• MC King-Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    You can run straught over 1 block gaps. Like in Mario.

  • Boomer12347 2 weeks ago

    The can break/be placed on missingno is an easter egg refering to the pokemon glitch missingno but it means that the item can only interact with a block that doesnt exist.

  • WWE Sheamus 2 weeks ago

    Jordan u need to scrap minecraft to save your channel it was cool back 5 years ago, 10M subs yet get 200k views AT MOST in your vids. Play fortnite or roblox or Idek something that actually relevant 😂 iv been a fan for 2 years now btw

  • Ultra Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Why not make these a versus type thing?

    X33n and you can be in the same call running through the map and just converse on it. I think that would be interesting

  • Sepand Javahery 2 weeks ago

    Play pickcrafter on your phone

  • Ethan Jimenez 2 weeks ago


  • If you tried it with x33n and it didn’t work, you must’ve already known to do the inventory check in the beginning?
    I get that this is to entertain me but I just feel like you’re lying to me.

  • stavik96 2 weeks ago

    Finally these are done, bothers me how it’s called illogical mc and all it does is make you parkour and such.

  • Pro Phoenix Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Have you checked the food chest?

  • Everyday Gamer 2 weeks ago


    pokemon reference

  • Zack Sparrow 2 weeks ago

    Who else remembers Fortress Fury

  • marksgv 2 weeks ago

    The ocelot thing was a little like that game Can Your Pet. But, yeah, how would you know to do that, with it. Not as potentially confusing and frustrating as the last one. At least it was fairly simple to try everything. Imagine if the map maker was truly insidious and made a really complex looking level as a finale. Also, I think we all know how things would have gone if X33N was along for the ride, he does love the parkour.

  • Ken Mulkurti 2 weeks ago

    Play more pixelmon

  • 09UNIVER SAL09 2 weeks ago

    Idk why i got anggry all the time

  • MastaKilla7599 2 weeks ago

    See the

  • Is Jardon making those wierd sounds when parkouring because he thinks it’s funny? Or is it just his natural reaction?

  • YuukiRus Games 2 weeks ago

    I hate saying this about content creators, but these maps are actually just badly made.

  • Drey Playz 2 weeks ago

    The sign gives you sines that you can win wait sign or sine 👊✊✌👋👉☝👈👇👐✋✌

  • Adam Wądrzyk 2 weeks ago

    Where’s 3 + 3 = 7?

  • Caelen Sawyers 2 weeks ago

    Was anyone else annoyed when he would jump off the tree away from where he needed to go to climb back up?

  • Tamu Audwodia 2 weeks ago

    Jordan still wearing the same headset and t-shirt as he did 5 years ago. At least that what it feels like.

  • Gau28 2 weeks ago

    Heavier boots won’t make you fall faster

  • Mc Facebook 2 weeks ago

    You need “TO” stick right here

  • Gabzo Avro 2 weeks ago

    you where supposed to rage and being unable to complete the ocelot level and kill the ocelet out of frustration lol
    That’s my guess

  • Lucas Chelcea 2 weeks ago

    He’s 13 (i’m 12) He’s from romania. ROMANIA. ROMAANIIIIAAAA! MA BRO!

  • Evil Tom 2 weeks ago

    On the last one you could have tried to hit the wooden preasure plate using your fishing rod.

  • Nobody 2 weeks ago

    You can run through a one block gap.

  • Hissing_Kolbra12 2 weeks ago

    If you have jump boost 255 u can’t jump

  • That One Guy 2 weeks ago

    “When the series goes up, the players go down”

  • Memtub 2 weeks ago

    Jardon’s hair tho

  • Shaun Dreclin 2 weeks ago

    Shit map. Anyone can make puzzles that are unsolvable and don’t make sense, the real skill in map making is making puzzles that are difficult but possible to figure out.

  • Joshua Yturaldi 2 weeks ago

    Playing Solo: A Minecraft Story

  • GoodGamer3000 Rules 2 weeks ago

    Somehow I didn’t notice the beard.

  • Jeffrey Black 2 weeks ago

    Are you surprised it is illogical?

    They are clearly taking your feedback to improve.

  • Siemen Verheij 2 weeks ago

    The word “illogical” was said so many times in This video and the comment section, that I don’t even understand the meaning of it anymore

  • JaksonRanger 2 weeks ago

    of course the one with the ocelot was a red herring. it said to get him a fish… ;)))))D)D)D)D)

  • DarwinW13 2 weeks ago

    At the beginning you said Jardon

  • keshaun goldsmith 2 weeks ago


  • AbelSuperstar100 2 weeks ago

    Make more animations. PLEASE!

  • Julia Gonzalez 2 weeks ago


  • Min Taboo 2 weeks ago

    I just got a MEDIHEAL x BTS ad… I’m not yelling…. Nor complaining….. Heheh

  • Nick Derozier 2 weeks ago

    I know no one will probably see this comment but the kid that makes the illogical Minecraft series is getting heart surgery that’s a big thing but like I said no one will probably see this comment anyway

  • Randy Clevis 2 weeks ago

    Great to see that there is still mc Youtube this guy is my childhood

  • Emma Wotnot 2 weeks ago

    hullo jardon

  • Immortālem Vēritātis Textor 2 weeks ago

    Oh, Jordan… u.u
    “This level is not bugged!” = Bugged [not literally, but you know what I mean]
    “-Can break missingno” = Missingno is a glitch.
    = Level is “unbeatable” without “cheating”.

  • KittenGamer3688 0 2 weeks ago

    If this is the third one… you should expect that the map creator would expect you to do the opposite you do The opposite of what he expects you to do.

  • Algot Kristoffersson 2 weeks ago

    when did you change your name from jordan to Jardon

  • David Meyer 2 weeks ago

    If I was the map creator I would make a part for that’s just straightforward puzzles as a troll

  • Emma Pang 2 weeks ago

    watch this series just turn Jardun into a person who trusts nothing and n one

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