• Glory Sky 7 months ago

    Why not just make it a dating school for kids by now. Also, by now, Ryan is very stubborn, so by now he is the principal

  • Gabryella Casiano 7 months ago

    You stink ryan

  • YS Gam3z 7 months ago

    We is ash?

  • yusril guntur 7 months ago

    Where the heck is the other pd member????

  • Kallie_WG 7 months ago

    I’m at school helping with a running even so I’m sitting in the field and I’m gonna be here for 3 hours just watching YouTube 😂

  • Rouiz Sandoval 7 months ago

    Can you guys add Ash503in the properdummies

  • Phabulous Phame 7 months ago

    where is ash?

  • vinzvonn cellacay 7 months ago

    your in a school

  • ClarissaB 2105 7 months ago

    At 9:32 a sign has the word ‘uvas’ on it XD Minecraft school anyone?

  • ZACK SUNSHINE 7 months ago

    Hahahah princaple but ahahhaha

  • Comp Som Anichi 7 months ago

    New Daycare! Yeah!

  • Josiah Legg 7 months ago

    Everyone ash wasn’t in the last episode of preschool so she is most likely still “sick”

  • WolfgirlPlayz YT 7 months ago

    Ryan’s face seeing Megan and Aviator nearly kissing

  • FatUnicornpancake 7 months ago

    You should make a video of daycare where aviator accidentally give Megan a love potion and she falls in love with Ryan but Ash Likes Ryan so she gets mad at Megan and Megan got to be kiss by Ryan to get out of the spell!!! 😘

  • Lordwebbyman Minecraft 7 months ago

    Make a sims like series in MINECRAFT

  • Ester Nummelin 7 months ago

    But Ash…….😢

  • Quinten van Bruggen 7 months ago

    Where is Ash?

  • Mob4 Express 7 months ago

    Instead of Mr.Butt you can be principal Butt!!

  • Jennifer Morton 7 months ago

    proper idiots don’t jump off a plane

  • Dak Stewart Vlogs 7 months ago

    Hahanyay oil WO dyq starters a new dtwcbye ahnscodkcnirorusg wnprporp

  • Red Pheonix 7 months ago

    Why no ash?

  • Noelle Hill 7 months ago

    weres ASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cutz cat Cutz cat 7 months ago

    More high school please please please

  • Arshis Fat 7 months ago

    Am I the only one who realized that this is like season two of preschool. They even talked about the principal and the portal and how this is their new school.

  • muelpai 7 months ago

    Um I don’t think that would end like that because you find and different school with no way because it another dimension

  • Hockey4life 2410 7 months ago

    Guys do another season of UHC I really miss it. 😃😜 Like if you agree!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Jolene Nguyen 7 months ago

    i wish i could be apart this I got minecraft just for this

  • Shadow Knight 7 months ago

    Daycare I thought it was preschool

  • Azen Torralba 7 months ago

    Why do they always do daycare

  • savage kay 7 months ago

    Let’s all be adults here? Sorry bud they’re kids😬😂

  • Pescado Covarrubias 7 months ago

    what about pre school is it over

  • Johnzombi 7 months ago

    you’re 4 years old and still single ryan! lol

  • Orange Vampire 7 months ago

    9:32 Uvas XD

  • TheRandomGamer 7 months ago


  • AssasianFoxGaming 7 months ago

    salve ryan

  • Fabulous Gaming 7 months ago

    Ash? please say that is who u r going to add!

  • Fulper Productions 7 months ago

    10,000 x 0 = 0 XD

  • Huntlee Hodges 7 months ago

    Poop is butt haha

  • Killer Genuine fan 7 months ago

    Yayyyyy I love you guys

  • MewMewwolfcat Meow 7 months ago


  • Sam Waters 7 months ago

    Zach should have said “We can be the puppet master from that game named five days at freaks” XD

  • Aman Fears 7 months ago

    What about ash

  • Catalicous Pie 7 months ago

    “You can be principal Butt!!”-Ryan

  • Nessa Mess 7 months ago

    9:27 Ryan did you have to put uvas on the board… wow

  • Fox Lord Gaming 7 months ago

    ” VAMOS A LA PLAYA” in the back round

  • Judahstare 456 7 months ago

    Can I join?

  • DOWNRANGEGAMING5432 7 months ago

    where is ash?

  • OolongTea 7 months ago

    Nice video! I really enjoy your content. I also upload Minecraft Videos on a regular basis and if you would like to collab!

  • TuskarhiAJ 7 months ago

    “EWW Hes an adult!” xD

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