• ECKOSOLDIER 1 week ago

    SLAP a LIKE on the video if you enjoy the update videos!

    Changelog: http://www.mcbedrock.com/showthread.php?693-Minecraft-Bedrock-Phase-One-Update-Aquatic-Out-NOW!

  • Bounty-Hunter 1 week ago

    Hey if stinks I’m watching before a six hours school day

  • Newbie Noob 1 week ago

    Did you buy the minecraft windows 10 edition from the microsoft store, because I did and I still don’t have the update. And I am a little bit worried, because I don’t know if I am gonna recieve any updates. Please help me .

  • Cyril Querubin 1 week ago

    I WANT SHIELDS!!!!!!!!!

  • Slendy CG 1 week ago

    I love you new intro

  • DO 87 1 week ago

    I’m not beautiful

  • cemplace gaming 1 week ago

    I found a ship wreck when me and my friends were playing #we were alll confused lol 😂😂

  • Ceann Tube 1 week ago

    I have aquatic update now! 1.4

  • its Dannycrafter 1 week ago

    Hmm can mcpe 1.5.0 can join mcpe 1.4.0?

  • Don't Look At Me 1 week ago

    I hate that you cant loyalty with other enchants on a trident ;(

  • GamerTopper Like or Dislike. 1 week ago

    Switch: June 21. MCPE: YASSSS

  • Shivam Gamer 1 week ago

    What seed is that

  • Super Girly Gamer 1 week ago

    Hey i watch your video what seed you put?

  • zuegirdoR kcramdoR 1 week ago

    Finally TURTLES..

  • Mira Minecraft gamer 1 week ago


  • Random Videos 1 week ago

    Help my water i cant see trough them!

  • Arkya Ghosh 1 week ago

    ey ey the new intro music is DOPE 😉

  • Argon Claw - Kun 1 week ago


  • Ethan Bland 1 week ago

    Ecko, you can just press W with the boat.

  • throttlout motovlogs 1 week ago

    What about PS3 minecraft

  • Withered Toy Freddy 1991 1 week ago

    im really sad that it wont update on bedrock for us

  • Eduard Manding 1 week ago

    They skipped the numbers… 1.5

  • ツWIGGLY HD 1 week ago

    1k liker 😉

  • Vanoss Is The BEST! 1 week ago


  • ツWIGGLY HD 1 week ago

    It would be cool if the 1.3 update will be the combat update! ={)

  • Sam Glover 1 week ago

    Is it on Xbox 360

  • Niamh Conway 1 week ago

    Just got the update now

  • Ryan Wilson 1 week ago


  • Dominic Sae 1 week ago

    Yes boiiiii but my sister does not have it she’s on apple iphone

  • Supeee Seluarr22 1 week ago

    You lie to us you said there will not turtle on mcps

  • The Cool Guy 1 week ago

    Why does that seed not work for me

  • Blod 1 week ago

    Hey I was wondering if minecraft btu for Xbox one is worth a buy? Because I heard I lot of bad things when it got out! But how is it now?

  • TristanXV 1 week ago

    It took 6hr after your vid for it to come out in iOS

  • Al Insan j2 1 week ago

    Hey ecko when i update to 1.4 my survival world (kinda a while i have the world) and then is cannot be loaded and i deleted my world😦
    The world is very a hard work😢

  • May May 1 week ago

    i was on minecraft today and saw the update!!!! the update amazing!

  • Miguel gamingboy200p 1 week ago

    Hey I got not 1.4.0 update

  • Ben Bui 1 week ago

    I got the update 1 day after you

  • Lip Fairilu 1 week ago

    No thanks, I’m staying at

  • Isaac Playz411 1 week ago

    What happened to Ps4 ? Is the update EVEN coming
    out for ps4?

  • ART BOY 6 days ago

    Hey I got mine yet I’ve been waiting this aquatic update in the App Store now it’s here

  • The Panters 6 days ago

    Xbox live fix?

  • Jason Mapalad 6 days ago

    Should i download the 1.4 or the 1.5 with the turtles?

  • kirvhy bandong 6 days ago

    how to download? plsss

  • Obama Villapili 6 days ago

    Something Reminds me of the title of the Heart of the Sea
    Perhaps something from the movie “Titanic”

  • Roger Wood 6 days ago

    Awesome video

  • HumanCross! Sans 6 days ago


  • Astri Rejeki Gunawan Yayank Princess 6 days ago

    How To Sig Ini Xbox?

  • Thefightingbird Gamer 6 days ago

    I like the phantom it reminds me of the phantom pain Mgs

  • TheCoolBlue Dude 6 days ago

    Im updating now

  • kirvhy bandong 6 days ago

    please ecko how to download 1.4.0 cause i dont know how 🙁

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