a noob at parkour

  • Lucy Buss 1 week ago

    Wall street u are the biggest noob in the world

  • Woofless 1 week ago

    Do a video on 50 ways (or something like that) to kill Wallstreet

  • Hunter Halls 1 week ago

    Preston stop making fun of wallstreet

  • Tanie Solomin 1 week ago

    That guy is a little bit a noob

  • camron hounsell 1 week ago


  • Fireball_Gaming 1 week ago

    BLOW UP WALLSTREET WITH A NETHER STAR (For the punishment for being a noob)

  • Vincent van der Velpen 1 week ago

    This is what will happen in the next week…

    Preston gets arrested and Wallstreet tweets #MeTo

  • Chen Bulahao 1 week ago

    Love u preston

  • GreenGamer595 1 week ago

    I’m pretty sure that I’m the biggest parkour noob

  • Rain STOWERS FILI 1 week ago

    kill him with anzils or drown him in lava.

  • Rain STOWERS FILI 1 week ago

    or even tnt square lock him in one

  • Shaheer Khan 1 week ago

    you should blow him up.

  • Suicide Craft 1 week ago

    Yes he is

  • Spy Kids Live 1 week ago

    Yes he is

  • Dylan Cook 1 week ago

    Wall street is the werset

  • Anna Ninomiya 1 week ago

    Kill wallstreet using redstone machine”s

  • Mf Productions 1 week ago

    Wallstreet isn’t as bad as my sister at minecraft

  • LightningCreeper -Minecraft Half-Life 1 week ago

    WALLSTREET NOOB PARKOURER! P.S his worse than me 🙂

  • Mohannad Galal 1 week ago

    he is

  • hana riyu yuranroho 1 week ago

    Preston your the pro on parkour!!

  • Lucas Pappas 1 week ago

    Perston im better at parkour and pvp than u 😁 but ur bae still 😘

  • Farah Malaysia 1 week ago

    you skillz are legendaryyyyy

  • Danny Liu 1 week ago

    Film the world hardest parkour map to deal with the noob

  • Darcy Gulley 1 week ago

    he the worlds biggest pakur plebian

  • Ish ya girls zela 1 week ago

    Preston if u are a true parkour master u will tag this comment

  • lildragon kid 1 week ago

    wallstreetYT ie the best better than preston XD

  • Colten Rogers 1 week ago

    preston is god parkour

  • Dyllon Ng 1 week ago

    Preston try doing a vertical headhitter neo jump I have done that before and boy it was hard XD

  • Eomer Castano 1 week ago

    wallStreety is “THE BIGGEST PARKOUR NOOB!”

  • Bay Area Bugs old videos 1 week ago

    Big big nooooooooooob

  • Normahini Ahmad 1 week ago

    Preston , you are soooooooo good

  • Ella lockwood 1 week ago


  • Danny Pomeroy 1 week ago

    Kill wall street with a cactus

  • Tracey Combs 1 week ago

    My first time watching preston

  • Tian playz 1 week ago

    the first time i play minecraft it was easy on parkour

  • cool alto 1 week ago

    He is the worlds biggest noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  • Arnel Garcia 1 week ago

    Noobest of the rest

  • KGS Narwhal 1 week ago

    I want you to play bedwars with wally!!!!! Just like the old days!!!!!

  • Tian playz 1 week ago

    make him suffer by doing another parkour without tp and changing gamemode

  • Danny Pun 1 week ago

    do the hardest map in the world

  • Pikachu Gaming 1 week ago


  • Pikachu Gaming 1 week ago

    Kill him using redstone

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