• Kam m 4 weeks ago

    Dont like this comment

  • Михаил 4 weeks ago

    awesome epidose beef,gj

  • jomoji 4 weeks ago

    Beef u should do a memory video where u go back and look at old builds like the castle the lily pad the mansion with the beef pool it would be so cool

  • HEARTY BREAKFAST 4 weeks ago

    having sex while drunk be like 24:42 😂

  • SangheiliWarrior 4 weeks ago

    That was pretty legit what fish did with his elytra

  • CC Rascal 4 weeks ago

    This was so good. When Dave just stood in your doorway and interstellarfish all real lol moments. That Star Wars build though WOW!

  • sam bogaert 4 weeks ago

    25:15 beef has the brain fart of his life 5seconds of complete silence

  • sam bogaert 4 weeks ago

    27:23 what u say when u cum in a girl

  • SilentTheOne 4 weeks ago

    To make it easier on you and for the people why not say they should do it a week before 1st?

  • Joshua Poon 4 weeks ago

    Entities can move in minecarts

  • MrFredsworth 4 weeks ago

    28:42 WALTER! My great, great grandfather’s name was Walter, he was best friends with Henry Ford, maker of Ford Motor Company in Dearborn! XD Name the villager Walter!

  • Sam Cro 4 weeks ago

    Villagers can control their own carts.

  • coolminecrafter121 4 weeks ago


  • trillibytes 4 weeks ago


  • trillibytes 4 weeks ago

    btw.. you are neglecting those of us who bought cars… 🙁

  • 2guys1cam 4 weeks ago

    Nice astroawesomery joke there beef. I got it. Heh. Heh..

  • Mint Tea 4 weeks ago

    there are some great builds on this server! i want to join and then just walk around looking at builds

  • Izz Inuendo 4 weeks ago

    The best videos are those where beef derp stuff up.

  • Ion Meth 4 weeks ago

    villager can drive minecart

  • Happy Mouse 4 weeks ago

    WTF those space ships are awesome

  • Mark Taylor 4 weeks ago

    That Star Wars build was epic. Great episode.

  • Kathryn Blodgett 4 weeks ago

    Have you seen Welshknights Nature’s Beauty? You might like it.

  • Astral Toons 4 weeks ago

    Yo beef I’m so ready for this modded series C:

  • TntMooze 4 weeks ago

    Trump Bridge

  • Black Ravens For Dota 4 weeks ago

    Rip skyblock?

  • Azzy Icarus 4 weeks ago

    Hey Beef, I have a suggestion for the Skyblock Chicken Spawner, instead of Lava use Flint and Steel, so it will have no problem retracting the Lava, but you’ll need to keep replacing for a new one when it’s broken.

  • Monica Riley 4 weeks ago

    This episode is very funny!

  • MegaGran 4 weeks ago

    That’s my dock!!! No its not where the race ends lol. Just my dock. New people waiting for a North border expansion can stay in one of my holiday chalets for free until you find a place of your own. A free complementary chest of goodies is included. Beef, its about time you came over for a cup of tea and a slice of cake! You should not ignore your elderly neighbours!

  • Kzorith 4 weeks ago

    Perhaps on your order form you should specify if they want it built or not. Good grief you have some talented builders on your servers though. That Imperial base? Wow.

    Also, if you feel that the ender dragon wasn’t a challenge, you are welcome to get together some people for the Chaos Guardian.

  • jedimasterpickle3 4 weeks ago

    That Star Wars build was absolutely epic. Loved it.

  • L.J. Kommer 4 weeks ago

    Already joined, my dude. B)

  • Juan Nance 4 weeks ago

    Soo I’m guessing that this is just a pc server right

  • DasVERMiT 4 weeks ago

    X-ray texture packs… lame and illegal for finding ores, but fantastic for tunneling through the earth without running into other people’s builds! Probably not something you want to do, but it’s an idea if you ever need to move any more villagers in the future.

  • ElmoPelle 4 weeks ago

    Don’t remember her name, but who ever is building the ice cream truck island, she is doing absolutely fantastic work!!

  • JSRuers66 4 weeks ago

    Beef is like the Dad that always gets into trouble and everyone on the server are his children that encourage him

  • Ben Ball 4 weeks ago

    Bout time mate.

  • Cyberra 01 4 weeks ago

    Villagers can move the minecarts on their own, Beef.

    I want to try modded so bad but there’s no way in hell this computer would be able to handle it.

    I wish I could build like that 🙁

    The order for that bike said “green”, not “lime green”.

  • Johan Hellman 4 weeks ago

    Hahahahahahahaha…. Beefiest episode in a long time!

  • Fnassau 4 weeks ago

    What a Derp you are! 😀

  • Lazychair 4 weeks ago

    Beef, use furnace minecart to transport villagers.

  • alous Joe Potter 4 weeks ago

    31:53 am I the only one thinking the red with black roof house looks like an 8-BIT version of the British queens guard?

  • MrCoolViking 4 weeks ago

    Some of the builds on the server are breathtakingly amazing. Kudos to all of you builders. I would say that a Server Tour would *really* be in order…! Hope you will do one, Beef (maybe a 1-hour special at episode 50 or something…!)

  • Duffkid19 The Bidoof Lord? 4 weeks ago

    B A N N E D ❌❌❌

  • Duffkid19 The Bidoof Lord? 4 weeks ago

    1:26 I think mobs will spawn their lol

  • Valancy Stirling 4 weeks ago

    Beef – the George Costanza of VintageCraft

  • The Plane Shifter 4 weeks ago

    No comments on how it is easier to transport villagers with boats? I’m disappointed at the comment section.

  • Shivam Thakur 4 weeks ago

    Patiently waits for a server tour of all the builds.

  • Hentai Akuma 4 weeks ago

    Beef griefing shops

  • BaileyGTV 4 weeks ago

    So, in this version of the game, villagers can control minecarts. But, in 1.13, it will be removed, I believe. Don’t quote me on it.

  • EntertainJD 4 weeks ago

    It’s like you recorded this video in the Grand Canyon, the eco is unreal 😂

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