• Machina X Dragoon 2 weeks ago

    Just saying, the new riptide animation looks like something from LoZ: Skyward Sword (Yes. I played it) When Link spins in and out the water with the water dragon’s scale. Maybe this can be the inspiration for the animation?

  • speive the slowth 5ty 4 2 weeks ago

    That iron maiden shirt m/ (>o<) m/

  • Daniel Nunya Bidnezz 2 weeks ago

    Use the RIPTIDE 100 Trident to get to travel to the Farlands. 😛

  • Brenden Hurst89 2 weeks ago

    3:28 dropper maid easy

  • idiot gaming 2 weeks ago

    If you switch ip to 65 you would have loyalty 100 😉

  • Venzy 2 weeks ago

    Your cape is back!

  • SPOILER ALERT! 2 weeks ago

    Star Wars: The Phantom Membrane

  • Barney Bernášek 2 weeks ago

    rly Iron Maiden!!!! now i like you more…

  • Awesome Anbar 2 weeks ago

    Trident with riptide enchantment can make you Harry Potter doing Apparition

  • Dusten Nolder 2 weeks ago

    Logdotzip would about sea pickles?

  • DaniRaina 2 weeks ago

    Ooh this snapshot looks awesome 😮 BTW Tyler, there’s an illogical Minecraft 4 now 🙂 are you going to play it? Like this so Tyler can see this 😀

  • The Sharkman 2 weeks ago

    Slow falling potion + Spider web = Infinite falling

  • The Clashing Crafter 2 weeks ago

    this is good and al and I like your snapshot video’sl but when will the next captive minecraft be out?

  • Dusty Fedora 2 weeks ago

    We should be able to build Elytra with Phantom Membrane

  • RealBluebirdsAreBlue - my names cool XD 2 weeks ago

    I only have this experimental beta gameplay of this

  • Sarah Bear 2 weeks ago

    Am I the only one who finds the way he pronounces Elytra really annoying

  • blazefire 2 weeks ago

    My steam ALT account is named Phantom XD

  • Lilja Skarpaas Þórólfsdóttir 2 weeks ago

    Omg hiiii

  • Andrew 2 weeks ago

    Does that mean that there’s two effects that can cause slow falling? if im correct, levitation 250 makes you fall slowly

  • T.L 23 2 weeks ago

    They should add a new tab in the advancements

  • Arav Dash 2 weeks ago

    There are sea pickles too now

  • Nightc0re57 2 weeks ago

    They should add a potion that lets us fly if they do then here should be the recipe and add potions of levitation

    Levitation = neather wart coures fruit and you make a potion of levitation

    Potion of flying = you use a potion of levitation and a potion of slow falling

  • Lego Go Ka-Boom Studio 2 weeks ago

    This new effect will be useful in commands, maps, mods, and so much more…

  • antiorpi 2 weeks ago

    why are u talking so weird?????????????

  • AssassinSlime 68 2 weeks ago

    Snapshot Time!!!

  • Titus Schotel 2 weeks ago

    play hypixel bedwars

  • TwilighttheNightFury 2 weeks ago

    The phantom membrane looks like a pearl flower to me. XD

  • Paul Stammer 2 weeks ago

    You can Put chests next to each other

  • Titan Industries 2 weeks ago

    here is the riptide 100 command for ppl to copy and paste /give @p trident{ench:[{id:67;lvl:100}]}

  • brandon brown 2 weeks ago

    speaking of updates when does this update come out for Console?(
    xbox 360 to be specific)

  • AddieHatesLife:c 2 weeks ago

    Why waste your time to get a trident with riptide to do “serious damage” when I could just make a diamond sword that can one hit most mobs…

  • Roblox The RobloxGamer 2 weeks ago

    AWWWWWWW it’s not on PE, or is it *dramatic sound*

  • Roblox The RobloxGamer 2 weeks ago

    *Flips table* OH BABY A TRIPLE

  • TAB1562 2 weeks ago

    When will they add the shotgun bow enchantment. That would be so awesome!

  • Marvin Sanchez 2 weeks ago

    His cape is back

  • The Salty Otaku 2 weeks ago

    I feel confident about dropper maps now if you know what i mean

  • NickJayPro ! 2 weeks ago

    I bet that in the new snapshot they will add sushi

  • Vforvamps Bloodyfang 2 weeks ago

    I collect hostile mobs as pets I can’t wait to get a phamtom

  • JustCoolMC Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Wow ‘()’

  • Annie the Gamer 2 weeks ago

    What if you already live under a rock? XD

  • Brian the Trainer 2 weeks ago

    Make more sense to use the membranes

  • Andrew Mejia 2 weeks ago

    He has a iron maiden shirt

  • I like cake 2 weeks ago

    Slowly but surely minecraft is transforming into terraria

  • Steven _TH 2 weeks ago

    am i the only one who think the turtle potion shoudnt be a potion? they should make it like food or smthn..

  • OriginallyLong 2 weeks ago

    Well pvp will be interesting now, lol.

  • STORMER JAY 2 weeks ago

    I wish there where new swords

  • Eth 0G1 2 weeks ago

    Kind of like the gravity mod

  • Blocky Gaming 2 weeks ago

    R.I.P Feather Falling

  • Hexal 2 weeks ago

    Sea pickles? I was just on the newest snapshot and I found a lot of them in a coral reef, they seemed to light up the water, is this an old thing or did I find something?

  • HideoKobyTgamer 2 weeks ago

    the last part is stupid

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