• Devon Japhet 4 months ago

    the vb villager rofl

  • James Gardiner 4 months ago

    You should see if you can put your player head for every car you build so then you know its an authentic beef car!

  • Felix Flaus 4 months ago

    Hey beef? if you gonna pick axe a concrete under water place it on your offhand and pick on the other then click right and left mouse at the same time XD

  • Lamborghini Boss 4 months ago

    Beef can u try and make a Lambo doesn’t matter which one

  • Lamborghini Boss 4 months ago

    For the dealership make it 2 stories and have a elevator

  • JeaneGenie 4 months ago

    Beef, if you put the powder in your left hand slot and a pickaxe in the right, you can fast mine concrete, just place, and hold both mouse buttons.

  • Devin Walter 4 months ago

    Beef never pins comments. Lol Anyways good job keep up the good work man

  • Spencer Wells 4 months ago

    G’day yung blood

  • Triston Yazell 4 months ago

    You need a SUV, Sports Car, and like a Humvee type car just a bunch of different types of cars like that maybe even a bus or something

  • Brenden Storck 4 months ago

    make a tank and call it the VB Shulker

  • techasian gaming 4 months ago

    The underground mall looks like it was inspired off of Scar’s “Big Dig” from Hermitcraft 5.

  • AnnaWest 4 months ago

    The longer videos are awesome, and it makes me think you’re having much more fun on your server. Watching your vids when you’re clearly having more fun makes them much more compelling for me.

  • james wasda 4 months ago

    VB……… Volkswagen Beatle.

  • HULKER Gaming 4 months ago

    Hey beef. Can you show us the harbor and the boats in the next episode?

  • ThinRedLine 4 months ago

    I’m going to join server!

  • TheRamBoiiii 4 months ago

    They copied the B-Team secret hangout spot! NHo~~~~

  • Roland Yin 4 months ago

    That underground mall is dope, paths just need to be bigger.

  • iKocher 4 months ago

    Would that be Mr. Beefy’s Beefy Motors or maybe the Beefmobile.

  • Gabo Pundavela 4 months ago

    put a car on top of your building

  • callmeartae 4 months ago

    Yeah, so I wonder what would happen to a ‘regular’ server player if they just decided to build on two oder people’s plots. Not cool dude.

  • Regina Chin 4 months ago

    I sooo wanna play on this server but I cant afford it…..

  • Darth Nerdist 4 months ago

    The Under Market

  • CC Rascal 4 months ago

    Vintagebeef, Minecraft, longer episodes and player interaction. Love these videos. Thank you

  • Raz David 4 months ago


  • Benrex 777 4 months ago

    41:40 _ORANGE WOOOOOOL!!!!_

  • Summer Gaming 4 months ago

    So nice to see so many people hanging out and having fun together. Kinda restores my faith in humanity

  • Samuel Fries 4 months ago

    Here is a car you’ll get a good laugh from http://www.grabcraft.com/minecraft/vintage-car/family-cars

  • Austin Grosso 4 months ago

    Beef you should make a motorcycle and call it the beefy ocelot. Like this comment if u think that it is a good idea

  • NOT MY EYEBALL GAMES 4 months ago

    Put a chest for a trunk. 🙂

  • Kirah32 4 months ago

    you’re doing an amazing job Beef! very proud of how far you have come! keep up the good work

  • Simo Todorov 4 months ago

    the underground mall resembles Hermitcraft’s underground city that Scar built

  • Fisnik Haziri 4 months ago

    Beef dude replace the top row of blocks at the shop with upside down quartz staircases and than place the carpet on top of the staircases PLZZ trye it you will really like it!

  • Boyan Ma 4 months ago

    maybe in the front you can put some stairs in the hood, it may make it look like a more slim body.

  • Onarass Craig 4 months ago

    Cluck and bucks is so expensive.

  • KarthikfromReality{C1-35} 4 months ago

    I think the company should be named VolksBacon

  • Max Mccaffrey 4 months ago

    dont like the car idea

  • Marcel tzeroya 4 months ago

    Why does beef only have 4K subs ?

  • Joshua Sanchez 4 months ago

    Love the new formats for the videos! Also love the community aspect and you including them in the videos as well!

  • dazdroid1995 4 months ago

    19:16 caught me off guard, I shouldn’t have found that as funny as I did.

  • Mervanya 4 months ago

    I want my diamonds back….LOL

  • wa1king cre3per 4 months ago

    MORE! Please make it cheaper to play monthly or I’ll never be able to play!

  • wa1king cre3per 4 months ago

    Each like on this comment is one person who wants beef to make the Vintage Server cheaper for monthly access

  • Scott Hunter 4 months ago

    Folks are you tired of walking for hundreds upon thousands of blocks only to remember you left all your supplies at your humble little Minecraft abode which is now hundreds, maybe thousands, of blocks away? Well fret no more friends VBM has the solution for you in one of our many models:

    VBM Ocelot – Roadster
    VBM Rabbit – Hot Hatch
    VBM Wolf – Saloon
    VBM Parrot – Estate
    VBM Testificate – SUV
    VBM Testificate EXT – Truck
    VBM Bovine/(M edition) – Van/(Hybrid)
    VBM Chic-N – Moped (Bike)
    VBM Porsy-N – Chopper (Bike)
    VBM Mutt-N – Touring (Bike)
    VBM Dolphin – Speedboat
    VBM Calamari – Dinghy
    VBM Nanuk – Snow mobile

    Come on down to VBM where we’ll take care of your travelling needs.
    _Fine Print: Warning, due to mechanics of Minecraft, vehicles are non operable and as such VBM is not liable for actual travel or lack thereof._

  • Elite Force 4 months ago

    It looks like my summer car

  • robyn beach 4 months ago

    You should use a furnace as a grill and see how it looks! And maybe some orange pillars inset into the building to give it some structure.

  • Geric Paul 4 months ago

    Build a wrangler

  • Kam m 4 months ago

    to be honest the only reson people will buy the cars is because its beefs

  • BooG - 4 months ago

    beef said “dis is Dae way”

  • Cyberra 01 4 months ago

    I love going back and watching that Mindcrack episode of you building that squid tank for Etho. Possibly one of my favorite builds. I’m just upset that the change to the transparency of ice keeps me from reproducing it properly in my world.

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