• Logdotzip 3 weeks ago

    Oops – forgot to cover in the video but in the PE Snapshots you can also attach rope leads to boats to move them around behind you! Enjoy guys! 😀

  • vvutdmzzgaming 2 weeks ago


  • Koma Zocken 2 weeks ago

    If u use riptide when its raining, you can move with the trident. If you have loyalty 3 on the trident, you can move very high in survival mode.

  • Galore Inferno Lion 2 weeks ago

    Why did the crab blush

    Because the sea weed

  • KaotiKiller Games 2 weeks ago

    Blue ice. Nice.

  • ollieplayz! Roblox-and more! 2 weeks ago

    I have tridents and stuff but no fish and new wood trap doors and preasure plates and buttons and other stuff???

  • Marios Mpairaktarhs 2 weeks ago


  • Mr Fox 2 weeks ago

    Your trident is loyal heheheh (ENCHANTMENT: Loyalty III)

  • Asriel Dreemurr 2 weeks ago

    blue ice is from under the ice berg

  • Adam Lemrini 2 weeks ago

    Isn’t the thumbnail showing colored rimworld ambrosia?

  • AmansCraftGamesYT 2 weeks ago


  • Minecraft Pocket Edition 2 weeks ago

    Why your computer can use PE

  • lil boss gamin' 2 weeks ago

    Waaaaiiiiitttt it’s on Windows 10?!?! I have that edition!!!

  • xXGreenFighterXx 2 weeks ago


  • Asha The GamergGirl 2 weeks ago

    When is 1.13 coming out

  • Sanzy Gamez 2 weeks ago

    The shipwrecks Has loot all so it has a treasure map log

  • Sanzy Gamez 2 weeks ago

    Ther is all so burried treasure hard to find

  • kevin bartnick 2 weeks ago

    I get naturally occurring kelp, seagrass, etc.

  • kevin bartnick 2 weeks ago

    Weird huh?

  • kevin bartnick 2 weeks ago

    At 1:21 he says “Big shouts out”, Lol

  • CraftTheStuff 15 2 weeks ago

    i got the update and its not there!!! 🙁

  • فارس اندرويد 2 weeks ago

    We are better than you, computer group

  • Adrian Balatbat 2 weeks ago

    New Features in Bedrock Edition (1.4.0):
    -Blue Ice Block
    -Salmon and Cod spawn in different size
    -Iceberg Biome
    -Fishes drop bone when killed/died
    -Ability to lead boat
    And Many more…..

  • Fluffy Onions 2 weeks ago

    thats not for java :I

  • Onjishnu Plays 2 weeks ago

    Those smawn eggs look like large caviar that are colored

  • Wolfiecharm 2 weeks ago

    In one of my worlds the blue ice has spawned naturally.

  • SophiaPlayz Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    How do you get this in pocket edition??

  • MrManGod Swag 2 weeks ago

    u need a gtx 1080 TI dood!

  • Bryan Santos 2 weeks ago

    You killed the fishes

  • Gunner Sickels 2 weeks ago

    How do u get the snapshot for Minecraft pe?

  • Phantom Gamer 2 weeks ago

    I only have the trident on pe that’s it

  • RoseWolf.170 2 weeks ago


  • 10:54

  • Felicia Williamson 2 weeks ago

    Hay I have Minecraft bedrock Edition and I got the trident in Minecraft and the drowned mob is released and so We have a lot of new stuff also my sister and my baby brother has Minecraft bedrock Edition to so they have new stuff to

  • Felicia Williamson 2 weeks ago

    I play Minecraft PE for short

  • Pusheen Cat 2 weeks ago

    how did you get this?

  • KGam In'22 2 weeks ago

    I have the console addition.

  • Dusten Nolder 2 weeks ago

    Loyalty trident if you throw it through a portal it won’t come back

  • JoltBlitzer 2 weeks ago

    There’s a feature you didn’t mention and that Blue Ice is hard as Obsidian (A.k.a It will take a long time to mine)

  • Applemonster87 MC 2 weeks ago

    Is that for mcpe!!!! Reply pls

  • The Beavis Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Why don’t I have the kelp and stuff I’m on PE

  • Preston Phillips 2 weeks ago

    when are theese updates coming?

  • Mekayla7 2 weeks ago

    Why do most people play Bedrock?

  • Paul Tran 2 weeks ago

    Wtf? You have a gtx 1080… to run Minecraft?.??!?

  • Liam Luke 2 weeks ago

    Something about the drowned texture is just very satisfying

  • Stoats not Goats 2 weeks ago

    All they need now is the titanic

  • Sausage Dogs 2 weeks ago

    Why does some coral die underwater in minecraft pe , well it happens with me and coral does spawn naturally in minecraft pe I just found a coral reef

  • Anonymous Player 2 weeks ago

    This is not a secret

  • Σ懒der 走远 2 weeks ago

    Night vision and water breathing can make you see more clearly in water

  • Cathy Li 2 weeks ago

    AHHHHHHHHH what’s the seed no one puts the seed they use in the video or description unless it’s a seed showcase

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