• Kerrie McLoughlin 3 weeks ago

    11:50 when Logdotzip get possessed

  • tree top gamer 3 weeks ago

    My name isLuke

  • Ender Knight27 3 weeks ago

    Is fishing the same still??

  • EvacTouch 3 weeks ago

    yay i can play blocky subnautica also dont kill mr derp

  • SaturdayMorning 3 weeks ago

    So…. How will fish rods work? O_O

  • Nafis Mahamud 3 weeks ago

    I sneezed then you said discusting

  • game addict 3 weeks ago

    What about clown fish

  • LanceTheGiraffeLover 3 weeks ago

    They should add spawn eggs for the clown fish and the normal fish

  • LukeTheAnimator 3 weeks ago

    HEY HE GAVE ME A SHOUTOUT!! 😀 Lukewarm, LukeTheAnimator… Yeah okay, I’ll just grab my coat…..

  • Drakesden 3 weeks ago

    Someone gonna tell me what’s going on with the texture update? Have they rightfully scrapped the awful decision?

  • rogierrainbow 3 weeks ago

    What i think is rediquiless air from lava blocks under water it should be carbon dioxide and sulphur gasses and be poisonous ,from kelp is understandable those are plants but from lava no way and should change but maybe nice would be if you could collect it in a bottle and make throw potions from them ..

  • Dakota Oakes 3 weeks ago

    I am so hyped for the dolphins for this! This update will be holy and beautiful! The only problem I have with this… is the new raw fish texture. Sure they look new and more detailed but hey removed the original blue fish and replaced it with cod. Nuuuu-but srsly, this update will be amazing

  • TheBeast101 3 weeks ago

    I wonder where could find coral once that is out?

  • LDPuppiesLady 3 weeks ago

    i wonder what logdotzip would be without optifine and f5?

  • Kadex123 Lol 3 weeks ago

    When do you think the official release will come out? I was told spring 2018, but I think it was postponed. Btw I love your videos and you deserve way more subs!!!

  • TheEpicGaming YT 3 weeks ago

    do YouTubers get early access?

  • IT'S LANCE 3 weeks ago

    They should add a bubble helmet to breath infinitely but if something attacks you or you get hit by something it pops

  • xuechen song 3 weeks ago

    Slamon hahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  • Payne Gray 3 weeks ago

    I literally got an add for minecraft before watching this!

  • Professor O 3 weeks ago

    What about clown fish

  • Brando Gaming 3 weeks ago

    13:51 or you can just use doors

  • BTWimamermaid 3 weeks ago

    But is it still possible to catch the fish with a pole…? How does that animation even look…?

  • PotatoDolphin 3 weeks ago

    The basic Minecraft fish was always a cod. I found that out by making my own texture pack

  • Celedonia Brown 3 weeks ago

    NEED UPDATES NOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Nick Moriée 3 weeks ago

    11:51 – Poison’s kicking in

  • THE EMOJI MOVIE 3 weeks ago


  • Aidan Knauss 3 weeks ago

    What happened to clownfish?

  • Bacon Boy 3 weeks ago

    hope they will add the clown fish and new fish

  • John Smischney 3 weeks ago

    Wait is this official minecraft? If so i might start playing the game

  • Jacob Miller 3 weeks ago

    7:22 tsunami mod on it’s way!

  • TheIceCreature 3 weeks ago

    I love this! Sometimes it feels like it’s a mod!

  • Tmcb 1 3 weeks ago

    FISHY MON GO!!!!!

  • Potato Breath 3 weeks ago


    cause he said slamin over salmon

  • Raven Riot 3 weeks ago

    Do you know when 1.13 comes out fully

  • Froggi Froggi 3 weeks ago

    We need sushi dolphins and coral

  • PolySaken 3 weeks ago

    so they stole minetest’s air mechanic?

  • Royce rolex 3 weeks ago

    Jeb should add waves for the ocean.

  • RyanWake bradtelle 3 weeks ago

    Do no fences still work for breathing into water right, plus I bet Magna blocks would work too.

  • Tom Potter 3 weeks ago

    7:16 Minecraft Tsunami

  • tusse2004 3 weeks ago

    Delphines ♥️

  • HamilFan999 3 weeks ago

    Too bad its not up for xbox

  • Rika Erik 3 weeks ago

    log how to make it 500 loong wall change grass build amcity

  • Rika Erik 3 weeks ago

    a city sorry

  • TheCeeperGamingDK 3 weeks ago

    170.000 View Lol How at i that lucky

  • mohita chauhan 3 weeks ago

    i subscribed you since your 3rd ever vid!

  • Overforest 119 3 weeks ago

    Magikarp in MC confirmed

    Wait… but what happened to Nemo?

  • Søn Avcı 3 weeks ago


  • Corn Dude 3 weeks ago

    For some reason I can’t update to the latest snapshot

  • Minecraft Gaming - GeraGaming 3 weeks ago

    cool when is it coming out pls tell me thanks cool stuff

  • Sean M 3 weeks ago

    Ew I hope they add more fish or like 1 more fish that comes in a few different colors. Like how cats come in dif colors or parrots or you know. I wouldn’t ever want a aquarium with cod or salmon ew. Puffer fish is only one thats not hideous

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