• Katieemmaw 2 weeks ago


  • Beat The Game 2 weeks ago

    Why every tip,trick,tutorial,secret feature are my best youtuber

  • Nothing 01 2 weeks ago


  • Jack Ness 2 weeks ago

    Im pretty sure that “sea pickle” was a joke by mojang on the sea cucumber

  • Liza 4 Life 2 weeks ago


  • Magcat lilboxocats 2 weeks ago

    sea pickles can be lamps

  • Nightmare Bonnie 2 weeks ago


  • The Matt Gaming/Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    10 Things You Didn’t About Ice

  • Art Tacio 2 weeks ago

    8:01 IM PICKLE RICK! xD

  • Michael Brewer 2 weeks ago

    1.13 is gonna be the Greatest

  • Memphis Black 2 weeks ago

    you can repair an elytra with leather

  • Nathan Wain 2 weeks ago

    Haha 8:00 Pickle rick

  • The Vaper 2 weeks ago

    So other people are able to play with others on their server, how do i change my server so that i can play on the latest snapshot with my friends, cause it says my server is outdated on 12.2

  • Blue Knight #CCCrushers 2 weeks ago

    God the zoom is annoying

  • WesttleCraft 2 weeks ago

    No more April Fools Texture?

  • WesttleCraft 2 weeks ago

    10 Thing you Didn’t know About Phantom

  • Cammy Lee 2007 2 weeks ago


  • PopularMMOs SuperFan!!!!!!!! 2 weeks ago

    In MCPE you can repair the elytra with leather

  • Saggy Toast 2 weeks ago

    I play on ps4 😣

  • HANK22 2 weeks ago

    We have the new stuff in minecraft pe now

  • Hong Zing The King Poon 2 weeks ago

    You forget about the brain one

  • Michele Brooks 2 weeks ago

    Lol Sea Pickles😂😂

  • Griffin Eloriaga 2 weeks ago

    Q: can you eat sea pickles

  • Lord Raiden 2 weeks ago

    I was here before 100k views
    This comment was added back in 99k veiws

  • Taj Raynard 2 weeks ago

    10 things you didn’t know about the new update on minecraft also I LOVE PICKLES

  • Andre Victor Celiz 2 weeks ago

    Can u tame phantoms?

    Pls. Say yessssss!

  • XPツ 2 weeks ago

    Hello 😀 I from hungary, but I’m youtuber.
    I would like to turn your videos into Hungarian. For your permission, please: D

  • Evan Robert Horner 2 weeks ago

    10-20 things about the guardian plz

  • Arthur Jay Cardenas 2 weeks ago


  • cali boy vlogs 2 weeks ago

    Roblox will die because of the anthro system
    Minecraft will live because of this update

    Which will change everything

  • SMCgaming YT 2 weeks ago

    What about brain coral (it’s the pink one, you skipped over it)

  • lilibird Asim 2 weeks ago

    I want to download 1.13 how to download

  • snakeplayerone 2 weeks ago

    Bitch stop making videos like this shit
    And we all know about this shitty update shut up
    AND stop making shitnails like crafting 4 tridents in a trident you cant even do that shit and also why the fuck am i watching this imma dislike this shit

  • RageDarkPrince 2 weeks ago

    3:09 a zombie spawned in the roof in the right

  • Unicorn Maximum 2 weeks ago

    Pickle Rick

  • Some more Clorox Bleach 2 weeks ago


  • cookiedisco 2 weeks ago

    I have 1.13 and none of it!!

  • Lars Beertsen 2 weeks ago

    Everytime I hear coral I’m think of the Carl meme

  • Alyssa Bentley 2 weeks ago

    The Aquatics Are Going To Be FULL!
    ~ Kelp ( Sea Grass )
    ~ New Drowned Zombie
    ~ ( Fav ) SEA PICKLES!
    ~ Coral Reefs
    ~ Coral Blocks
    ~ FISH!

  • DaGang YT 2 weeks ago

    Wow minecraft is going mad XD

  • DaGang YT 2 weeks ago

    i think he added sea pickle for fun

    (wow mojang cant stop the updates from cavegame to minecraft lol XDXD)

  • Kane - Sonic and more 2 weeks ago

    953rd like 🙂

  • Tommy Rocco 2 weeks ago

    When is it on Xbox?!

  • toy Loxy 2 weeks ago

    Is this update on the 360?

  • its me pokemon 2 weeks ago

    I wish they add like a lotus flower which floats on water or something

  • Laura Phelps 2 weeks ago

    Things you diddnt know about biomes

  • Frank The Memelord 2 weeks ago

    Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Membrane

  • GeekisImba 2 weeks ago

    Does someone think the “tide” is comming ? With that pickle that are raise or not if there is water or not, im thinking that a tide is comming, where the sea level increase and decrease over a period. That could be nice

  • cool bananaaero 2 weeks ago

    Did they add turtles

  • #Alex YouTuber Gamer 2 weeks ago

    What date does this update realesed??

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