• MattDromeda 2 weeks ago

    Pickel reck

  • Multimeyt t 2 weeks ago

    Pickle Rick 😀

  • DaNte_De_BunNeH Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    you watch rick and morty?

  • GORU BABAR DOYA 2 weeks ago


  • Super Cat2406 2 weeks ago


  • DaNte_De_BunNeH Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    sea pickles are not plants there just like starfish

  • Warren Van Zuydam 2 weeks ago

    Sea pickles are basically “underwater torches”

  • Shalom NG 2 weeks ago

    7th comment OMG I watch u early I’m a subscriber but OMG 7th comment

  • Lego dolls and more 2 weeks ago


  • Lego dolls and more 2 weeks ago


  • gamer 22656 2 weeks ago

    Use em as cups in mine rap

  • Jennifer Dalton 2 weeks ago

    @Eckosoldier Hey you know coral fans in IRL don’t sway so they’re not going to ever make them sway.

  • itznanthanplaz mc 2 weeks ago

    Pickle rick

  • natan natan 2 weeks ago

    When will update be? I got 1st one but your one when?

  • Hoot Owl 2 weeks ago

    Really enjoyed the surprise live stream! Really appreciate this updates on the new snapshots. I don’t play Minecraft on my computer often so I forget to check for updates. Keep up the great work! Take care.

  • Skullgamer 9000 2 weeks ago


  • SOUMIK SARKAR 2 weeks ago

    Why do the phantom sound like wither

  • SOUMIK SARKAR 2 weeks ago

    Ecko do you think that the slow falling portion will hamper the challenge of defeating the end add a reply for it pls what ur opinion on it.

  • Lexi Marie 2 weeks ago

    Add me to realms– pineappledrolan

  • #swagulous_ munj 2 weeks ago

    When will the dolphins come in?

  • Dominykas Beinius 2 weeks ago

    ,why cant pickals cant brewuing

  • Cien 13 2 weeks ago

    Pickles que porra é esse algum BR sabe

  • DragonBorn RiaseTheDead2068 2 weeks ago

    Minecraft™ Aqautic update® V1.2.14.0

  • Botond Nagy Megyer 2 weeks ago

    I love bubble corals

  • adrienbonzo gaming centre 2 weeks ago

    a pickle riiiiiiiick

  • adrienbonzo gaming centre 2 weeks ago

    Will shields come for bedrock version

  • Åsmund Isaksen 2 weeks ago

    Early yeah baby boooom

  • pickles (`-`) (I tried to make a lenny face) but I cant cause im on andriod

  • btw why does the pickles sound like a slime block?

  • Edgar 2 weeks ago

    I’m pickle Rick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TurtleGamer 97 2 weeks ago

    87% of comments “PICKLE RIIIIICK”
    13% of comments normal comments

  • GD Shadowcast - Pixel gun and more! 2 weeks ago


  • Wilmer Madrid 2 weeks ago

    i love sea pickles they are amazing

  • John Davis 2 weeks ago

    is this update going to be on console vershion

  • TheExtremeGamer MCPE 2 weeks ago

    -When you hold a pickle near an ocelot or cat, They will RUN AWAY FROM YOU😂😂

  • Rafithesky X 2 weeks ago

    They should add Gravity Potion or add Gravity in general. The higher you go up the mountain, the denser the air will be which means it’s harder to jump or have low gravity in The End

  • timebener96 2 weeks ago

    is there a Way to play Aquatic on the Xbox Java or Barock right now? like i saw ppl playing Beta n all that

  • Piter & Pedro Studioz 2 weeks ago

    Pickles on my sandwich please

    sea pickles


  • Paul Hartzell 2 weeks ago

    Does kelp spawn at warm biomes

  • Paul Hartzell 2 weeks ago


  • dylan zosimo 2 weeks ago

    I dont know why mojang would change/nerfed the trident with loyalty and riptide they don’t reveal the reason they should change the trident they’re not making the diamond sword the “most op weapon” but for tridents they were op but now they are nerfed

    Riptide is not a combat enchantment loyalty channeling and impaling are combat enchantment possibly the bedrock would have new mobs items and changes by the next beta by now

  • Ali Maisaan 2 weeks ago

    I bet he will not pin this comment

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