• Katieemmaw 1 month ago

    The new mob looks scary D: I love the shipwrecks though!

  • Doge Playz 1 month ago

    Do things you didnt know about the nether

  • EelitesniperZz gillings 1 month ago

    pin meeee

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  • Xander Quinn 1 month ago

    Guys I am nice and have a seed for coral reef and the coordinates!

    Use this seed:



    /tp @p -380 54 528

  • arc hie 1 month ago

    you did it again!!!

  • dragonborn 365 1 month ago

    A test not a coment: §6 ssf….so..no correct

  • GeekisImba 1 month ago

    thx dude for this video, nice explanations, and nice informations

  • Kamila Jarocka 1 month ago

    5 things you need to know about the tropical fish

  • Michael Saich 1 month ago

    Cool I saw all the mobs be for the video comes

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  • Shaye Skowronski 1 month ago

    I saw the new mob and I thought It was a water zombie..

  • FNAF Gamer3000 1 month ago

    I need a invite code so send it to VelvetDecay84

  • KrazyKat 03 1 month ago

    The background reminds me of Subnautica! Also, isn’t a snapshot just a test update that you can download? Because I’m wondering if/when it’ll be on PE and PS4..

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    K odiiscool Kodak

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  • Christian Gutierrez 1 month ago

    Is this out for Xbox and PS4

  • Star Wars Player 1 month ago

    the answer to trivia time is true

  • Nick Vog 1 month ago

    I (don’t) like turtles

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    Wait I’m confused did the update came out all ready or it just a sneak peek

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    … *W H Y ? !*

  • Wapa Doodely 1 month ago

    Signs don’t create air pockets anymore :G

  • foxy 008 120 ! 1 month ago

    27 things about maps

  • Captainpokedash cigan 1 month ago

    I hope we in the console world Xbox PS4 I hope we get the update to eventually

  • Ani Suzart 1 month ago

    Minecraft pirate edition

  • The Archie Channel 1 month ago


  • Garrett 1 month ago

    My favorite mob that is going to be added is the puffer fish

  • Nibbhit Theeranate 1 month ago

    You give me a lots of minecraft knowlege

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    Greetings from 2019

  • Shenell Hogg 1 month ago

    One like =a prayer for his ear

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    How are you swimming underwater is it a addon

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    You should do 10 things that you didn’t know about Steve and Alex

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    Is the 1.13 update out?

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  • jericho dumapias 1 month ago

    Can you upload things that you didnt know about the new turtle,drowned,and the phantom mob?Can you also upload more things that were removed cause I know there are more things that were removed.

  • A Agu 1 month ago

    What is the seed to the big world at every end of your video

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    Cool updates I liked 😀😁

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    you are very minecraft-smart

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    I wanna ask does the phantom appear in peaceful?

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    The update is getting better and better! I can’t stop saying how exciting this is!!!

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