• Lincoln Valentine 1 month ago

    They should make an anemone plant and it works like the magma block (it hurts you if you touch it) and maybe a different varient of the squid and which is more like an octopus than a squid

  • HoundTheCerealKiller dunDUNDUUUN 1 month ago

    best thing about this mob is that it has a skin layer which makes it pretty unique and different from the rest of the of the mobs

  • Eutaro Facundo 1 month ago

    Realy you did not see the chest there are three chest in the upside down boat

  • Mahin Rahman 1 month ago

    yo bro damb

  • Mahin Rahman 1 month ago

    i play minecraft play 20098

  • Gamer ki playsss 1 month ago

    they should add octopus and sharks

  • big smoke 1 month ago

    fishing rod zombie 13:39

  • The friends Channel 1 month ago


  • Musically Is Life 1 month ago

    Is this for mobile?

  • Catalina Gayec 1 month ago

    Ammm how to download this version

  • シiHexaqua_ 1 month ago


  • impossible cat 1 month ago

    minecraft is now subnatica

  • AboAlrok #1 1 month ago

    The skit at the start shows log.zip’s life in a coral

  • Barnyetta the Dinosaur 1 month ago

    You completely forgot the multi-wooden trapdoors

  • itsmemartina 1 month ago

    so its out cause on my mincraft the latest version is 1.12.2

  • The Random Forge 1 month ago

    LogDotZip here

  • Clyjot Mapping 1 month ago

    they removed the special tridents 🙁

  • The Commenter 1 month ago

    3:19 😀 A BABY

  • Kuba ! 1 month ago

    They have tragic backstories, I guess…

  • Henkaan 1 month ago

    Ships comfirmed

  • Ion Huang 1 month ago

    I wanna have this version but I’m in mobile

  • Connor Schell 1 month ago

    When Logdotzip says over all he spawns a drowned with a fishing rod 13:24

  • John David 1 month ago


  • Maribel Villalobos 1 month ago

    Pause at 13:25 a zombie whit a rod

  • NeonSavage 1 month ago

    TARE THE SHIPPP!!!!!!!!!! UP!!!!!!!

  • Gabriel Spencer 1 month ago

    Weres the snap shot for the XBOX edition? Like if you whant XBOX Minecraft to update!!!!!

  • rodai MacCormick 1 month ago

    my only question is
    when will this come to pocket edition

  • ver tex 1 month ago

    Whens the update for ps3

  • Fabian Prymus 1 month ago

    13:39 fishing rod drowned

  • Cody Thompson 1 month ago

    he has a really good pirate impression

  • Vasiliy Vasiliy 1 month ago

    It ugly

  • doogada 1 month ago

    the chicken be like HELP THERES A WET ZOMBIE ON ME!!!

  • BluCat 1 month ago

    This is awesome 😀 But that is a LOT of Drowneds

  • Clayton Wooldridge 1 month ago

    They should all add sea shells

  • TheOddestBall62 1 month ago

    Underwater zombies? Nice, I’m hoping there will be an underwater skeleton as well, maybe, treasure guardians?

  • Xxchuers 1 month ago

    In the start I thought you said mod but I wasn’t wearing my headphones so when I listen closely and I heard mod also I wish I could play the snapshot but I don’t have a computer to play Minecraft on

  • Daniel The Lucario 2.0 1 month ago

    I can’t wait tell they do this update to mobile

  • 78Janelys Rivera 1 month ago

    i spawned in a whole lot of drowns on land and got a baby one on a chicken

  • Ivandy Gaming 1 month ago

    How you update the minecraft launcher? Please reply

  • Lake Land Diver 1 month ago

    is it justa mod? or an actuall Minecraft update? and when will it be on xbox or playstation?

  • Derp Deer 1 month ago

    That which is dead may never die

  • 萬健勇mc5 and minecraft 1 month ago

    How I get a sharpness 32767sword in mc 1.13????

  • GamerWinZaTV Games And More 1 month ago

    I love your snapshot videos!

  • suzanne walsh 1 month ago

    Is this for Xbox 360

  • Codyg Gaming 1 month ago

    what happened to dolphins when they were in 1.14

  • MookIsAClod 1 month ago

    Underwater mob farms, someone’s gotta make it happen.

  • Lip Fairilu 1 month ago

    Drowned is on MCPE

  • THE BEST TROLL EVER 1 month ago

    Minecraft pe have that and had animation swim


    they should of also put a new entity to be pirates | effect / some should be harmful and some harmless

  • Steven Christian 1 month ago

    ok. . . ik Tyler is desperate for money but i didn’t know he’d pull out 4 ads in 1 video

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