• Battle Universe! 7 months ago

    Do you enjoy some Minecraft? How’d we do bringing Bed Wars to life? Let us know below!

  • Elizabeth Istre 7 months ago

    Do a red light green light challenge with a evil king and when it gets to red light the king can shoot them and when its green light they can make it to the end to negate the red light green light rules and keep shooting or shoot the king instead of moving but the king has to keep still and take the shot same with the others

  • Mark Gonzalez 7 months ago

    play super mario maker

  • Mark Gonzalez 7 months ago

    in real life

  • Ashleys Haven 7 months ago

    do a minecraft war

  • King Servian 7 months ago

    You should do a ninja deathmatch

  • Zach Bob 7 months ago

    Do a haunted house

  • Laurie Chan 7 months ago

    what happended to tanners head

  • Benjamin Burgess 7 months ago

    Do a level up challenge, except use 10 different level ups, not 5, but the catch is, they get to pick a between an elite, or mega gun every level up, and when you start with your first gun. Give a like if you agree.

  • Benjamin Burgess 7 months ago

    You guys can also play sheriff vs murderer, so you will need 6 people to play, so this is how the game works: so you should let the players pick teams so it’s fair, and it is 3v3. Sherif team versus murderer team. On the two teams, one person will be the sheriff on one team, and on the other team, one person will be murderer. The sheriff starts with a pistol, and it can upgrade to a bigger and better gun if team sheriff wins a round. The murderer starts with a knife, and upgrades to a better blade like a sword if team murderer wins a round. The people will have 100 health. There are 2 upgrades for both teams and that means 3 different weapons, because you start with one, upgrade to your second, and upgrade to your third. The weapon you start with does 25 damage. The second does 50. The third does 100. If the sheriff dies, the remaining two players on the team can grab the gun, and try to eliminate the other team. Same with the murderer. If the murderer dies, the remaining two players on the team can grab the knife or if upgraded they will grab the sword, and they can eliminate the other team. Once all people in one team are eliminated, the other team wins. But remember, you will need 6 people, and 3v3. Also, remember that only one person on one team will have the weapon (sheriff has the gun, and murderer has the knife or if upgraded they will have a sword). And only 3 upgrades, 100 health, and first weapon does 25 damage, second does 50, and third does 100. Please do this challenge! And have fun if you do! Also, like if you think Battle Universe should do this challenge!

  • The Spaceman 7 months ago

    Bedwars 2v2v2v2 irl anyone?

  • Chiara Hicks 7 months ago

    Can you play murder mystery

  • the m3lon8r 7 months ago

    7 days to die irl

  • Landon 734 7 months ago

    Hey you guys should do a halo plasma grenade or sticky grenade challenge where you would wear a Velcro suit or just something with Velcro on it and throw something that sticks to the Velcro as the plasma grenade. If someone stuck the grenade to you you would be dead you could also theme different teams on the people and aliens in halo.

  • Crafter Crusher 7 months ago

    do clue in irl

  • TXBULLDOGKy Daily vids 7 months ago

    Do a clash Royale battle

  • Loretta Foster 7 months ago

    Do more mafia please I ❤

  • Kirito Bambam34 7 months ago

    Could you do minecraft murder mystery in real life also you did amazing at bringing bed wars to life I liked how you had upgrades with the tiers just like real bed wars.

  • The King Of Random 7 months ago

    You guys should do Minecraft Sky Wars Challenge! You have to build across to get more weapons to fight! By the way, I love your videos!

  • Paul Toth 7 months ago

    Ah. Another great video.

  • Tara Leavitt 7 months ago

    #notifacaition squad

  • Why_ Hellothere 7 months ago

    Mafia trouble in terrorists town please!!!!!!

  • BEAT BOX8 7 months ago

    You guys should do a nerf gun upgrade game. I am a huge fan you guys are amazing

  • TheAnnoyingDino 7 months ago

    I like this challenge

  • HowieMCM 7 months ago

    play Murder mystery

  • Mellissa Berry 7 months ago

    Plzz do merder mystery

  • B king 7 months ago

    Do another dungeons and dragons

  • Avery Serink 7 months ago

    For an new game, create six Nerf gun classes and have each player roll a dice to figure out which class they have to be.

  • dreamfall31 7 months ago

    Does anyone know why Devyn left?

  • MANI KINGRA 7 months ago

    I will sub to everyone who subs to me

  • Ballora Madness 7 months ago

    Jigsaw war

  • DrewTUBE 7 months ago

    Peas do who done it pt 2

  • Michael Wakefield 7 months ago

    you guys should do a game like infection. 1 person has a sword and the others have 3 or 4 bullet pistols and if you get hit by the sword then you get turned “infected” in which you try to get everyone else but if one of the “infected” people get shot they are stunned for 10 seconds. you get unlimited bullets as long as you pick up the bullets you shoot. last person standing wins and first person infected is it for the next round. me and my friends play it all the time, its really fun.

  • Kurt Della 7 months ago

    do simon says idk how it will work but i hope you guys try this bye now!

  • Kurt Della 7 months ago

    or do minecraft build battle with the blocks the judges decide the cattagory (3 judges) and what team wins

  • MrResidENTial 7 months ago

    Sam Skillz

  • MrResidENTial 7 months ago


  • ᙭ᒪᖇ8 7 months ago

    Sam is cute…. HELLA CUTE!!

    Bye! 👋🏼

  • Double mE gaming 7 months ago

    Do Parkour IRL where u have to climb,jump and run.while one person runs the other person can shoot the other person.the more you shoot the other person the better gun u get.

  • Demrie Tindongan 7 months ago

    Can you do instead of the guns make it the nerf gun bow and get the small axe

  • Demrie Tindongan 7 months ago

    Can you do the NERF Plants vs Zombies challenge

  • Zachattack54321 Polson 7 months ago

    Build your weapon and dismantle some parts from the other persons weapon

  • Jonah Bangsund 7 months ago

    Play freeze tag piz 😉

  • Jonah Bangsund 7 months ago


  • Spring Bonnie 7 months ago

    You should do a Five Nights at Freddy’s nerf challenge where one person is the security guard and four others are Foxy, Chica, Freddy, and Bonnie. It would be kinda of like the Slender challenge mixed with Hide and Seek. The security guard has to get to the warehouse so he is safe. The others have to hide and try to tag the guard. If he is tagged, he is considered dead. Bonnie, Chica and Freddy can move three steps at a time and Foxy can move five. I hope you guys find this entertaining. I came up with it on the spot.

  • JM #10 7 months ago

    Hey Guys Can You do a nerf war box fort challenge because you are so fun to watch!!!!!!

  • JM #10 7 months ago

    hey guys can do a nerf gun halo war

  • vtdm no.2 7 months ago

    Bu do hunger games in real life

  • JamesGaming2000 7 months ago

    do a hallerween event like tattletail

  • Highly Toxic 7 months ago

    I’ve been waiting for this

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