• Nicole Panerio 3 weeks ago

    hi rage elixir

  • Betch ValtoZ 3 weeks ago

    Rageelixir im so rage because i want you to play feed and grow fish!!!!!

  • Umiere Bush 3 weeks ago


  • Cole Province 3 weeks ago

    RageElixir i liked

  • Analy Mendoza 3 weeks ago

    Rage i hate your intro

  • RopePlayer Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Ummm Rage why do you got Derpy face

  • SWAG GURU S. R 3 weeks ago

    RageElixir you are the best

  • behavior maker 3 weeks ago

    ‘’Custom Behavior Pack Maker and Creator for MCPE’’  App on App Store 
    Check it out

  • XxMoonlightxX Star 3 weeks ago

    Where is your hometown?and if u reply I would scream my voice out!!

  • LegendSlime - Gaming 3 weeks ago

    If you sub me ill sub you with a shoutout just comment sub 🙂

  • Luke TLLM 3 weeks ago

    R.I.P Cow 0:19 to 0:22

  • Aundria Miller 3 weeks ago

    i want you to make a mine little pony video i am 8years,old

  • yousuf eissa 3 weeks ago

    Hey rage I need to call but I don’t know to call from where

  • Habib ALWASHALI 3 weeks ago

    What was that flying thing in 00:7

  • I subscribed

  • Rage you are the the best and also love your skin

  • FizzWorld26 //FizzyGaming 3 weeks ago

    Been here before 100,000 views

  • Tanja Todorovic 3 weeks ago

    How u get out firs one item and then u get out item numbre two i can onlie get out all item in one steck

  • AaPlayz010 3 weeks ago

    RageElixir it replaces the evocker

  • Kelly Woodward 3 weeks ago

    your awesome

  • Jim Holz 3 weeks ago

    Hi I’m Jim’s daughter I like you do you know when you’re scared you don’t half to because it’s just a game just for some help like me and reply if you like me and what I said peace and love✌✌✌✌💖🌈🌈🌈🌹🎼❤🐾🐾🐾🍬🍬☺

  • Amado Olivera 3 weeks ago

    Hi were is Brandon

  • Sean Kazwell Clavido 3 weeks ago

    How did you add that undying sword

  • Sarvin Nepal 3 weeks ago

    The undies

  • Sarvin Nepal 3 weeks ago

    The undyer looks like a figet spinner in the hotbar

  • MadMan Jayden 3 weeks ago

    your awsome man

  • Lindon Cane 3 weeks ago

    I subscribed plz subscibe back to me but i have ok content.😆

  • Emmanuel Perez 3 weeks ago

    l subscribe rage your the best

  • Joshua Paige 3 weeks ago


  • RedgreengamerYT 3 weeks ago

    who came here because of preston!

  • The Cat 3 weeks ago

    I’m late ☹😔

  • Abdullah Erfan 3 weeks ago

    Dude I love your new intro it’s awesome

  • Nes Uy 3 weeks ago


  • Ariel Arielrizkyramadhanertaran 3 weeks ago

    undying sword is like bow

  • Ryan Manalac 3 weeks ago

    On Console?

  • DeadpoolkillTime Yolo 3 weeks ago

    Give me 12007900,000,000,00,000000,0000 Subs and if you do that i Will let you have my Nerf sniper

  • DARKLORD 330 3 weeks ago

    Nice Skin!!! 😀

  • Zap Death 3 weeks ago

    #undying items

  • Francisco Cancino 3 weeks ago

    i can have nintedo swich

  • Francisco Cancino 3 weeks ago

    i suscrube

  • Crish Augus 3 weeks ago


  • MAGO AMBITION 3 weeks ago

    Did he know he can tame that golem thing I did a video on it yesterday tame it with emeralds and grow it with diamonds

  • Jerry Zou 3 weeks ago

    You should use totem of undying armor too

  • Jerry Zou 3 weeks ago

    That add on is awesome

  • John Kustok 3 weeks ago

    Awesome dude

  • EnderDZN 3 weeks ago

    Im new to realms

  • EnderDZN 3 weeks ago

    Its RealEnderDZN

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  • djie hen tju 2 weeks ago


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