• LegitClient ϟ 1 week ago

    Why your lower back hurts answer

    stop masturbating

  • UnifiedSpace 1 week ago

    Alex is the type of guy to get detention, and call it a deathban.

  • Meowlorda p 1 week ago

    You sound like a gay retard

  • SomeDerpMan 1 week ago


  • killaboy101 ! 1 week ago

    They are fucking stupid

  • Zuzo 1 week ago

    Hey squidward

  • уєαнѕ 1 week ago


    From the average human with the IQ of 100-140, they will see this as the normal, somewhat casual intro from the video creator known as ‘laughing out loud it is alexander’.

    From the average gamer with the IQ of 150-200, this is clearly a distress signal coming from Alexander as a desperate cry for help. As you can see from the shaky giggle when he says “we are back”, this is obviously a hidden message that is still a mystery to this day.

    So our conclusion, who is lolitsalex and what causes this odd intro in each of his high quality daily lets plays? The world will never know.

    Please people, take some time out of your day to add laughing out loud it is alexander on snapchat: looolitsalex (that’s right, THREE o’s) to make him feel better about his current miserable minecraft playing self.

  • BigBlueSword 143 1 week ago


  • BigBlueSword 143 1 week ago

    Subscribe to me

  • Friso Klaver 1 week ago

    You lie about your age… you should be 49

  • zkw PvP 1 week ago

    lolitsalex the type of guy to ban someone who doesn’t answer when he calls them

  • BlqckOut _ 1 week ago

    never have i ever e-dated Jaamie

  • Necroz 1 week ago


  • loukpat 1 week ago

    100k special?

    real voice reveal (the real one no balls)

  • wellborns 1 week ago

    11:59 he said I 13x

  • GoldHat 1 week ago

    Don’t insult grandpas there’s grandpas healthier and fitter than me

  • RubyRanger 1 week ago

    what textrue pack does he use please someone reply

  • Nuke 1 week ago

    Alex yr not 48

  • Bruh your 48 and plays a fucking block game my dads 45 and he has 4 kids plus your e dating like 16 year olds. *cough* pervert *cough*

    Please get a fucking life

  • Iliqs 1 week ago

    Lmao Alex is bigger than my mum and he plays block game wtf?

  • Mersad Kl 1 week ago

    Where are the old comments every vidro comment Lol #ripoldcomments

  • totolos 1 week ago

    wtf with your voice

  • Andrè Skjellevik 1 week ago

    I HATE your voice… your so silly and dumb EWW

  • Ryz Luckz 1 week ago

    I know
    A really good
    Way to solve pot spam, here goes dude!

    like or go bald in 1.345 seconds

  • Fabri Perretta 1 week ago

    Hola señor hola señoritas xd

  • TriggerFlqmes 1 week ago

    my mom doesn`t want to help you

  • Rhekz YT 1 week ago

    Back pain. Bad posture. Playing MC all day. Stretches and exercises will fix.

  • Ruze Pvp 1 week ago

    Alex is a 48 year old

  • Rhekz YT 1 week ago

    Nice autoclicker

  • Dávid Channel 1 week ago

    Your sound is earkilling

  • BearBear 1 week ago


  • IGN HighOnHp 1 week ago


  • Mateja Dajlic 1 week ago

    Stop adming abusing you fucking idiot piece of shit cancer fucking retard how would you feel if someone adming abused u fucking tard get a life old sandbag

  • raymond diaz 1 week ago

    48 and still a virgin

  • iFireliar 1 week ago

    Alex the type of guy to walk into a pharmacy and ask for a health pot.

  • oAidan 1 week ago

    Alex is the type of guy to make a bot and in the matter of seconds people would know it was created by him

  • Magical xx 1 week ago

    my grandma is the perfect match!

  • Andre Budiman 1 week ago

    Alex the type of guy to do facecam when hit 100k subscriber

  • RedCade 1 week ago

    You have lower back pain because you are old. I’m sorry to break it to ya Alex

  • MrsDino 1 week ago

    Lol my brother said Its because your back is probably slanted

  • calin bondrea 1 week ago


  • AAPlayzMC 1 week ago

    i hate u

  • Takemelove 1 week ago


  • CakeStafqus 1 week ago

    6:28 did u just give prker a death threat :O #banned

  • ᎶαмᎥηgнєгo 1 week ago

    Alex is the type of guy to scream speed 3 while running from the cops.

  • NotShopping 1 week ago

    Lower back pain is when you sit in your chair too much Go outside

  • Payh シ 1 week ago

    Alex the type of guy to lie so much about being 48 years old that he starts believing it.

  • ben nitz 1 week ago


  • Just A Random Cow [Adam] 1 week ago

    Who’s mans is this

  • Mahlakas Hapukurk 1 week ago

    such a fucking abuser kys

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