• Logdotzip 2 weeks ago

    Hope you all enjoy this new snapshot video! Let me know what you’re more excited for, Coral or Ruins??? 👇

  • Andreas Daye 2 weeks ago

    Corolla 👍

  • Allessandra Souliere-Genesse 2 weeks ago

    You are better!!!! Yay

  • Dargie craft gaming 2 weeks ago

    Did I ever say that I live of if your vids

  • NeonSavage 2 weeks ago

    does Logdotzip like his fans lets see if he hearts this comment he loves them BUT IF NOTTT!!! thennnn..

  • Joshua Yturaldi 2 weeks ago


  • Luca Santoro-Emmerson 2 weeks ago

    Some1 give this message to mojang: Make mobs only despawn when you are not looking at them.

  • Luca Santoro-Emmerson 2 weeks ago

    Any1 know where logdodzip got the phrase “sneaky mom”? I do :}

  • koonmat54 2 weeks ago

    Why I swimming in a sea animation is one block, But I can’t through one block?

  • Evie Roberts 2 weeks ago

    Villagers underwater?More like ATLANTIS!!!!!!!

  • Marjan Filipovic 2 weeks ago


  • RightYshar k 2 weeks ago

    Minecraft should add sharks!!!!

  • Helper - 助っ人 2 weeks ago

    He is Timmy 🙁
    1 subscribe –> one ice cream for Timmy

  • xdead360 2 weeks ago

    At the start lol :So sasen my feetbets my friends

  • Sophia Carr 2 weeks ago


  • Paxton Coy 2 weeks ago


  • Paxton Coy 2 weeks ago

    Merliggers, underwater villagers.

  • Logdotzip :come on do it for the vine

  • Freezing Fire 2 weeks ago

    The lost atlantice ruins 😛

  • Miles Flaherty 2 weeks ago

    Finally, Oceans Actually Have More Structure Diversity, And Actually Have Another Reason To Visit.

  • CrazyKitty Gamez 2 weeks ago

    Finally iwant the fish though but good anuf

  • InDeth 2 2 weeks ago

    What about shipwrecks?

  • W33DMAST3R 420 2 weeks ago

    Is it me or am i seeing less fish spawn

  • I Luv Creative 2 weeks ago

    Turtles help me please! Turtle why ain’t u helping me!? Turtle turtle turlte! TURTLE NOOOOO!!!!!

  • Bagas Pratsya 2 weeks ago

    Love it

  • Micah Lee 2 weeks ago


  • Slamslime Gameplay 2 weeks ago

    Will there be limestone or marble in Minecraft because that would look good on a house.

  • Franz Da Monkey 2 weeks ago


  • Slamslime Gameplay 2 weeks ago

    Mojang should add boat villages that appear on a huge boat.

  • Slamslime Gameplay 2 weeks ago

    Who the hell would live in ruins. Ruins are ruined and the people who lived there died before it was a ruin

  • Ananda Hanif 2 weeks ago

    *test test*

  • Phantom #13889835 2 weeks ago

    I Cant seem to find any stone brick ruins, only sandstone

  • Audrey Briggs 2 weeks ago

    Underwater villagers in minecraft means…mermaids in minecraft?!!!

  • X. P. 2 weeks ago

    “So sasen your feet belts friends!”

  • Furious_ Fighter7 2 weeks ago

    I didn’t know that if you broke a dead bush it would turn into stick

  • The Thirstyjew 2 weeks ago

    They dont have the clown fish

  • Gabe Brown 2 weeks ago

    I love the fish and It is so nedid

  • Evie basa ! 2 weeks ago


  • ButtAss Wonka22 2 weeks ago

    They should add goggles to see farther and an oxygen tank that u fill up some how

  • Poke Landers-Craft 2 weeks ago

    5:20 its true that villages used to be able to spawn underwater with the water world preset

  • Gizmo Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Alright. Hear me out. My idea is Crabs. Even though Mojang already teased a new hostile mob (3:44), all we can do is speculate for now. But I think Crabs will be GREAT for the upcoming 1.13 update aquatic!

    Straight upfront, grabbing treasure underwater seems too east at the moment. The player just “tames” a dolphin, it leads them to treasure, and the player loots the treasure, with nothing to stop them. With crabs, though, the player will have a challenge for the unique and exclusive underwater treasure. This will also be an amazing addition to the game because crabs could be the only underwater mob that can actually walk around and be affected my gravity (but not fall damage) underwater. There has been nothing like it. All (even the new) aquatic mobs just swim, like zero gravity. Crabs will put some originality and even more variety into the game than what’s already been put into it.

    Crabs spawn primarily in ocean ruins (warm & cold oceans, including frozen) and shipwrecks, but also at the flat bottoms of deep ocean biomes (warm, cold, and frozen). When threatened, crabs will use their giant claws to attack the player, and will deal about 3 hearts of damage to an unarmored player. Crabs are fairly tough, so they have about 7 hearts of health. Also, similarly to puffer fish, they prefer to travel and walk around alone. However, if one crab happens to meet another, they have a chance to have babies. Like turtles, they will occasionally lay eggs, which means they breed on their own (also being the only hostile mob that multiplies on its own). The eggs will have white and crimson spots instead of the turtle’s white and turquoise eggs. Two crabs can lay one egg at a time, but only inside warm ocean biomes. One egg will have a chance to hatch 1-3 baby crabs.

    When killed, crabs drop crab legs, which can be roasted in a furnace and heal 2.5 hunger points. This food item can also be eaten slightly faster than normal foods (like dried kelp). Additionally, crabs will occasionally drop crab shell shards, which will be able to craft a crab shell plate. The shell plate will be able to create two extra armor points for the player (displayed as two red crab shells instead of iron chest plates) and act as a “shield” for the player, which can also be able to regenerate back. This will be like the player has their own “crab toughness”, like the turtle helmet (ocean armor set, anyone???). But, like the trident, the armor regeneration is only in effect while underwater, and regenerates at a fairly slow rate. However, the extra armor points will still be in effect on land, and still act as “shields”. Like any other armor, the shell plate can be enchanted normally. But when enchanted with aqua affinity, the regeneration effect underwater will increase in speed with the respective I, II, II, etc. The shell plate has about the durability of leather armor and 8 armor points (four chest plates above your hot bar) plus the two bonus points. The recipe to make the shell plate will be the same as a normal chest plate: 8 crab shell shards in a crafting table. Personally, I think the shell plate and the turtle shell could go quite well together, with the water breathing and extra armor points 😉

    Again, this will be an amazing and worthwhile update to minecraft’s oceans! I hope this gets added!

  • James Alexis Candari 2 weeks ago

    Hey Tyler can you download a map from MCPE.try TheExtremeParkour by Thegamingz. I double dare you.

  • Video Machine 2 weeks ago

    I’m so much dissapointed that they removed Phantoms from the End! I just liked them because of they were a new End mob!

  • Andro121 2 weeks ago

    Will there ewen come new underwater ruined people?

  • GamingCactus360 2 weeks ago

    When is this update going to be realised?

  • Aaron Tipton 2 weeks ago

    Hey,this has to be fake? they said what they said already, we already know everything that is coming as of the 1.13 update
    this has to be fake

  • Nick Moriée 2 weeks ago


  • Jorian Brown 2 weeks ago

    Sasten yo featbelts.

  • 青蛍火 - Ao Hotarubi 2 weeks ago

    I love all these new developments despite some problems other people have notice. But man, I just can’t stand how you can get instant full breathing anymore. It’s more true to life anyways. You go to the surface, get a big gulp of air, and you’re good to go back under.

  • no name 2 weeks ago

    The new mob is a fish was in the video featured in mojang’s video

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