• Logdotzip 2 weeks ago

    WE GOT A NEW SNAPSHOT!!! I Decided to push this video live today. We will have an MNU tomorrow that I hope you all will watch! But for now…What is was your favorite update in this new 1.13 Snapshot update??

  • KSIPGAMER 2 weeks ago

    I think that minecraft:biome thing is so that people can teleport to nearby biomes

  • SiebrenDePiebren 2 weeks ago

    husks become zombies underwater.

  • AshStar 2 weeks ago

    he says listen, but then he keeps talking….

  • Nightmare Crawler 2 weeks ago

    Subscribed! Love your videos!

  • Mackaneek 2 weeks ago

    for those of you who don’t know, you can get skeleton horses in survival mode…

  • Jm Monares 2 weeks ago

    The reason why there’s no drowned skeleton becuase there skeletons they dont drowned

  • Mario583 2 weeks ago

    This mammal has no style, he has no grace;
    T-this dolphin has a [DOLPHIN NOISES] face.

  • Bullspower Fnaf 2 weeks ago

    3:35 midair?

  • Electric mouse 2 weeks ago

    how do you make the conduit like that? all i get are the block when i remove the prismarine from under it the same way you do

  • omo abdel hakime omo abdel hakime 2 weeks ago

    لدي حلم ؟
    وهو ان اصبح يوتوبر اساعد الناس في امور كثيرة
    ولكن ليس مستحيل
    لانني سانشر وانشر في قناتي فيديوهات كثيرة و احتاج طبعا لمساعدتكم 😏
    وان لم تعجبك القناة
    مادا تفعل
    انا ساقول لك
    ادعمني بلايكات على فيديوهاتي فقط
    هل انت معي
    نعم او لا
    بالتأكيد نعم لاواصل واواصل لاصل الى 1000 مشترك ليس بعيدا لان لدي اصدقائ يساعدونني انتم معي
    نعم 😆😆😆😆😆😆انا سعيد 😇
    القناة هي #فيديوهاتتحتاجها
    ي 13 مشترك وساصل لحلمي ان شاء الله😌

  • BamBam360 2 weeks ago

    Buffet is said buff eh.

  • Marcus Chhoa 2 weeks ago

    Why do the fantoms have a weird texture glitch? (The air surrounding the wings have a different texture than the actual air)

  • Anastasia Dudette 2 weeks ago

    New dungeon

  • ocean craft aassassin 2 weeks ago

    Only 644 coments

  • ocean craft aassassin 2 weeks ago


  • Luke Tarter 2 weeks ago

    Is it just me or can no one else hear the Beacon or Conduit sounds cause of him talking…? XD

  • Pikachu 121233 2 weeks ago

    I have a treasure map

  • DSLink 2 weeks ago

    Listen to this Conduit *Continues to talk over the sound*

  • Little Shadow, Forest Girl 2 weeks ago

    MC love song idea? lol

  • Boss300 IDK 2 weeks ago


  • Little Shadow, Forest Girl 2 weeks ago

    I’m freaking out idk I’ve been playing since the Halloween Update in 2011

  • Allessandra Souliere-Genesse 2 weeks ago

    Soooo cute!!!

  • Allessandra Souliere-Genesse 2 weeks ago

    Poor horse

  • KirbysPVS 2 weeks ago

    I still hope they add “overworld” as a biome type to buffet… so I can buffet floating islands and still have the various biomes instead of being limited to just 1… or maybe allow you to customize a world and have it gen as floating islands, it would be a dream come true! currently Buffet Forest is good enough, though I had to cheat paper in and will probably need to do the same with diamonds

  • Miggy Minichino 2 weeks ago

    horses can swim

  • NovaStorm93 2 weeks ago

    Told to listen to conduit
    continues to talks over it
    Seems legit

  • RubberDucky Productions 2 weeks ago

    Phantoms are now officially called flappybois

  • Aleni Rose 2 weeks ago

    I feel like it’s gonna be SOOO hard for newbies to play mc now.. lol

  • Masaji Ken Dharma 2 weeks ago

    logdotzip you have to change your intro because its boring like pink ant or zackcory

  • EffoVex 2 weeks ago

    I was messing with the snapshot today and I got the dolphins grace. I had fish in my inv so idk if that triggers it. I had to swim and follow it though.

  • Rygy HS 2 weeks ago

    awwww no face cam

  • Yopyg Games & Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    Buffet looks like the Farlands!

  • The Paradox 2 weeks ago

    Swim, not float, next to dolphins to get the new effect.
    Help keeping this on top so everyone and LDZ himself can see: I bet 10 emeralds if he reads my comment.

    BUT, LDZ, how come you are so hasty in making vids? Just a tap on the Tab solves the graze mystery. Looks like you are getting a bit rough!


  • GeoDashPro 51 2 weeks ago

    The biome being changed from Mesa to Badlands makes me wanna punch them in the face, I don’t care if it’s a reference it’s a name that makes 0 sense to the biome itself

  • Heljo Arceno 2 weeks ago

    wanna know what i mostly hate? the command system its a lot harder now to type in commands because instead of gamemode 1 or creative now its just creative and we dont need the new command system in Java because pressing the Tab button can already help us instead of ….GOD i really hate the new command system And i Blame all The Noobs I mean everythings geat except the new command system and the ugly horses

  • David Nameth 2 weeks ago

    Hey you need to try the potion of slow falling and Elytra together it’s so cool

  • PHILOSORAPTOR 2 weeks ago

    “OMG, listen to those sound effects!”
    *keeps talking*
    “That’s so sick!”
    I wouldn’t know, I couldn’t hear it, cause you didn’t shut up for more than two seconds.

  • Bagas Pratsya 2 weeks ago

    Y U have lava gun ?

  • BroFear XD 2 weeks ago

    In mcpe there is already the effect dolphins grace but they dont show it

  • PHILOSORAPTOR 2 weeks ago

    9:26 Night On Bald Mountain intensifies

  • Mario9964PC 2 weeks ago

    oh! the color of the phantoms spawn egg
    you know what that means **evangelion theme fades in**

  • Lily Andersson 2 weeks ago

    I dont want the new snapshot cuz then i cant play multiplayer

  • Heidi Auranen_ 2 weeks ago

    Uhm… How can i get 1.13? It doesnt appear to me 🙁

  • Voxeleon GT 2 weeks ago

    When youre swimming around dolphins, the dolphins will swim around you too, then you’ll get the dolphins grace effect, this effect already existed since the first time MCPE got dolphins, maybe last week of march.

  • Mr Doob 2 weeks ago

    buff – a = buffet

  • ChibiTiger -MCGamer 2 weeks ago

    I subscribed!

  • Nathan Zabala 2 weeks ago

    Is this released

  • Penguinish 2 weeks ago

    Actually, there are the exact positions where prismarine blocks are counted for the conduit.

  • IkBenRens 2 weeks ago

    I dont like the updates

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