• Max Cinton 4 months ago


  • MixItLouder 4 months ago

    I SUBED I love u Landon

  • Like this video for a 4th video?

  • Sophia Kim 4 months ago

    you arent getting views anymore 🙁

  • SwinnyGaming 71 4 months ago

    Go to 3:42 on vid he stead but hole

  • Arqonaut 4 months ago

    Landon open your loot chests

  • De kerstman is nep - Groet Sinterklaas 4 months ago

    I am new

  • AwesomeFearlles Mc,RobloxAndMore 4 months ago

    “stick back to roblox” well… atleast hes better than yoU!

  • Atomic Nate 4 months ago

    I love your intro and outro

  • black knife 4 months ago

    Yes you are not biggest noib you just 3d NOOB😀😀😀

  • Muskan Kumari 4 months ago

    Yes Landon i agree WELL DONE !!!!

  • Neons Lv 4 months ago

    Landon…can i get ❤ to my comment pls?

  • Ben Lehan 4 months ago

    Gg Landon op

  • VjtheChamp 4 months ago

    I’m New!! And I subbed cause your AWESOME

  • TheHunterz 4 months ago

    Just saying Yellow was had reach in the first round

  • Random Guy 4 months ago

    You don’t know what does?! You don’t know what does???!!! I’ll tell you what does. Upload daily for a year! (Lol Jk but if that actually happens though… XD Like if you agree.)

  • Kegan Creeper 4 months ago

    Landino lichino ayeeeeee

  • Threekings79 4 months ago

    Wow LandonMC has more subs then LandonRB

  • Minecraft Frenzy 4 months ago

    Play Money wars

  • xxreaper07 360 4 months ago

    Can u make a video of how to join hypixel I’m ur phone in samsung on the new version of minecraft the beta

  • xxreaper07 360 4 months ago


  • xxreaper07 360 4 months ago

    I need that

  • Antione Sparks Sr. 4 months ago

    U cussed

  • Martha McIntyre 4 months ago


  • xxreaper07 360 4 months ago

    Like comment if he should

  • caleb agario 4 months ago

    Landon play league of legends please​ if you then peston post t

  • Galactic MLG 4 months ago


  • BlueGrapeS 4 months ago

    Technoblade had way bigger don’t try

  • Squishy._.loveee 4 months ago

    Omg i haven’t watched landino in like 6 months 😮 aww i missed him and his videos 🙂

  • Quacksters MC. DUCK 4 months ago

    learn how to speed bridge

  • Wallace Ruan 4 months ago

    crouch then click on the bed

  • SAVAGE EATER 4 months ago

    3:30 yellow man ur resist

  • BlazingSwag 4 months ago

    Landon that w1n guy is my friend on hypixel what is your texture pack pls

  • Ramen Garden 4 months ago

    *Gets Roblox ad*

  • Manraj Gaming 4 months ago

    landon can you play micro battles plz and plz read my comment and reply

  • Call 911 For Cookies 4 months ago

    Landon, you should learn to speed bridge, speeds stuff up alot. Also the plant is moving again xd

  • Szymon Dębski 4 months ago

    Congrats my guy 😊

  • Stardog758MC 4 months ago

    technoblade copier! JK i love your vids

  • Octavia 4 months ago

    Thanks for still playing mc!

  • _CrazyBlade_ 4 months ago

    Gl beating 1400 bedwars win streak

  • _CrazyBlade_ 4 months ago

    Tips never buy diamond sword it’s a waste of emeralds use tnt to break bed defense buy at least protection 3 before getting a forge upgrade and use other island gens for extra gold and iron if u rush use golems the will distract players learn to speed bridge if u rush mid u could get diamond armor but it’s risky get a bed defense that goes obsidian wood glass end stone then place water over it the repeat it is better to play teams like 2v2v2v2v2v2v2v2 because u can rush team next to u and other player can defend rush team next to u it can protect bed buy making path to your base longer after rushing about 3 bases go to mid many tips I know

  • A normal YOU Tuber Youtubwr 4 months ago

    Im new! and i subscribed

  • Black ops 3 4 months ago

    Im News here 😀

  • XxYT_FTWXx Vids 4 months ago

    Plz get a penguin skin

  • Kevin Gonzalez 4 months ago

    Win a 1v1 with technoblade

  • Diamondguyplayz-Gaming 4 months ago

    I’m new

  • Heidi Wilson 4 months ago


  • Abood Hammad 4 months ago

    Been a fan for a year and a half

  • Idhant Bhat 4 months ago


  • Monowar Nibir 4 months ago

    Do MineCraft Pe.Make a chaneel of tht.Please.I l9ve ur vid

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