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  • Olivia Mare 2 weeks ago


  • אושרי פלשר 2 weeks ago


  • It’s Nina Stone 2 weeks ago

    Lol the snow I have that too

  • Stephen Arnold 2 weeks ago

    bring back your pokemon serice

  • Paul Bradley 2 weeks ago

    More hello neighbour

  • Ruperth Roque 2 weeks ago

    You did that in your crazy craft with James and justin

  • Maher gimes 2 weeks ago

    MY Weather is 17

  • Stephen Arnold 2 weeks ago

    your not good at grammer ether you say maths

  • Noemi Szotak 2 weeks ago


  • Bubbze drives 2 weeks ago

    Dan how muck ghz and ram do u need for the game to run

  • KirdiPotato 2 weeks ago

    Call The series: Pink Rainbow 🌈
    Who can agree?

  • Twinkle lily10 2 weeks ago

    Call it farming dimensions

  • Yellow Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Rip golden fish

  • Scarlet Pig 2 weeks ago

    It’s bloomin freezing in England lol

  • Minecraft Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Dan how do you play that?

  • Team Keeper 2 weeks ago

    I take applied engineering class at school I literally hate it.

  • Friend Gamez 2 weeks ago

    there is an a Steel ingot in the general store

  • Amaya Law 2 weeks ago

    Jennys place is open to 9 to 5 its a dolly parton reference 😄

  • yvonne Seaton 2 weeks ago

    Dan I love your vids

  • Star Light 2 weeks ago

    Where i live its -11 degrees…

  • doge mandaplaya101 2 weeks ago

    You finnaly listened to me

  • Thats cool…

  • Manaslis Gaming 2 weeks ago

    its -18 in my country and the heater broke so????????

  • HardWarLock 98 2 weeks ago

    It was -27 here in Norway

  • Stefana Vizitiu 2 weeks ago


    im so sad…

  • jezreel johnson 2 weeks ago

    call the series crazy craft who agrees

  • jhie parker 2 weeks ago

    It is Harvest moon right?

  • bintuiran 2 weeks ago

    hi dan put a wall and roof on your treehouse

  • Alfiliza Ghany 2 weeks ago

    Call Series TerraCraft!!!!!

  • Things to call this unnamed series:
    HarvestCraft (I didn’t come up with that)
    Unnamed series (just for the irony)
    ILikeFarming xD

  • Mary portelli 2 weeks ago

    We’re is ROBLOX

  • AminRBlob678no Gamer 2 weeks ago

    You selled the goldfish

  • Marc Joshua 2 weeks ago

    dan has to cover his treehouse

  • Marc Joshua 2 weeks ago

    put the roof and walls

  • AminRBlob678no Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Daaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnn your not an idiot

  • Happy Smiles 2 weeks ago

    Upgwuiade ur sword

  • Youtube_Games123 2 weeks ago

    I WANT EP 13

  • I'm Unkown 2 weeks ago

    Hiiii Dan I Just wanted to say that I have a face….

  • Abdulloh Rejapov 2 weeks ago

    Yay its snowing today IS SNOWMAN BACK????

  • Ahv Oan 2 weeks ago

    In my country it burning

  • Matt McEvaddy 2 weeks ago

    call it Pink Unicorns And Pink Trees135

  • Awesome Arnav 2 weeks ago

    You sold the goldfish!

  • Eleni Perry 2 weeks ago

    ya sold your goldfish dan?!

  • Amazing Ruby 2 weeks ago

    DanTDM:coke oven

    Me:I’m drinking coke rn

  • ItsJxrdyn Plays 2 weeks ago

    You sold your GOLDFISH! 🤨

  • Balkan Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    dan play iron snout you can download it for free from steam

  • Yes it's Gunter 2 weeks ago

    How about happy wheels ?

  • bintuiran 2 weeks ago

    hi again make your walls made of wood and put torches

  • Maddi fun fun 2 weeks ago


  • Official _SongGuy 2 weeks ago

    dan we need to talk…

    My average temperature is -666

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