• Benito Mussolini 3 weeks ago

    Du bist Hasslich!

  • JACKALACKA999 3 weeks ago

    They need sharks 🙂

  • Foxtrox 3 weeks ago

    I want the old mincraft back 🙁

  • Jillian Elkins 3 weeks ago

    I MISSED MINECON 😱😭 I forgot!!!

  • Penelope Sacristan 3 weeks ago

    i really hope they surprise us and bring 1 or all to the game in a future update. I really liked the ideas of the Great Hunger and the Monster of The Ocean Depths

  • Billybobjoe 0201 3 weeks ago

    Ok I’m gonna say this since I’ve never heard anyone say this… I’ve learned something this minecon something special and it’s that Mojang is NOT ruining Minecraft. Every year people say how Minecraft is getting ruined and I agreed with them, but ever since I saw the new mobs they were adding I realized that I’ve been looking at an unfinished game as if it were finished and Minecraft will never be finished. Minecraft is always changing sometimes for the better (new bosses) and sometimes for the worst (dabbing armor stands) but in the end it will always be the same Minecraft that I’ve grown up with… as long as they don’t make circles a thing

  • Pedro270707_ #1KInscritos 3 weeks ago

    Fishes in Minecraft exists, but fishes doesn’t.

  • Yoizseth 3 weeks ago


  • Flame 3 weeks ago

    Minecraft Ocean Aquatic Update : [Released Date is on Spring 2018, 20th March – 21st June]

    Mobs :
    -Fish [Ambient Mob]
    -Dolphin [Guide you to find treasures]
    -The flying manta-ray like creature

    Biome / Structure :
    -Shipwreck [There will be treasure]
    -Cold & Warm Ocean Biome
    -Underwater Ravines

    Tweaks :
    -When fishing, fish as a mob will start appearing near the pole
    -Items now float on water
    -New Water Physics [Water passed through fences, carpets placable underwater without air pockets]
    -Magma Block + Water = Bubbles Columns [When boats are above the bubbles, it will start jiggling and the players /entity will start sinking]
    -You can pick up fish with buckets and can be place into other places.
    -You can breathe on the bubble stream
    -Your breath bar no longer instantly regenerate once you went up into the surface. It took time to generate.

    Weapons :
    -Trident [3 Exclusives New Enchantment : Loyalty , Impaler , Slip stream dash]

    Blocks :
    -Different variety of wood for trapdoor, Pressure plate, button, etc
    -New Slabs!

    Other Updates :
    -More servers to Better Together
    -New Minecraft Official Texture by Jappa
    -Super Duper Graphic

  • Arnas 3321 3 weeks ago

    cant wait until i get out of school :O

  • Nintendo Fanboy 3 weeks ago

    The one convention I’ve wanted to go for for years then it comes to my state one county over and I miss it. I HATE MYSELF!

  • Ultronic Wave 3 weeks ago

    Logdotzip. I will give you some 1 command bosses, please do a video on them, and I recommend you use overpowerd gear btw. Actually, you don’t have to, but I would like it.

  • Andrej Short 3 weeks ago

    Oh my God that looks so cool!!!
    Man, I wish had Minecraft.. But I’m too poor tp buy it 🙁

  • GeckoGamer 15 3 weeks ago

    I’m excited about the trident

  • PaCPlayS 3 weeks ago

    rip my computers if this will be released

  • Wafity 3 weeks ago

    omg squids have friends now

  • Billy Welsh 3 weeks ago

    why cant they add all of them ;(

  • Notorious Hd 3 weeks ago

    Out of all honesty, i don’t even play mine craft any more but I just love watching ur vids cuz there hilarious LOL

  • Ashley Derringer 3 weeks ago

    logDotZip you kinda look like my uncle

  • GokiMC 3 weeks ago


  • Joe Buehler 3 weeks ago

    Is this update going to go to Minecraft pocket edition

  • Concernationn 3 weeks ago

    Okay I might forgive them for the texture changes.

  • Calvin Thomas 3 weeks ago

    Sounds awesome

  • SAMU EL 3 weeks ago

    Coloca legenda em BR

  • ShadowWolfX20 3 weeks ago

    ohman I forgat what was yesterday so I missed it oh well but I cant wait I didn’t want the ocean I wanted the blaze one but it stills looks coll so hopefully its still cool and is the update out?

  • Henry Moore 3 weeks ago

    They had a big Minecon party at a Microsoft store near me yesterday and it was so fun! I saw you on it!!!

  • Lucy Hug Bug 3 weeks ago

    B won ^u^

  • Themincraft2007 1 3 weeks ago

    Love it

  • Nick Wortman 3 weeks ago

    Happy minecon day + one! Oh and I like the update.

  • Salima Bennou 3 weeks ago

    I was excited to see Logdotzip at minecon

  • Tommy The Creator 3 weeks ago

    I’m so happy i’m gonna cry I’ve wanted this for sooooo long!

  • MrEnderChop 3 weeks ago


    “The eyes glow.”


  • Lily 21 3 weeks ago

    Did anyone see the woman’s face behind Tyler disappear at 3:17

  • Sydney Coleman 3 weeks ago

    Bro I was there, they gave us backpacks

  • MaRayna5966 3 weeks ago

    mo-jang not mo-gang

  • Kingchristopher7 3 weeks ago

    Atlanta I live in north Georgia I’ve been in that airport great I could of seen it

  • JAB CAB 3 weeks ago

    (This is a rant. Pls don’t read if unorganized paragraphs of comments hurt your brain)

    I think “update aquatic” is the perfect update for 1.14. I’ve been saying for I think the past few months that minecraft oceans need more life. Plant life was definitely my preference, but I never expected them to add plants, new water physics, mobs, a dungeon, and a combat change all in one update!

    I’m glad that they’re postponing the revamped textures for a future update, but I like the super duper graphics pack. I know it will never be default, but that’s exactly why i like it. There are too many pixels for it to replace the default textures, it wouldn’t be right.

    I’m confused why they’re further limiting the use of the offhand slot. It doesn’t make sense to me. If anything, i think they should upgrade it to be able to wield two of the same weapon at once (like two swords, but mabie not two axes. Those are heavy).

    I think minecon had too much glamour and not enough interaction. The whole point of streaming it live should have been to include more people and their input. I sincerely hope they try this again in the future, but with more input from the audience.

    Some other suggestions i have for future updates are volcanoes, red and blue moon phases, (mabie snowy weather in more of the biomes?), drinking water gives you more sprinting time, more mob-specific dungeons in the overworld (i.e. zombie graveyards or creeper vine caves), and whatever i add by replying to this comment.

    Feel free to reply with your own rants about future updates ^^

  • Purplecat500 // Kharaei 3 weeks ago

    6:03 Lol voicecrack

  • Osama Said 3 weeks ago

    Have a great trip!!

  • Big Boy 3 weeks ago

    But I thought Minecraft was dead

  • UltimateCharge 3 weeks ago

    I was too into the new Lego Marvel game so I forgot to watch the stream… *rrRgH*

  • Sophia Prodanova 3 weeks ago

    I couldnt watch MINECON Earth.. :/ cuz the Minecraft website didnt let me to go and watch the stream. :,(

    Wait which mob won?

  • Sophia Prodanova 3 weeks ago

    OMFG!! OMGCRAFT IS IN THIS!! So to say OMGChad. xD

  • Madness_bomb 3 weeks ago

    1:01 THis is The moment He knew he ################

  • Aazar_. Reality 3 weeks ago

    They need to add this yess

  • Ωภεg ผลлк ๆiσทε 3 weeks ago

    /command Minecon tell @a secrects

  • hazel conde 3 weeks ago

    Noveber 18 is done but the mob is still not here

  • Ulrik Lindholm Jørgensen 3 weeks ago

    d should have won!!!!!!!!

  • Exosaint 3 weeks ago

    its about time mojang :V

  • FPS noob 3 weeks ago


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