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    Rage what recorder do u use for windows 10

  • True Gamers 4 months ago

    What Is The Chance That They Spawn With Full Diamond Gear

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    1 like = one prayer for the poor people of Iran and Iraq

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    i know these are mods but these videos are the best ones I’ve ever seen i will always have your back no matter what and i will always like your videos bye

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    That was a great vidio

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    Your name is rageelixer right. you always rage beacuse in the name RAGE. in Rage elixir lololool

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    RageElixir!!! what do you use to record your videos?????!!

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    Your so awesome rage i love your vids

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    Did this

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    I downloaded you’re videos and show them to the people I know

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    rage i want to play minecraft with you when my father come then i will mesage you

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    I like the video of rageelixer it’s so cool

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    Hey men

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    Rage your old intro is better.Just saying.

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    Nice video

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    rage bro
    do wither god mod http://mcpedl.com/wither-god-add-on/

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    Thanks for not stopping video

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    please play reblox
    please please
    i love you thanks for this

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    Can you make a video about Clash Royale 😃😃😃

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    I put my phone in airplane mode then I threw it,

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    Rage do more call of duty videos

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    Your AWSOME

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    Do a entity404 video

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    *sigh* does anyone else feel like it is weird and kind of annoying when he acts afraid or like something is unnatural when there is no need to be I mean it is entertaining but I mean any one else get what I am saying

  • Cry Baby 4 months ago

    Endermen has always been my favorite mob so this makes me so happy ^-^

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    I don’t like the creeper

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    i supscribed

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    make the big dog yours

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    Whos watching in 2019?

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    Intro song name plz

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