• Ainz Ooal Gown 2 weeks ago

    Can we download your map pls

  • Ainz Ooal Gown 2 weeks ago

    I’ve been your fan since you start…

  • I Love My Foodies 2 weeks ago

    I love your vids..

  • Z Rivive 2 weeks ago

    Hi i luv the series!!! Don’t end it ever

  • Z Rivive 2 weeks ago

    Everyone like this vid

  • Adventourous Uncle 2 weeks ago

    yeah python love the series keep d good work going

  • dajack 101 2 weeks ago

    I like exploring

  • springtrap 2 weeks ago

    yo how bout a world download

  • MysticalCoolman101 2 weeks ago

    Are you planning to make a security gate at the front of Flora Valley

  • Jerome Bartholomew 2 weeks ago

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that he wasted 4 diamonds?


  • ka tuk 2 weeks ago

    Is so good

  • Test Account 2 weeks ago

    This is test.

  • Please make more simple farms.

  • Coeliac Kid 2 weeks ago

    Python build a ocean base after a different village

  • Gongas Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Another Good Vid! Keep the good Work Mr.Python😀😁😀

  • Auston Tan 2 weeks ago

    YOU ARE THE BEST or why not next episode we try to make a password door to go into your town?

  • Minecraft Short Film霜雷 2 weeks ago

    You got a friend! 😀

  • prashant patil 2 weeks ago

    Python are you going to make trident farms?

  • Jackson Brennan 2 weeks ago

    Name the villager Vython, (villager & python) combined :))

  • Jack Bindman Cohen 2 weeks ago

    WHAT!!! i also said floralvalley

  • Sara Thomsen 2 weeks ago

    Hows the fish?

  • Jack Bindman Cohen 2 weeks ago

    Congratulations for hitting 20 episodes! 😀❤️👍

  • Kevin Spee 2 weeks ago

    I always hate how much effort it takes to get a mediocre villager from a zombie villager… Mostly just walk through villages until I find what I want

  • George Gizas 2 weeks ago

    Something that you can do that may help you (see this) :the best way to light up caves in minecraft

  • Zember Amarado 2 weeks ago

    Wow !😱 nc👍🏻 keep it up bro

  • Alfred Herbosa 2 weeks ago

    Hi I’m your biggest fan can you play roblox

  • The Android Crafter 2 weeks ago

    What is a emrald farm, you go mining to get them. The Vindakaters only drop one and only spawn once in the woodland mansion

  • Shiori The Wolf 2 weeks ago

    Python! I have completely forgot about something and i think you might have too, there are mossy cobble walls!! So for example if you are building something with mossy cobble, walls, etc. you can use them too! Keep up the good work, you’re awesome!

  • Lal Ngaihte 2 weeks ago

    python, you are true minecraft video maker I really like all your ek from 1 to 20 good job!!!!!

  • JaguarBrickFilms 2 weeks ago

    No one likes flowerpots as much as the Pythonator!

  • Lal Ngaihte 2 weeks ago

    Because I can watch you swimming in the river like a fool a bridge would be really nice!

  • Wong Shiau Fern 2 weeks ago

    Find more diamonds pleased

  • Jenson #liz 2 weeks ago

    make your own love title city

  • Lal Ngaihte 2 weeks ago

    Awesome !

  • Alex Quintyn 2 weeks ago

    You should design the banner with a flower and other design s and place it around *Flora Valley*…!

  • Mobile legend gamer 7 2 weeks ago

    So Python how do you name your Town please answer this ?

  • kapila kumara 2 weeks ago

    i like your videous so much

  • radom rhys. s 2 weeks ago

    Yo I’m a huge fan I met you at episode 1 I watched it and I was amazed I also want to know will you be making a armory storage unit

  • 247 Whoopie 2 weeks ago

    whats map download??

  • Mr Black Panther MBP 2 weeks ago


  • My name is not Rick 2 weeks ago

    Minecraft still alive these day ??

  • President Pickaxe 2 weeks ago

    Python 🐍, dude, lovin’ the series! Keep it up! 😀

  • אסף ביטון 2 weeks ago

    21:14 why?!😢😢😢

  • herobrine persson 2 weeks ago

    Just kidding hey pythomc will you ever build an under ground base someday in the future I know you are going to build a sea base but I was just wondering if you will ever build an under ground base or even an underground village full of villagers and the their can also be track leading to the base the base can be your storage and it can have many floors that’s all I wanted to ask.

  • dman7478 2 weeks ago

    I was the 999 person to like the vid great vid python

  • herman Singh 2 weeks ago

    no no no no!

  • Sam Gamer 2 weeks ago

    how do you make golden horse

  • Sam Gamer 2 weeks ago

    make a city

  • Larissa Prilepin 2 weeks ago


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