• Logdotzip 2 weeks ago

    Hey everyone!! I’m back this week for MNU! Hope you all enjoy this episode! Make sure to leave your community challenge! And also vote on which one of the three snowglobes you liked best!

  • 2Bros Gaming 2 weeks ago

    play mc with no thumbs

  • Sean Green 2 weeks ago


  • Karen Clements 2 weeks ago

    My favorite is 2 unwoken

  • Mythical 2 weeks ago

    Challenge 🙂 – This is something I do in my free time when I just need a laugh –
    – make an asymmetrical pit with a flat bottom (the more corners the more fun)
    – spawn 20-30 creepers
    – use the command /effect speed @e 255 100000 (to give all entities maximum unlimited speed)
    – put yourself into survival mode in said pit and survive as long as possible
    – If you don’t do this for the Community Challenge, please try this! It’s really fun and hilarious, and as long as you move you’ll be fine, but if you stop, there’s instantly a creeper there about to blow up.
    – bonus points if they’re charged creepers ;D

  • I playz games 2 weeks ago

    Omg it’s like Coco he’s back to life

  • Anikai Riddle 2 weeks ago

    Make a elevator with ONLY ONE COMMAND and you can not search it up only FROM scratch and no tab key.

  • Lord Arachness 2 weeks ago

    Go into a woodland mansion, put lava on the roof and in the downstairs, and survive for as long as you can. (No water, no fire res potion, no nothing in your inventory)

  • Potato Haris 2 weeks ago

    I’ve already seen defend your cookies on popoularmmos xD

  • LionLord 2 weeks ago

    numba 2

  • knalli65 HD 2 weeks ago

    Beat 5 Elder Guardians with ONLY a Wooden sword!

  • GoldenWings 2 weeks ago

    And there need to be scuba gear or you can’t stay so long in the water for mining and underwater caves exploring

  • lets play games with marian paris paris 2 weeks ago

    Do creative with creepers and ocelet ok

  • Gustas Barzda 2 weeks ago


  • Fido Lord 2 weeks ago

    Please Play Terraria 🔥🔥🔥

  • Iris Peterson 2 weeks ago

    Number 3 is my favorite

  • KarstDeViz 2 weeks ago

    What, are you dutch?

  • The kid gammer Of canada 2 weeks ago


  • Morgan Ngunga 2 weeks ago

    i choose the polar bear one

  • Jerrett Schuette 2 weeks ago

    But it’s Wednesday my dudes

  • Jaehyok Chong 2 weeks ago

    Challenge:go into a world with commands and type /kill AND SURVIVE LIKE A BEAST AYYYYYYYYYY

  • #Potato 666 2 weeks ago

    Imagine those tnt sizes have different explosion range

  • William 2 weeks ago

    Cringe dude

  • ggcookieking 64 2 weeks ago

    i know the old trollolol song

  • Linus Ask 2 weeks ago

    TheKingCreeper is my friend

  • Transformer Bash 2 weeks ago

    One was the best

  • Joseph Mcmullan 2 weeks ago

    Survive in 1.13 for 1 night

  • Brandon roberts 2 weeks ago

    survive a ghast spleeef game (a nether superflat made of a single layer of jungle leaves) (don’t forget to provoke the pigmen!!!!)

  • Querez 2 weeks ago

    Wow that nostalgic Crash Bandicoot TNT countdown sound…

  • ScienceKid07 2 weeks ago


  • MarioRavioli 2 weeks ago

    number three is for me

  • Lisa Cusworth 2 weeks ago


  • DragonKing 55555 2 weeks ago

    PIX PIX 7:45

  • Lucariomines1937 2 weeks ago

    how did u die?

  • kenzie-jay reed 2 weeks ago

    i choose 3

  • BlockBusterBPL 2 weeks ago

    where are your brothers logdottardotgz and logdotrar?

  • Alexa Panda Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    2 was my fav

  • Alexa Panda Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    Popularmmos already played defend your cookies

  • Bryan Clay 2 weeks ago

    i think he should play the parkour map I WANNA SEE HIM RAGE SOOOOO BAD

  • Captain Creeper 2 weeks ago

    I challenge you to Build A E for Effort Statue Of Yourself!!

  • block of gold 2 weeks ago

    challenge: being poisoned indefinitely while surviving a night in a hardcore world

  • Laurie Plumley 2 weeks ago

    watched again… that tnt challenge. whew!

  • MrShroom07 2 weeks ago

    try to kill 30 hostile mobs in one night

  • Kevin Montgomery 2 weeks ago


  • Derp Deer 2 weeks ago

    “What was that?”
    “What kind?”

  • Starfighter2905 2 weeks ago

    For the challenge, start a survival map and try to survive a whole day in the ocean!

  • Guy Cooper 2 weeks ago

    I prefer the 1st globe

  • Kevin Lu 2 weeks ago


  • BlazeyKat 2 weeks ago


  • Danny Danny 2 weeks ago


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