• Jill Dorsey 2 weeks ago


  • Hayden Jones 2 weeks ago


  • Hailey Hernandez 2 weeks ago

    Brave Nooo im going to be scard for life

  • Lilia Samson 2 weeks ago

    I kill a lot of black sheeps

  • Ludesin 2 weeks ago


  • abril quintana 2 weeks ago

    OMG!I saw a cave and a black sheep just stared at you!I turned off my phone quick because my guitar fell i did not move it….I told my mom..That the house is haunted😂😂LOL.But i have killed a bunch of black sheeps and i never played minecraft cuz the only things that would spawn were black sheep and i was soo scared.My minecraft user:YT_YandereGaming

  • steffscriba 2 weeks ago

    the red was a enderman

  • don't touch the nether star 2 weeks ago

    5:29 black sheep or cow I can’t tell

  • Jose C Cruz 2 weeks ago

    I love your vid

  • Iana Victor 2 weeks ago

    How did you grow many subs in 1 day

  • Francie Boo 2 weeks ago

    sheep not sheeps

  • Jason David Brooksbank 2 weeks ago

    get the demon wings

  • Awesome Chris! 2 weeks ago


  • OllieGirl 2000 2 weeks ago

    the real devil’s number is-666 666 666 666 666 666

  • Ethan Graham 2 weeks ago

    When you where walking around I saw redstone on the ground!

  • Jill Dorsey 2 weeks ago

    I said yay because we are going to try to kill boogieman

  • gamingwiththehipsterman Clark 2 weeks ago

    Let’s go to 666k likes

  • Corbin Glenn 2 weeks ago


  • Corbin Glenn 2 weeks ago

    Go to village and destroy ritual place

  • Lilly Brandt 2 weeks ago


  • xavier covarrubias 2 weeks ago

    Oh no I killed black sheep

  • lea turner 2 weeks ago

    No the iron golem are evil Elmo seires

  • Tundra Tamer 2 weeks ago

    Its “sheep” not “sheeps” #NoHate

  • Jaime alberto de la fuente 2 weeks ago

    O1G can you continue the series of the adventures of jesus

  • Vanessa Nagl 2 weeks ago


  • Eliezer3838 Olmado 2 weeks ago

    i kill Black sheep all the time

  • Lazari Art 2 weeks ago

    O1G I think that flaming cross is coming closer to the village!!

  • Birdie Bowles 2 weeks ago

    Hey what’s up with all of that obsidian?

  • Jay playz 2 weeks ago

    I join my Minecraft worlds I Every see Black Sheep not joking I go mineing to Cave I only get 1 Diamond
    Black Sheep=unLucky

  • Animal jam Angle 2 weeks ago

    1.1k likes yeyyy

  • Rik Andrey Arcilla 2 weeks ago


  • Rik Andrey Arcilla 2 weeks ago

    Wtf i see somthing when you go in the water

  • Superboygamer 2 weeks ago

    … I hate black sheep so so much there is a lot of reason never give up kill boogyman

  • Sarah Gomez 2 weeks ago

    01G i think that the boogeyman is hunting you for real

  • Alexandra aly 2 weeks ago

    When you will continue the Blood.exe series????

  • Sweden 2007 2 weeks ago

    Can you see there is a white sheep 2:30 see properly you can find

  • Anjali Pattalwar 2 weeks ago

    I saw enderman freaking out

  • gost and dinosaur Arthur 2 weeks ago

    i was killing black sheep before this video was upluoded

  • YanaPlayez Games and Tutorials 2 weeks ago

    boogeyman joined my world

  • Hussen Abdi 2 weeks ago

    Hi do more of boogymsn

  • Claire Burke 2 weeks ago

    I know y the skeleton was bathing in the biginning, it was bc he needs to be clean

  • Artur 7x 2 weeks ago

    Did i type this comment before? You use the /summon command to spawn mobs. Remember that o1g

  • elzoragaming 2 weeks ago

    6:07 it’s an enderman

  • The Awesome Bicah!!! 2 weeks ago

    that’s a enderman

  • Hizbullah Rehman 2 weeks ago

    I told you to go back to village

  • Hizbullah Rehman 2 weeks ago

    7:53 there was a God damn Villager in the house

  • Superhero Fam 2 weeks ago

    I really love the boogeyman series

  • JepraX 11 2 weeks ago

    I have my sister a youtuber! Pls like her vedeo and subscribe

  • Hilman Asyraf 2 weeks ago

    This is my mistake I have killed 100000000000000 black sheep

  • lady bug 2 weeks ago

    Look o1g the boogy man named nall

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