• jordan marker 1 week ago

    Beef I hope this don’t end like the Castle build 😂

  • Jonah Nelson 1 week ago

    Not a fan of the roof but the bottom is perfect

  • Jack Chapman 1 week ago

    I can’t be the only person who thinks it looks like an oil-filled gumball machine, right?

  • eunice tango 1 week ago

    sry beef. but the top looks like dragon egg. maybe if you use differnt colors? pokka dots ? HAHAHA but loved the long length videos. did a marathon and watched all 15 episodes in 2 days

  • Matthew Coleman 1 week ago

    Afro Island?

  • Adam 1 week ago

    “let me show you aROUND it.”

  • TeeTheCee 1 week ago

    Beef, it looks like a quarry! You should use that theme (Nether Quarry). Get it? Get it?

  • Vera Guindos 1 week ago

    I don´t really like that building style, it does look like a Smurf with a Toad hat. BUT if he likes it, then, Great! It’s his island, it has to like no-one but Beef right? At least, it’s different than medieval theme.

  • Joshua Poon 1 week ago

    Is it just me or does it look like a dragon egg

  • Sulfine 1 week ago

    And we’ll call it : Mushroom Island !

  • BlueZephyr 1 week ago

    I think it would be a shame if you covered over the water in the craters. Maybe you could build houses into the side of some of the hills/cliffs instead? This would have the added advantage of needing fewer resources. 🙂

  • AntZ_K 1 week ago

    make some villages on water around ur island make them connect with bridges and sell the for 1 diamond a night

  • Sion Dwenneker 1 week ago

    Why does beef mix up the 6 with a 4? He said 4 diamonds discount.. 70-64=6
    Also he said he got 48 instead of 32 which was a difference of 14..
    Beeeeeeeffff… 48-32=16.

    Is this a Canadian thing?

  • Kukukichu. lp 1 week ago

    He’s building a Smurf town with afros!

  • Mateus Henrique Santos 1 week ago

    Smurf houses ^^ nice project XD

  • Kato the crusher 1 week ago


  • darth blz 1 week ago

    Looks like a smurfs house I like it

  • Juan Aponte 1 week ago

    The only part I dont like about the building is the roof. I dont mind the black but making a dome out of black concrete is a bit too much

  • talgen25 1 week ago

    fuzzy hat or afro?

  • joshua gommers 1 week ago

    Build houses that float on the water!

  • Ge Q 1 week ago

    Smurf hose

  • Ge Q 1 week ago


  • chanel collette 1 week ago

    Not a fan of the roof

  • Blake Hinson 1 week ago

    You can make houseboats in the water

  • Claire58 1 week ago

    Maybe instead of “dome shaped” roof, you can do more like a mushroom-y shaped? Also, I don’t think black is the best color choice. Maybe do the “similar but different clay color” for the roof?

  • Johnson Ng 1 week ago

    Hey Beef, I know you’ve got a plan for what to build for the island, but it just struck me that the lakes could use some trees, just a little distance away, arching towards the water, forming natural paths underneath the arches. Google for images of Taiping Lake Gardens and look for those with rain trees fitting the said description.

  • Zechariah Mithell 1 week ago

    Beef’s math is not that good. Lol

  • Are you concerned what 1.13 will do to your map (because it’s special terrain)?

  • Pajama GameLord 1 week ago

    it looks like an afro. im sorry someone had to say it

  • Shari R 1 week ago

    The roof is WAY too big for the house. The house is nice tho.

  • Andrew Helmer 1 week ago

    The bottom looks great but I’m not too big of a fan of the roof, if it was smaller or maybe a different color I think I would like it a little more.

  • Earthenfist 1 week ago

    Decorate with black terracotta, obsidian and coal blocks?

  • Edgar Allan Nope 1 week ago

    Gazebo roofs. Circular but flat. And it looks nice and open if there’s some some postage going on.

  • JeaneGenie 1 week ago

    You might want to replace the netherrack under your portal with cobble or brick or even granite for the red look. It can cause you to glitch through right into the lava below. happened to me.

  • The build style is great, but that roof has got to go.

  • Simon Murray 1 week ago

    Smurf Island

  • Tyrone Jone Arroyo 1 week ago

    Beef, remember the Wither will always/100% “WILL” drop the nether star and its blast resistance so you can fight two or more withers at a time while not worrying about the start being explode “except when the star went to lava

  • Scott Hunter 1 week ago

    Wither brigade to the rescue. Like a fire brigade but for Withers.

  • BananaMan0124 1 week ago

    It’s a smurf house

  • BananaMan0124 1 week ago

    The roof is to dark make a brighter roof and I think it would look better

  • GoldAssasinGamer // GoldNinjaGamer 1 week ago

    At first, I thought the house would be ugly. But after a while, I start to like it

  • C Scherbarth 1 week ago

    reminds me of a smurf

  • sammy elder 1 week ago

    I think if you add the same color wool or terracotta as you have concrete to the house it would add a little texture and variety to your pallet. Would help get the whimsical theme through.

  • RadenMT 1 week ago

    if you have Biome Bundle on the server can you tell me how you got it to work?Thank you in advance.

  • Cumayasa Strat 1 week ago

    I think that if the roof was grey it would be much better

  • Gurgles N' Gargles 1 week ago

    The roof looks like an afro.

  • BitterAmbrosia 1 week ago

    Comeon. it shoulda been 100%Beef approved

  • Antoine Abraham 1 week ago

    he should make a treehouse

  • Pistachioxen 1 week ago

    Beef And His Quartz

  • Golden Chrysloar 1 week ago

    I feel like the roof would look a lot better and fit the whimsical theme more if u used Coloured glass instead.

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