• Kenzo 3 weeks ago


    COME JOIN – https://discord.gg/RXEtHnE

  • Bjarki Freyr Torfason 3 weeks ago

    I gat bend for noteng plz unban me plz my ign is Ice_pvpv2

  • Thatcher 3 weeks ago


  • Tobias Laurberg 3 weeks ago

    Kenzo texturepack plz

  • Angel Maciel 3 weeks ago


  • Beyond Lone 3 weeks ago

    Better not be a “Master Bait” XD

  • VeraciousBean5 3 weeks ago

    I liked it when he said to do it, but im already subbed

  • Not Secretly GarbToons 3 weeks ago

    Ummm do u know that u killed lolitsalex? XD

  • Availabilitiess Quinsay 3 weeks ago


  • prank master 3 weeks ago

    i try to join the server and it doesnt work

  • GrindKing Kai 3 weeks ago

    1!!!!! 10:13 2!!!!!! 10:13 3!!!!!! 10:13

    I will love who ever gets this…

  • CriminalRecord / intrepid17 3 weeks ago

    Kenzo , your videos are so pleasing to watch and also really entertaining , love that 144hz monitor

  • canelex 3 weeks ago

    Do the clips seem sped up for anyone else?

  • CakeStafqus 3 weeks ago

    Haha this better not be a “master bait” XD

  • Christoper Gaylord 3 weeks ago


  • Feivelominator 3 weeks ago

    Lol I was mrfebreezeswife

  • UnTidy BandiCoot 3 weeks ago

    lol it’s lolitsalex

  • DangerGamingYT 3 weeks ago

    “Baited by a Minecraft Villager” woah i thought a roblox villager

  • abbzz n 3 weeks ago

    Got banned yesterday from veltpvp, dont know why doe.. i got it on recording and its up on my Youtube! check it out and se what u think plis!

  • Blaze YT 3 weeks ago

    Can u do a giveaway son

  • Poyan Valero 3 weeks ago

    Great video great pvp action great comentary 100% subcribing with alts (this is alt my account is Dragonassasin)

  • KoalaHCF 3 weeks ago

    4:24 he killed lolitsalex

  • 7:57 was a pretty cunt move but other than that you’re a fuking god

  • xXRadioActiveXx 3 weeks ago


  • VanillahZ 3 weeks ago

    What the fuck is this title

  • HarveHacksYT 3 weeks ago


  • yo g its mefs. Do you wanna play together cause im down to start playing again.

  • Storm Plays 3 weeks ago


  • Aiste 3 weeks ago

    What are your pc specs

  • Sven Koetsier 3 weeks ago

    What is THE mod??

  • ezgwap 3 weeks ago

    is the ign Kenzo ur friend or just a random person?

  • I am a person 3 weeks ago

    What server is he playing on? like mini or duos ETC.

  • Great Work 3 weeks ago

    U can get banned thats kick and kill u can gett banned scum

  • AwesomeRobloxGamer 3 weeks ago

    I play on this server and I have no idea how to play pls help

  • Baccuus 3 weeks ago

    a MASTERbait

  • SynxFX// Intro Designs 3 weeks ago

    “WAIT, Im Trapped I Love being trapped oh god” -Kenzo The end of 2017

  • ErrorInTime 3 weeks ago

    “This better not be a masturbate” kenzoo 2017-2018??

  • Brady Brady 3 weeks ago

    This better not be a masterbate

  • JBiggzie 3 weeks ago

    not going to lie that was pretty scummy.

  • Luca Riemersma 3 weeks ago

    Its actually bannable to invite and kick but you’re a youtuber so you not getting banned 😑😑

  • Zelvish 3 weeks ago


  • iTzVigza _ 3 weeks ago

    He’s doing good with the ads… putting 5 ads in 1 vid xd

  • Agility 3 weeks ago

    did any one see lolitsalex?!?! 4:00

  • Symbou 3 weeks ago

    He said “master bait” and I thought nothing of it…then he said “that sounds a bit weird” then I thought *oh….masturbate*

  • iDrifting PvP 3 weeks ago

    Using the word “Noob” in your video title makes you so arrogant

  • Diamond Cake 3 weeks ago

    Kenzoo, just wanna warn you my dude, Please do not promote any alt shops, it is not helping anyone and you risk getting your rank taken away on hypixel!, that’s just hypixel’s (simon’s) rule! Thanks.

  • Giangiacomo NASO 3 weeks ago

    ur mouse is?? <3

  • CodyJackH 2 weeks ago

    LOL “he doesn’t know how to play though, it’s fine”

  • CactusPleb _ 2 weeks ago

    (this kid) literally lolitsalex

  • MC Master 2 weeks ago

    Yes, he actually does master-bait 😉

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