• Luczie 2356 1 week ago

    0:28 XD

  • Kerrie McLoughlin 1 week ago

    I’m kinda sad about the new phantom texture, I was gonna make an aquarium and use them as stingrays

  • YTDJEnder Vlogs 1 week ago

    Summoned Skull is a good monster card.

  • Dimondminer11 1 week ago

    GTX 1080 WHAT????????????

  • YummyMooChaChaMoo111 1 week ago

    I can not see the phantom first skin

  • Kai Evans 1 week ago

    Coral is not a plant you dingus. My dad served 13+ years as a marine biologist

  • Barrack Obama 1 week ago


  • Sameed chowdhury 1 week ago

    I wish all the new items in the 1.13 snapshots would spawn naturally.

  • Andrew Sarley 1 week ago

    Now the Phantom *looks* like a monster!

  • The golden soldier 1 week ago


  • Dylan playz 1 week ago

    I love the banner one more then enything else

  • MR.Media 1 week ago

    What If Minecraft added phantom wing that you could add to your armor to fly

  • Aaron Cadena Ruiz 1 week ago

    I hope they drop bones

  • Aaron Cadena Ruiz 1 week ago

    And a mob rrides it

  • Little Shadow, Forest Girl 1 week ago

    But the “Mob of the Night Skies,” isn’t livinging up to what I had hoped. I was thinking of a mysterious protector of Steve and Alex, who come out at night. The King of the animals, perhaps. What I got were these weird little things that swoop in on you if you don’t go to bed.
    Maybe they should be bigger, darker, and stronger.

  • Logan Reisz 1 week ago

    iz there new stairs like dark prismarine stairs #prismarineboy

  • Pie Maker2 1 week ago

    I’m waiting for crabs

  • kharmagirl77 1 week ago

    Log dot zip please make a video of the message mod

  • the helper of games 1 week ago

    What if the phantoms drop phantom eggs that you can hach and get a phantom as a pet

  • Angel Leon 1 week ago

    0:29 LOL MEMO

  • Andrew Jones 1 week ago

    hey I found this map called unknown map a few months ago and when I tried using it, it crashed my game. by the way it was found in a stronghold.

  • Aubrey Afton//Altai Aquamarine 1 week ago

    7:05 This party is fishy.. .

  • C0ns3qu3nc3 M4ster 1 week ago

    Banner plus bubbles with anxiety. wow

  • Choco Bro 1 week ago

    0:29. NEMO!!

  • Updog 1 week ago

    If Phantoms were to drop something else, maybe it could drop like “sleep drops” and you can eat it and regain 1 or 1 1/2 hunger back and maybe your timer of nights sleepless were say, 5, when you eat it you would only have like 4 or something, I don’t know if that’s too good or not. I don’t know if that sounds cool or not but it would sure change the Phantom

  • Silent Ninja 488 1 week ago

    holy biodiversity Batman! Theres more Minecraft fish!

  • VariableSpy1719 1 week ago


  • BloodStorm Wolf 1 week ago

    Wow, LogDotZip got mixed up.
    The water texture with slabs and stairs came when the other water physics did XD

  • Yo it's Steve 1 week ago

    but can we place two different types of slabs directly on top of each other :-]

  • The Purple Emerald 1 week ago

    Fun fact: Corals are animals, not plants.

  • Mathaino Gaming 1 week ago

    Tyler:Update 18w10A
    Me: Tyler, buddy, it says 18w10B on the screen. practice your script more

  • Angus Piccoli 1 week ago

    Phantom shold drop elytra

  • Miko Galang 1 week ago

    Hey Logdotzip! I do know Summoned Skull! 😀

  • Miguel Floriano 1 week ago

    Omg 1,853 comment

  • Abdullah Alkaabi 1 week ago

    He guys this update will in
    20 March Intill 5 June the update will
    At this days

  • Ellie Heath 1 week ago

    1:57 What was that? 😂

  • Alexandra aly 1 week ago

    ”Summoned Skull from Yugioh” HECK YES!!!!!! I LOVE YUGIOH!!!! IF I KNEW YOU KNOW ABOUT YUGIOH, I WOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE : All my comments contain yugioh. XD XD XD Hey, do you want to try a yugioh game???? PLEEEAAAAAAAAAAASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?????????????????????? Honestly, you’re one of my favorite youtubers!!!! ^^ I would love seeing you to try to play yugioh!! And of course after to go back to Minecraft as always! ^^ TYLER/ LOGDOTZIP POWER! ^^ XD

  • Cecilio Austria 1 week ago

    I like yu gi o

  • Quack Up Playz - Minecraft 1 week ago

    13:29 LOL its on screen. isnt it

  • Pranker126 original 1 week ago

    when is it out

  • HandyMationZ Z 1 week ago

    Tyler:Oh sh~YEAA!!!


  • Freesubscriber 1 week ago

    But why do They cod, salmon and pufferfish have a better model then tropical fish?

  • The Zomvies 1 week ago

    Next snapshot, they will need to add shipwrecks and coral reefs. And I would like to see those in the game! Fun fact: coral is actually a living creature!

  • zippee playZ 1 week ago


  • zippee playZ 1 week ago


  • 00SABA_SABA00 1 week ago

    if fish is droping when you kill then why you need fishing rod ?

  • Fnafteam98 cool 1 week ago

    Then:1.12 now:1.13

  • aboy harzan 1 week ago


  • Zen-Oh Sama 1 week ago

    I have a suggestion for the game

    In deep oceans, they need to add sharks because it would to have something to fear in the ocean besides puffer fish if they poison you. Guardians appear close to ocean monuments and if we had something to fear while coming into the ocean, oceans would be more vicious and fun like the surface. Another suggestion is to add colossal squids as boss battles. Regular squids are too boring. Colossal squids are originally found in trenches in real life, so in underwater ravines, I think they would make trenches very fun. Last suggestion is… A hostile mob for the mushroom biome. The mushroom biome is so bare and the mooshroom are literally the only things that spawn in the biome. I was thinking of making a variant of creeper or spider since there are different variants of the zombie and skeleton (husk and stray). I think it would make the mushroom biomes more scary at night. Like if you agree.

  • Snipling 1 week ago

    you forgot to edit the old phantomb on screen lol

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