• Dragon Warrior 2 weeks ago

    sub to dragon warrior

  • cringy time 2 weeks ago

    do a video of living in a tree

  • ZapowGaming 2 weeks ago

    Minecraft Servers might be able to use this to show people their teammates’ health on teamed minigames

  • MineCat Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    I can’t wait for the 1.13 Minecraft update!!!!
    P.S. Is that a good thing?!

  • iGameLive Gaming 2 weeks ago

    I love the way ur talking mate..thx a lot for uploading interesting thing..u deserve it

  • DARK EMPIRE 2 weeks ago

    Edit to give the world link

  • Megan Weber 2 weeks ago

    Not really multiplayer friendly…

  • Famous SONGS 2 weeks ago

    how can i download this snapshot.

  • stoneheart 2 weeks ago

    The booties
    The booty snapshot

  • Donna Howard 2 weeks ago

    Try this challenge
    I call it realistic Minecraft
    Put your world on super flat

    Make the top layer grass x1

    Make the 2nd layer dirt and coarse dirt x3

    Make the 3rd layer stone x7

    Make the 4th layer gravel x3

    Make the 5th layer cobblestone x2

    Make the 6th layer obsidian x2

    Make the final layer bedrock

    Allow everything

  • Old Sport 2 weeks ago

    9:15 *TRIGGERED*

  • BrightShadow80 HBSlimeman 2 weeks ago

    The health of what you are attacking currently (mobs,players,ect)

  • Anton Gorodishenin 2 weeks ago

    6:36 “It’s okay… It’s okay… It’s okay… I’VE JUST GOT A NEW GAMING CHANNEL!”

  • Jackie & Kevin Sweeney 2 weeks ago


    what is DIS??!?!?!!!?

  • sense 2 weeks ago

    why dont u just make a cooldown for the combo

  • Zero Ichijou 2 weeks ago

    “I love me some booty, i mean boots”

    Nice save there!

  • Dan The Dragon 2 weeks ago

    10:52 gotta go fest

  • CommandBlock King 2 weeks ago

    Idea for Jragon he could make TTB boss that when you get close you see the boss bar

  • george martines 2 weeks ago

    This make me think creating a Dead by daylight map on a maze…..
    Should i do it?

  • Combat Creepers 2 weeks ago

    2:04, *U V I L S U F F E R T H E W R A T H O F G R U*

  • Rosie Posselwhite 2 weeks ago

    w0w thats amazing! I love ur channel

  • Minecelot 2 weeks ago

    i think I can use them for ammo.

  • HarshithTM 2 weeks ago

    Love these booties!

  • xXMageIncomingXx 2 weeks ago

    7:47 Oh A Diamond sword is a “Steak” Alright….

  • Jeycop 2 weeks ago

    give plz map

  • Fast paced traveller_yt 2 weeks ago

    I uploaded about this minecraft snapshot in a new way

  • Chrispy 2 weeks ago

    You can make a respawn timer in a PvP map!

  • Zielony Zółw 2 weeks ago

    📃 . 📁

  • GoldenNova 2 weeks ago


  • Dark minion 2 weeks ago

    You can add player tracker animal tracker and mob tracker bars to help

  • John M 2 weeks ago

    did I hear pure vanilla CTF with minimal redstone lag?

  • Bluejay_Trax 2 weeks ago

    I’m not clumsy!
    ~It’s just that the floor hates me, the table and chairs are bullies, and the wall always gets in the way.
    Enjoy- Chris

  • jim rabbit 2 weeks ago


  • Eric Tegreborn 2 weeks ago

    plz stop doing facecam

  • WinterCraft 2 weeks ago

    Now servers don’t have to remake a dragon and have it not move deep in the void.

  • Explode vlogs start at nine 2 weeks ago

    Map Creators!!! Where are you??

  • Shadrias 2 weeks ago

    All my pet peeves in one video

  • Stealthpelt 2 weeks ago

    It’s a lot easier than having an Ender Dragon Under the map taking explosion damage from TNT every time you deal damage to something else

  • New Popularwii 2 weeks ago

    I have had a question BURNING at the back of my mind, WHAT IS A SNAPSHOT FOR MINECRAFT!!!

  • Sapphire Not Diamond! 2 weeks ago



  • Josh Lefelhocz 2 weeks ago

    Wait, combine the block counter with the detector to make an ore detector. Detect ores nearby!

  • FunRainbows - Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    Just watched the whole diary of a wimpy kid the long haul movie.

  • Keith Altenburg 2 weeks ago

    LOL XD

  • CottonPlays 1 week ago

    So you mean Hypixel no longer needs those pesky dragons under the map? Well that’s good.

  • Aiden Merrell 1 week ago

    I Probably Will Be Making A Game With This Snapshot! Thx Logdotzip!

  • Kaeson Walter 1 week ago

    2:04 lol 😂

  • Anna Devlin 1 week ago

    Tyler:ooo love me some bootys

  • Bluehat Gaming NXE 1 week ago

    i am tryashtar fan

  • Thomas edwards 1 week ago

    How about a village detector or a stronghold detector

  • elton ho 1 week ago


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