Today we play NO RULES Minecraft Delta Lucky Blocks Walls 2.0!


  • King Fro 1 week ago


  • Y Wang 1 week ago


  • Riyley Pinkston 1 week ago

    Going camping

  • FB 10 1 week ago

    Austin is an awful person. Never invite him again.

  • Gaming_Hero08 1 week ago

    Hi Jerome I’m in the bacca army can u add me in friends on ROBLOX THX!!!

  • Kevin Knight 1 week ago

    I have my soccer tournament the 19-20

  • SnipOreGaming 1 week ago

    im sorry but it is so very hard watching Jerome struggle with actually wearing a good set of armor or gear thats very easy to tell what is best

  • Jack Doyle 1 week ago

    Hi Jerome I grew up watching u I remember all of the old jokes like Christmas in a hole Jeremy ur brother Betty, power moves only, Fluffy ur nickname and ur pixlemon series I used to watch AwsomeSauceFilms but I feel like u have gone to far from ur roots but u don’t have to listen to me because I’m kinda past Minecraft but I just wanted to check in and see what u we’re doing now

  • Snake9211 1 week ago


  • Mr Melon02 1 week ago

    Banana < Pizza Ben smells

  • RieAnna Morris 1 week ago

    This was so stressful to watch

  • Akilah Tinsley 1 week ago


  • Jonathan Cardoza 1 week ago

    You should prank them by using the dbc mod and giving yourself full buffs

  • Cayden Martin 1 week ago

    HI Jerome i love your chanul

  • Jose Flores 1 week ago

    Hi sup to you

  • Derrick Van-Wyk 1 week ago

    Why call it “no rules” when there are a clear set of rules in place?

  • xayplaygames 1 week ago

    Jerome you are an inspiration to me and You have motivated me to make my own YouTube channel.I have been watching Spence team crafted and I Made a YouTube channel a was wondering if you would check it out it is xayplaygames all one word thanks I hope you see this bye🤩🤢

  • taylor57376 1 week ago

    Dasha is a savage

  • Survival KING 1 week ago

    Someone pls make a remix of the first word he said when it became video

  • jeff curtis 1 week ago

    Dasha and Austin ruined it to hell just like every other game mode

  • edin hrustemovic 1 week ago

    the spykidz touched the earth so now it belongs in the human realm

  • Gravity wolf 1 week ago


  • Nick Husten 1 week ago

    Austin and desha trigger me sometimes

  • Claire Huang 1 week ago

    how did austin get spiral in the first place if he didn’t use commands

  • Mish Dormido 1 week ago

    #stupidBiffle and #losingMyMindTostupidity(bifflebut)

  • System 1 week ago

    Just deop them them and say no rule :I

  • Courtney Holt 1 week ago


    Rule 1 start in survival
    Rule 2 no commands

  • stay the heck away from my memes 1 week ago

    So many people are complaining from things that are actually funny… sometimes you can be the source of the problem if you have commented about this. Mostly because that means you have no taste in comedy

  • ______ ______ 1 week ago

    What prank?

  • Francis Serrano 1 week ago

    Jerome next you do ampther one of this mingame deop everyone before the video

  • DeElite Gamer14 1 week ago

    Actually the, “Oh ye” came from my grandma. She started that. Thank you very much

  • Emilinda Magtalas 1 week ago

    next time you should play dr who lucky blocks

  • Anon 66 1 week ago

    Pay attention to the damn game and stop promoting sheesh so money hungry these day..

  • Jarl Matthew Averion 1 week ago

    In this video

  • Emily M. 1 week ago

    You probably won’t see this but I’m going to a monster truck show

  • Sophie H 1 week ago

    What was the dasha prank?

  • Dorito Gamer 1 week ago

    Way happended to Andrew

  • Drewgon22 1 week ago

    dasha and austin literally ruined the entire stream and yet Jerome never deopped them

  • Riley Mcmillen 1 week ago

    Who is Dasia its dascha

  • Preston Taylor 1 week ago

    Just say
    1. No Cheating
    Then say the definition of cheating

  • CHANCE KUEFFNER 1 week ago

    Call it the insanity rules, so that there are rules but they’re very few

  • SuperBatMan 1 week ago

    Ahh my favorite game mode on my birthday

  • WhyJokers619 1 week ago

    Just call it 1 rule lucky block walls

  • Zayne 1 week ago

    I’m gonna be honest with this, its hard to watch this i stopped watching this at the moment you realized austin was cheating

  • Night Legend405 1 week ago

    Can Austin get Deop and then ban no offence Austin just don’t invite Austin to no rules ever again

  • Angel Lilli 1 week ago

    JeromeASF I think you meant Green Mario not Luigi 😂😂

  • Tommyplayz Mc 1 week ago

    Just change the title of your video to make it fair

  • John Verrastro 1 week ago

    You have one friend TEWITY also if you don’t want to deal with these people just go back to doing videos with Ben Alex and tewity

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