• Miss Noir 5 months ago

    The live was lit

  • Mizumi 5 months ago

    Is it just me or does the video start at min 15? ._.

  • Miguel Gonzalez 5 months ago

    tell me if you got this on your next video

  • Mars Argo 5 months ago

    I always miss the live stream

  • Michael Young 5 months ago


  • GoldenPigsty , 5 months ago


  • An Ba 5 months ago

    what did i miss

  • Britney Fearson 5 months ago

    Razz u r my fav youtuber pls reply it would make my year pls reply to me paparazz

  • Jake Fields 5 months ago

    hey when did you start YouTube

  • jonathan schenck 5 months ago

    razz playing Minecraft? I really need to play my other games. say for the future builds of games should I wait to get a gaming rig with 16 core CPU’s!?

  • Jady Osorio 5 months ago


  • Space Core 5 months ago

    Early Squad!

  • David Duarte 5 months ago

    do fnaf dayshift 2

  • Ponlove Pro 5 months ago

    papa razz you need to cut yo hair.

    not that i have anything against it.

  • Alexander Zerges 5 months ago

    I hope you are having a good day.
    I had a really bad day and had to get leg surgery. You are my number 1 YouTuber. Though, soon I will have back surgery. A reply or shout out would just make my day. I really hope you respond.

  • Leon Bell 5 months ago

    razz and stacy’s first interaction

  • Tuesday Kevin 5 months ago

    Guys you need to subscribe

  • Razzbowski 5 months ago

    1 LIKE = 1 PRAYER for Reuben! #RIP 💓

  • Rose Blue 5 months ago

    i waited 4 hours for this and then BAM my phone died

  • Surprised he didn’t build a penis

  • Joerick M Morales 5 months ago


  • Justin Aguilar 5 months ago


  • Tornado Wizard 5 months ago


  • Mr. Cow 5 months ago

    You should keep your hair like that

  • Tuesday Kevin 5 months ago


  • Tuesday Kevin 5 months ago

    Ok guys do you have roblox

  • krisdipas Kongsakul 5 months ago

    Razz did you play all the episode 2 to 8 without record it to youtube because it going to be spoiler

  • Sara Virta 5 months ago

    I hate missing Papa’s live streams. but I still loved by the video😊😉

  • Aiden Carrera 5 months ago

    12:18 sadly this is a kids game so we dont see Jesse break his neck

  • Stringingj3000 4 5 months ago

    YOUR awesome since now i can watch you in the open instead in secret because you are now kid friendly

  • Anne Takamawi 5 months ago

    this season looks sooo dope, its gonna be lit af 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ninja506 z 5 months ago


  • DEATHCON 5 months ago

    Why wouldn’t Petra or Gabriel, whoever had the wither sickness just drink milk to get rid of it?

  • Logan Vorsatz 5 months ago


  • OtomeGirl~ 5 months ago

    YASSSSSS papa razz ❤

  • SquaderxD 5 months ago

    is it only for me the it is laging?

  • Pokemon and FNAFloverbrosmg4fan 5 months ago


  • MasterAnimal 5 months ago

    I don’t think you did episode 7 or 8 yet…oh well

  • Drawnimo Comics 5 months ago

    They finally changed the voice actor for Olivia. About time!

  • Bendy the bunny 5000 5 months ago

    Olivia sounds super different like if you agree

  • Monody YT 5 months ago

    Razz has turned more emo the last time i saw him (look at that hair)

  • Flame GD 5 months ago

    Are you Jacksepticeye 2.0? XD

  • The paper Invader 5 months ago

    This is not dayshift at freddys

  • eugene shiffer chang 5 months ago

    more Friday the 13th like if you agree

  • Alex Røsvik 5 months ago


  • Christin Morton 5 months ago

    Hey razzbowski remember this # respect the fox 🐱 😋👍

  • Trojan Fallen Angel 5 months ago

    *Attack on Titan theme intensifies*

  • Devaray Forrester 5 months ago

    #R.I.P Ruben

  • Devaray Forrester 5 months ago


  • FRANKOCAMBO 21 5 months ago

    Hey razz will you ever play Sally face

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