• geo gamer 1 week ago


  • Miguel Delgado 1 week ago

    Roblox would actually have NO chance

  • jennifer rodriguez 1 week ago

    Make a series pls also yayy4 mincraft

  • RedStone Infinite 1 week ago

    Roblox is better

  • COOLJR 1001 1 week ago

    After this video i want roblox to win

  • Briva Mbuyi 1 week ago

    Roblox and Minecraft may have something in common…I DON’T have a more favorite they are both of my #1 video games! So I balance this equally for fairness 🙂

  • PeakTurtle74 21 1 week ago

    This is the main reason why I’m trying to make animations bc MCjams really made me feel confident and supporting so whenever I watch true animations l always think how I can make my animations better

  • zray pokemon master 1 week ago

    wtf minecraft no respect to other games dont just stab robloxians without a reason I will dislike

  • Fire_Girl_Ninja 2.0 1 week ago

    When they see psycho girl they run XD

  • nathapolTV chanel 1 week ago

    Minecraft Song “Minecraft VS Roblox Battlefield ep 2!!!

  • iTzSkyHunterMCPE 1 week ago

    pls made a hacker 7 pls

  • iTzSkyHunterMCPE 1 week ago

    Slashcraft is cooll whoo hoo

  • iTzSkyHunterMCPE 1 week ago

    if roblox win they dint know in minecraft so manny mob glithers

  • Kiriyaga Kazuto 1 week ago

    You just let Minecraft win because your songs are about Minecraft. When roblox came back and entered minecraft witj weapons, they should have won because roblox has ridiculous hitbox and dmg.

  • Kiriyaga Kazuto 1 week ago

    Oh yeah and for those who say Minecraft is better, the roblox game quality depends on who created the game.

  • mythical the wolf on aj! 1 week ago

    Some of those roblox face are not from roblox what no matter

  • Unspeakle playz 1 week ago

    Roblox stinks !

  • iyan Oktavian 1 week ago

    Nice roblox 👍👍👍

  • CrazyCrafter MC 1 week ago

    I like the animation and song its cool. Im glad minecraft won minecraft always wins and this is the first vid u used armor in keep up the awesome i mean awesome work!!!!

  • hollywooddc64 1 week ago

    Awsome hacker 7 please and castle raid 7 please and I love your music

  • Vangirl13 1 week ago


  • rainimator Burrow 1 week ago

    Good video bro keep it up and do part 7

  • Sans The skeleton mystery and weird old videos 1 week ago

    I hate roblox

  • Lyzel Pintoy 1 week ago

    I like The song!!

  • Samuel Guy 1 week ago

    I saw a sword that I have on roblox!

  • Petrus Ihnasius Sumondang Tampubolon 1 week ago


  • Petrus Ihnasius Sumondang Tampubolon 1 week ago


  • Mega 1 week ago

    I mean even if minecraft won, Im always Gonna Love Roblox.

  • spannung[: 1 week ago

    Sorry but i don’t like it 🙁

  • Muhib Asnawi 1 week ago

    I wish mincraft and Roblox were team 😇😇😇😇😇

  • Muhib Asnawi 1 week ago

    And also pls make them team and friend 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Nita auryn 1 week ago

    roblox is a noob

  • Nabil Rayhan 1 week ago

    Wow that took they so many people to just kill the enderdragon and how did they gat so many elytra i though there was only 1 elytra in every world and you can’t wear a chestplate and a elytra together

  • lighning heart 1 week ago

    Minecraaaaaaaaaaft!!!!!!!!.!!!!!!! Whoo!!

  • Blondie lockes In Wonderland 1 week ago

    Boooooo i hate this they are good games

  • sky pollao 1 week ago

    CoolKid Skin Killer Psycho Girl

  • Özgür Akıncı 1 week ago

    ROBLOX win😭😭😭

  • Hương Nguyễn Thị 1 week ago

    I love minecaft best, roblox are not things.Your song is best.

  • Minda มินดา TCDM THAILAND'S 1 week ago

    I like cookie music BNK48 so much❤❤ who like BNK48

  • 김ROBLX 1 week ago


  • свами Майнер бро 1 week ago

    MINECRAFT win yes

  • Lianne Wijaya 1 week ago

    please make more minecraft vs roblox song 😉

  • Anikah Mala 1 week ago

    I vote roblox Karina like roblox and Minecraft ranold to

  • Rüzgar Keser 1 week ago

    Minecraft is better roblox soo bad

  • death gamer 1 week ago

    i don’t think minecraft get down roblox that ezy roblox have admin weapons make them use that and they have exploiters;) try minecraft agains that my friend

  • Josh Manafe 1 week ago

    Minecraft vs Roblox minecraft win 😏

  • Josh Manafe 1 week ago

    Make a series about this

  • Ayesha Usman 1 week ago

    I hate these song

  • Kawaii_Andreea_Dog 1 week ago


  • Stephen Naval jr. 1 week ago

    Minecraft Won yay!! I was Expecting Whos The Most Dumb Game!! Minecraft Is Perfect Like if minecraft is Perfect Comment If Roblox Is Good

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