How To Minecraft Season 4. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • Louis Sparkes 9 months ago

    Vik, quiff owes you over 200k from previous battles

  • frederik stein 9 months ago

    1:00:24 VIKK! don`t mine so fast you`ll skip the ems

  • tonio Privitelli 9 months ago

    I guess 1 mil

  • Lewis Roche 9 months ago

    Anyone else feel that the way Pete played his role of stealing Vik’s sword wasn’t fun or creative at all? it was simply an annoying waste of time. Another 10 minutes of stream/video for nothing…. Don’t get me wrong i loved when Rob played his role as the bad guy, that was incredibly funny but this had no thought to it at all, he simply just kept it and asked him to bet it off…

  • MaX Frost 9 months ago

    That’s the quote of the week: *_”Stealing from the dead is not stealing, its recycling!”_*

  • hi i big fan 9 months ago

    Vik,Laike attacked you because you had poison on your chestplate so he thought you attacked him

  • BeastMan1000 Awesome 9 months ago

    Vikk, tell the admins about the entity glitch, because it will cause huge losses of money.

  • Abdullah Khashan 9 months ago

    was i the only one that saw florian punch the cart when it came on red?? florian the jag

  • Harry Potter fan-fictions - and more 9 months ago


  • 2Many Giggs 9 months ago

    Can you get blast on a shovel if so use it on the gravel when mining

  • Angela Meggs 9 months ago

    How much do you want for Christmas

  • Jake Lore 9 months ago

    Vikk put Telepathy on your Blast Pickaxe, so everything goes into your inventory and you don’t lose emeralds/diamonds

  • Jacob Warren 9 months ago

    refresh squad where you at?!?

  • Josh Booth 9 months ago

    Whys vikk always a prick to the less known players???? E.g. Gen, quiff??

  • Elite Gunner 9 months ago

    Vikk instead of mining use drunk to kill the people!

  • Sam Woolley 9 months ago

    Vikk do more kingdoms and Castles

  • Lightning22 9 months ago

    You are stupid

  • Brandon Braun 9 months ago

    20 eps ago 1 mil was a lot now it’s not

  • Charlie Smirh 9 months ago

    vik can u Cary on the kingdom and castles seveis on your vikkstarplays channel pls

  • Tyler Davis 9 months ago

    Am I the only one that thinks vik low-key gets really triggered at the admins

  • Nicolas V 9 months ago

    Pete is such an idiot. Everybody dislike his shitty vid

  • Stiles Parker 9 months ago

    You took a masive L today vik

  • Vikk that is your sword Pete has it pause at 1:09:05

  • Stephen Fisher 9 months ago


  • Stiles Parker 9 months ago

    You should also put your name on your gear and not just giving it a random name

  • Jack Lewis 9 months ago

    Vik should have went back in with a bad set and a pick and just get some more money!?!?!

  • Ibbo Beast 9 months ago

    Pete you jag

  • Tristan Tran 9 months ago

    change it to unlimited

  • Szabika10011 9 months ago

    Go to 8:55 and put it in 0.5 speed and watch XDD

  • SadNico 9 months ago

    Really need to keep up on rules vikk not hard to read the rules

  • Ezra Bernstein 9 months ago

    You really need /sell hand

  • Runner 9 months ago

    19:30 Vikk’s face

  • VolTorian - Minecraft 9 months ago

    vik you can double click on an item to grab up to a stack of them. it kind bugs me when you split half the stacks of items to move them because you didn’t have an even amount to go in the crafting table

  • sir doodle pop 9 months ago

    evryone thinks my my name is stupid
    do you think its stupid?

  • michael jhan 9 months ago

    Why the heck did Vikk turn his god set into a weak speed-runner set?

  • Zac Ostrich 9 months ago

    Vikk I hate watching you lose money with blast mining, you should really go back to the other method

  • MrSleekPenguin 9 months ago

    Nice going, giving pete more bad content… thanks for whining on something that shouldn’t be allowed…

  • I’m disliking because today was sooooo fucking bad

  • Ezra Bernstein 9 months ago

    Boost your swords MCMMMO so you can destroy in the arena even if you get bad enchants.

  • Quique0701 1998 9 months ago

    the mining event made thing so much more interesting

  • VolTorian - Minecraft 9 months ago

    btw only one vein of diamonds spawn per chunk, just so you know

  • Chris F 9 months ago

    PLEASE read this Vik. With all due respect, we feel you should be more respectful of the mining event rules and not expect special treatment. There was no reason for you or anyone else to try to pressure Brandon into giving back weapons. You lost your sword because YOU CHOSE to take it into the mine and managed to die even after eating a full god apple. You got your armor, which is the only thing you had any right to get back. There’s no reason you should get special treatment.

  • Alfie ???? 9 months ago

    Why is there no. Events

  • Harry Carroll 9 months ago

    Next time you go mining take a lava bucket to destroy some/all of the drops

  • MrJamezMC 9 months ago

    The custom dual arena is bullshit. Those success enchant percentages were so high and they didn’t work. Absolute bullshit

  • Karley C 9 months ago

    liking the longer episodes vik! keep it up <3

  • The Maniac Gamer HD 9 months ago


  • Kane Strevens 9 months ago

    thats a lie it would have stopped on pink not blue they lied

  • Kane Strevens 9 months ago

    vik after you gain money just stop as u lose some

  • Topicerino Kripperino 9 months ago

    Final episode should have cringey fails and when he destroyed all that diamond in should be in it

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