• Zacharey Wagnon 7 months ago

    Join vikks neighborhood

  • VoidWalker 7 months ago

    Slime Cannons can launch mobs!!

  • james z 7 months ago

    kenny change your skin back lol

  • Twilight Gaming 7 months ago

    Oh no i forgot to wake up again, im from australia thats why i cant watch

  • Tyson Bangs 7 months ago

    Kenny get rob to help build a tnt cannon and aim it at Doni’s house.That would be awesome to have like another mini war like rob and vikk

  • TheMasterMindGamez 7 months ago

    Kenny you were an asshole to doni (unsubbed)

  • King King 7 months ago

    Buy a modern cave using a lot of quartz and TV with elevator… U know.. Modern stuff

  • james z 7 months ago

    if i was u i would just kill him asap lmao

  • May M 7 months ago

    I’m dying, you warned speedy so its not ur fault.
    instead of lava floors, you could do now water floor with colored glass

  • Aztec Warrior 7 months ago

    When speedy popped. The funniest thing ever. And Kenny’s laugh. Lol

  • Christian K 7 months ago

    Create a villager breeder and make a slime launcher and fire baby villagers over his wall 😀

  • Chai Tea 7 months ago

    You should just take over Lachlan’s house and rebuild / improve it 😛
    Make the salty lagoon great again

  • 9:58 lol

  • james z 7 months ago

    Look up some cave house tutorial, find a natural generated cave and make your house in it instead of mine a hole yourself

  • Wolf and Panda 7 months ago

    Move in with side and speed

  • Kenny Mate it is ep 59 You are getting abit ahead of yourself

  • I Love 8-Bit 7 months ago

    You should make a sky base somewhere above side and speedy’s house

  • Stephanie Hoffman 7 months ago

    Rip Kenny and Donis friendship 2017

  • Val Roins 7 months ago

    Move into where Lachlan lives plz u have the salty lagoon the villager paradise a auto farmer a casino connect four DJ skellex Vick and his ice cream house nati v3 u r next to side and speedy it’s a good location plz

  • Powelly 7 months ago

    The series is dying lol look everyone is just bantering now😂

  • justin luksha 7 months ago

    Videos with doni are the funniest😂

  • Mark Riske 7 months ago

    When Speedy blows himself up. One of the best Minecraft lolz ever.

  • ALLENPLAYZ- MINECRAFT 7 months ago

    lol rip items haha go kenny go 😂😂

  • vClash 7 months ago

    Number 59 not 60 kenny! gotta fix it

  • Thomas Papastergiou 7 months ago

    How to talk in the stream chat

  • Gaming Blade 7 months ago

    Nice C4D skills

  • XP_Reflex 7 months ago

    Move in with side and speedy!!!!

  • CMPLX16 7 months ago

    In front of speedy and sides hours if you go forward there is an open area like next to their cow farm, make the new house there.
    btw speedy died and lost 212 levels from mcmmo i think. soo

  • Carson Shoemaker 7 months ago

    just take over lachlan’s space and build there that way your in the middle more or less I mean it’s not like he uses it anymore right

  • Monster_Terry 7 months ago

    Omg doni got trolled so hard

  • Twilight Gaming 7 months ago

    You should build a castle out of obsidian and underground base and dont make it unorganized again like your older one

  • Ethan Murphy 7 months ago

    Move into donis attic

  • Payton mantei 7 months ago


  • anish nair 7 months ago

    grind mcmmo next episode

  • fantom. 7 months ago

    this episode was hilarious haahaah

  • Kris Jarc 7 months ago

    ask vik if you can get in lachlan hause

  • Slippy On The Tippy 7 months ago

    Why dont u play with preston anymore?

  • Cody Hampson 7 months ago

    This was an amazing video… LMAO

  • FirebirdKitsune 7 months ago

    What about that empty space in beside and next to the stairs of Nooch’s place?

  • Ezotic_Blaze 7 months ago

    Y don’t u use /home

  • Sebastian pina 7 months ago

    Build by vikk

  • I Plays 7 months ago

    Ask to be apart of Vikks village

  • lewis hendry 7 months ago

    Make an apartment in the empty space of speedy and side house

  • Kjør da 7 months ago

    lit video

  • Chicken Eater 7 months ago

    Where is the 59th episode D:

  • Ryan Parry-Hart 7 months ago


  • AsphaltCowboy39 7 months ago

    Build under side and speedy and u could have the beacons also

  • Vincent Eppse 7 months ago


  • Tori Walker 7 months ago

    Booooo Boston Red Socks
    Gooooo Tampabay Rays
    Like if you agree

  • Ebbe Carter 7 months ago

    U forgot number 59

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