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  • Mumbo Jumbo 3 weeks ago

    I didn’t put soulsand underneath the water as that would giveaway the hidden entrance!

  • IDPLAYER 3 weeks ago

    that with the chests is an old feature…

  • Roi Deri 3 weeks ago

    Its not a bug.. Its a new thing that had been added to the game so you dont have to use trapped chests for a storage system

  • aliciarose 3 weeks ago

    me: gets out of hospital, – watches all new jumbo videos 😂💓

  • Bluecool97 3 weeks ago

    At least you didn’t have to eat your hat. lol.

  • KieVitz 3 weeks ago


  • Golgiapparatus2 3 weeks ago

    Ah, the CNBMinecraft waterfall splitter. Brings back memories of the old days of minecraft.

  • Tony Wony 3 weeks ago

    you are…………..THE BATMAAAN

  • Senne Piens 3 weeks ago


    ok i guess i just wait 10 years so the item can travel up… xD

  • rossmonasweebro 3 weeks ago

    That was awesome!

  • Artemis _Fowl44 3 weeks ago

    the feature with the chest is planned!

  • Macncheese0 3 weeks ago

    the glitch is because of the new water update to make stairs look better underwater.

  • SamplePerson 3 weeks ago

    5:48 wtf is going on with that sound?

  • ReconditeYT 3 weeks ago

    1:48 Yeah, that’s not a bug.

  • Lukas Merkle 3 weeks ago

    The ending got me laughing so hard :DDDD

  • theusaf 3 weeks ago

    The chest thing is indeed a feature, added a while ago

  • Qeotube TM 3 weeks ago


  • capitolshot 3 weeks ago

    1:48 That’s been a new feature since the first 1.13 snapshot was released if someone didn’t already say it lol

  • Champ Higdon 3 weeks ago

    I am very sure that is not a glitch

  • Champ Higdon 3 weeks ago

    You know that the block that pops up at the bottom actually could have just stayed there. Water searches for the nearest hole at its level.

  • DoctorHWB // Gaming And More 3 weeks ago

    Make a step by step tutorial on how to build this!!

  • Julian Keller-Heikkila 3 weeks ago

    7:15 *breathing intensely into mic*

  • Captainsean 25 3 weeks ago

    The chest thing is a feature

  • highlord 1 3 weeks ago

    Good job! Keep going and maybe even publish a batcave map

  • The Quark of Gaming 3 weeks ago

    I’m a new gaming channel if anyone wants to check me out

  • GalaxyOfReeses KIng 3 weeks ago

    Pressing Shift when placing a chest next to another, so as to prevent it from connecting to it, is part of the new update.

  • GamerBro2500 3 weeks ago

    How many times dose he have to eat his hat

  • Fame Panda HD 3 weeks ago

    Do a tutorial on how to build It!

  • sirociper z 3 weeks ago

    I’m now more excited to work with redstone! Thanks Mumbo!

  • sirociper z 3 weeks ago

    Nice build btw

  • sirociper z 3 weeks ago

    Scar needs you to build a door – Order Up!

  • sirociper z 3 weeks ago

    New snapshot includes Live Fish Mobs

  • sirociper z 3 weeks ago

    Build an Aquarium Door!

  • the charizard gamer 3 weeks ago

    pls make a new channel using redstone in minecraft pocket edition

  • TeeJ1 3 weeks ago

    Xwhat about magma blocks it makes it faster wait it gives it away yeah nvm

  • TBOP Isabelle 3 weeks ago

    And how do u get out? 😂

  • Thomas Ward 3 weeks ago

    Personally theory confirmed: Mumbo plays minecraft because he want to be Batman!

  • Justin Richards 3 weeks ago

    You wear a hat?

  • DiS_BoY_nIkO 3 weeks ago

    Mumbo can you make a world download file or schematic of this build?

  • Chris Murdoch 3 weeks ago

    Chest thing is not a bug is actual feature what is coming

  • Rbrine 3 weeks ago

    You should add in a piston instead of a hopper and attach an observer block which connects to a dispenser and you don’t have to go all the way up and get your item as it will be dispensed to somewhere. Maybe the end of that pathway?

  • pranav the chilly 3 weeks ago

    Once I met batman and our conversation was something like this
    Me: hey do you know mumbo
    Batman: Mumbo?I don’t know any smart and handsome mumbo but he sound like a really cool guy

  • Greg Ottorry 3 weeks ago

    omg extacly 10 mins

  • Sng Yi Long 3 weeks ago

    itallian shoes? wow

  • iDudeX 3 weeks ago

    10/10 for the ending clip.

  • Getting CNB vibes…

  • Speed Demon 3 weeks ago


  • Peteydog 11234 3 weeks ago

    ’tis not a bug mate ’tis a feature 2:06

  • E-ManAnimates 3 weeks ago

    I’m hardly any good with Redstone, but rigging in Autodesk Maya provides me a similar sense of invention. As I discover new tricks, I develop more complex digital puppets, which is always welcome! When you see a new feature added to Minecraft, you foresee the possibilities straight away, right?

  • Wyeth Reyes 3 weeks ago

    wow thinking it’s looking good

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