• Driizy King 6 months ago

    and i watch ur other channel WW2

  • Another Person 6 months ago

    You could probably beat quiff

  • Smokie Bear 6 months ago

    I loved those screams LUL

  • Vikk star 6 months ago

    Kenny, you will be the most op with dat lifesteal 5 if…..

    You get extra hearts (I.e. Overload 5 or ninja 4)

  • Nyan_Fanboy 865 6 months ago

    Can anyone tell me how Can I find the cap than Kenny is wearing please!

  • Smokie Bear 6 months ago

    Florians skin LMAO

  • Matthew Jones 6 months ago

    Black scroll the doctor off the bow

  • Alec Ovan 6 months ago

    You need more enlightened and slice

  • Luis Sanchez 6 months ago

    Use a black scroll to get rid of doctor kenny

  • Phantom Gaming 6 months ago

    Put double damage on your sword

  • treerexaudi Official - Minecraft 6 months ago

    this is one epic dungeon!

  • chazza_g 6 months ago

    i heard side and speedys bookstore was pretty solid…. haHA

  • ReMix & SG More 6 months ago

    Oml 21 comment

  • ImmaNerdMC 6 months ago


  • Jordan Lenhart 6 months ago

    Kenny when u done with series can I play on server i love u guys

  • above 6 months ago

    I’m sorry I had to skip over the anvil dings part

  • C7aZyBoi 6 months ago

    get doubledamage, slice and rage on your sword super op

  • Damon Fincher 6 months ago

    Kenny pls troll Pete and put on kara(pwincessly) skin pls I would be hilarious

  • Hunter Tate 6 months ago

    This makes up for all the times you’ve gotten screwed over with gear

  • Raymon Hermosa 6 months ago

    Kenny you have to put wither,rage and venom on your sword

  • Hunter Tate 6 months ago

    Do a prank where u give a skeleton a pull book

  • Spencer Leung 6 months ago

    keep the bow and use a blackscroll to remove doctor

  • Robert Vontoussaint 6 months ago

    Kenny is complaining he hasn’t found the chest but spent most of the time in the middle or barely went fully in the caves. You gotta explore it all to find the chest. Obviously the chest isn’t going to be in the beginning of the caves

  • Luke DeVito 6 months ago

    dude you surprised me. not cool you could lose so subs

  • Robert Vontoussaint 6 months ago

    Can you guys please start killing people. It’s boring

  • Leona Lee 6 months ago

    Kenny plz don’t quit h4m

  • Cielo Chua 6 months ago

    Play a new game xd

  • Vron3131 6 months ago

    Hey Kenny, started following from the boys… and speedy is right we need more Kenny time…

  • Grace Smith 6 months ago

    Can someone help me
    How much ram should I allocate for minecraft min and Max I have 8gb ram and how much should I have for a mod packs and is 1gb ram 1024?sorry I’m a bit of a noob when it come to this sort of stuff.

  • Nick - 6 months ago

    Just kill everyone in the mine even if they don’t have the keys

  • Sanjei Jong Seijuro 6 months ago

    nice job today Kenny!

  • rishiultra 902 6 months ago

    The reason someone would hate you, is cus they would never be as good as you at gaming in general

  • Megadwarf 47 6 months ago

    Kenny pls start actually killing people in the mine you’ll make lots of dollars

  • ThatKidGamer2k 6 months ago

    Fight more in the vids

  • ALLENPLAYZ- MINECRAFT 6 months ago

    kenny you shouldnt have used the dungeon gear at the nether dungeon because there are choices you should have just do the nether dungeon and play another one but of you already used the kit put it on you pv and then use it on another dungeon

  • ALLENPLAYZ- MINECRAFT 6 months ago

    by the way kenny you can kill quiff without dying because of you lifesteal just put wither rage slice and venom gg op sword

  • Archeresto 27 6 months ago

    Lifesteal V OP xD

  • FriesGC _GamingChannel 6 months ago

    Watch technoblade, he’s the pvp master of minecraft

  • kyle young 6 months ago

    1:00:39 & 1:04:10 best parts 😂

  • anish nair 6 months ago

    black scroll your chest plate and put the enchants on the flame chest plate

  • scottlw 6 months ago

    you only got 1 common token …. but in the dungeon you had 3 atleast soo…. fail on the rewards.

  • Vince Slayer 6 months ago

    May i be subscribed? 🙂 need to beat my friend subs. Gg i liked

  • Sebastian Tee 6 months ago

    Get Enlightened V on all your gear

  • Vitenci ! 6 months ago

    What is the IP

  • Walmart Playz 6 months ago

    When is justin starting back?

    Edit: also kenny turn static fov on in your 5zig settings

  • İbrahim Kilvan 6 months ago

    LİKE BRO 😀

  • DiaG ReCoIL 6 months ago

    4:00 lol facts only one I watch, don’t have a lot of time sooooo only watch the best one ☝️

  • EnigmaKA - Minecraft and Programming 6 months ago

    When Kenny only streams on the days you can’t watch 😂
    Like clockwork. Only when I can’t watch LOL

  • Rafael Urda 6 months ago

    Get more YouTube subscribers at u2bzone (dot) C O M

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