• Andres Te 1 week ago

    I love it when he says “CORAL!”

  • crimson broadsword 1 week ago

    James play rune factory pls

  • Logan Krecic 1 week ago

    cover trident and enchantments

  • Bethany K 1 week ago

    Can you try feeding the turtles. Maybe then they’ll spawn babies or eggs or whatever. Also can you throw the triton to kill animals/mobs above or under water. Just curious.

  • GalaxyTron 04 1 week ago

    I was dantdm stream when you donated on stream

  • DapperHamster 1 week ago

    Yay! Please play more minecraft!

  • Zachary Keddington 1 week ago

    Go in F5 when you swim fast. its cool

  • junyan Li 1 week ago

    Yessssss more Minecraft

  • Ally Plays 1 week ago

    James : I looked at twitter and oh my god,
    Me : Twitter dropped a worm on you? 😆
    James : Coral!
    Me: The simplest things in life make James so happy. Beautiful. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • IHaveFeelings - Gaming 1 week ago

    I Thought you forgot minecraft or quit mc

  • Agamer playz 1 week ago

    There are tridents in creative mode

  • IronWolfNinja :D 1 week ago

    YAY more Minecraft 😁

  • Agamer playz 1 week ago

    That phantom is very different and AWESOME

  • Toffee Tube 1 week ago

    Puffily puff puff puffily pifff puffyfish

  • JJ Halley 1 week ago

    James play more Minecraft

  • Sønic Zoom 1 week ago

    Minecraft has new player swimming animations if you want to check them out.

  • Vladcat One And only 1 week ago

    putting the magma in a fish tank wouldn’t be a smart idea.. the magma burns and it pulls down anything that swims near it, so the fish wont be able to be there with the magma, also love your vids keep up the good work! 🙂

  • Dragonlord the king of dragons 1 week ago

    *insert the bubbles guy from finding neo*

  • SUMMEOYO 1 week ago

    been so long since I saw one of ur vids. glad to see you😀

  • Fiery_Gamers 1 week ago

    Mumbo jumbo made a fish tank using magma blocks

  • Fiery_Gamers 1 week ago

    Mojang should make a treasure chest instead of just a chest

  • Aidan Bergin 1 week ago

    Do more minecraft snapshot videos!!!!!!!

  • Karolynn Mcmillan 1 week ago

    He should really start a new let’s play on mc!!!! Like with the new updates it would be really fun to watch!!!

  • Adrianna Tayler 💕 1 week ago

    I missed Minecraft from you 🖤☺️

  • Mihael Zubak 1 week ago

    Maybe they will add them eventually
    Me:you think they are gonna add over 3000 fish buckets!?

  • Xxlush barakoxX 1 week ago


  • Skunkzilla 1 week ago

    The squids kind of look out of place now XD

  • Droid779 1 week ago

    You need to “dive” deeper into these updates to “sea water” they have, especially the “coral-ful” block

  • Parker V 1 week ago

    First thing he did… call a Salmon a Cod

  • Parker V 1 week ago

    Wow the Oceans look alive

  • Nadim Elhaddad 1 week ago

    You should make a survival series on this

  • Antoine Bronk 1 week ago

    Coral died

  • CleanixX MC 1 week ago

    There are over 3000 or so new fish so probably they wont add more textures

  • AlphaCentauriA1 1 week ago

    Rip your channels dead

  • ROCKSTAR3K 1 week ago


  • Marz Barz 1 week ago


  • Marz Barz 1 week ago

    🐑 💨

  • Marz Barz 1 week ago


  • Kirigaya Kazuto 1 week ago

    And I thought it was a finding nemo meme

  • Beaked Plains 1 week ago

    When I was playing the snapshot I found a red clown fish it was so cool

  • EternalGaming 1 week ago

    tenthousenth view

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