• Elfy Winterz 3 weeks ago

    Finally!!! Mitch you don’t know how much I’ve been waiting for this.

  • MC PAAVOH 3 weeks ago

    When minecraft stream?

  • Neo Sol 3 weeks ago


  • Exstic replayz 3 weeks ago

    He’s so fucking bad

  • Adcity tech 3 weeks ago


  • Adcity tech 3 weeks ago


  • Barney Stinson 3 weeks ago

    Does he actually win?

  • AssaultFX 3 weeks ago



  • VenPow 3 weeks ago

    You got 6 mil subscribers but only 23k views thats a sign go make other content

  • Turtle Gaming 3 weeks ago

    I feel so bad cuz your Chanel is dead but you are a good youtuber

  • Lewis Ginnaz 3 weeks ago

    Next time playing fortnite put face cam bottom left

  • Anime Ginx 3 weeks ago

    If true fan who remembers kingdom of keflings and mitch’s “confession” to not eating ceral

  • manuel Velasco 3 weeks ago

    Play with jonsandman and Lachlan

  • Harley Dale 3 weeks ago

    Love to see more Mitch

  • Pearl Jane Pante 3 weeks ago

    Mitch dantdm is playing this game to so becareful

  • Michael Peiffer 3 weeks ago

    Definetly the family jewles

  • McGangsters 3 weeks ago

    YESSSS MITCH! 3 hours of my favorite game besides skybounds! i am smashing the like button for more of this

  • Matthew Guarino 3 weeks ago

    I love this game on my PS4

  • Charlie Mccallum 3 weeks ago

    Plz do more of this

  • Kang Kang 3 weeks ago

    Hi I love you sooooooooo much and I think you should play crazier craft more

  • Sioux Koolman 3 weeks ago

    Hey Mitch I love your videos and better and I’m so good at it everyone like 5 times 6 7 8 then I don’t remember I got like 5 days. I don’t remember I got a lot of friends and if you are can you please Minecraft money Wars and bedwars and can you play teams with wants to back that’ll be fun to watch I would like button if you do

  • Hamad Mohammed 3 weeks ago

    More of the same please

  • james ghree 3 weeks ago

    “First ever games” has the daily reward completed seems legit

  • Refik Fortner 3 weeks ago

    When its No Nut November 🙁

  • WhosTriqqered - Minecraft Gaming & More 3 weeks ago

    your dying

  • Triton Hairper 3 weeks ago

    Please do more of this

  • Triton Hairper 3 weeks ago

    Fortnite is my favorite please keep playing

  • Douglas Tran 3 weeks ago

    He lost a lot of subs

  • Carl Bobbett 3 weeks ago

    This isn’t your first game if your higher than level 1

  • GunGun 3 weeks ago

    Tell laakeB thats my fav spot to

  • Nathan Graham 3 weeks ago

    I have a shiny blue eyes white dragon

  • Hrafn Elísberg Hjartarson 3 weeks ago

    Bro like that keep up

  • legit tiger 3 weeks ago

    I have a poster of your Minecraft player

  • Gaming and More with Max 3 weeks ago

    Hey I make YouTube vids and just got 100 I love your vids bajin since the hunger games. Plz see this comment.

  • λεων16 Prokiller 3 weeks ago

    fack you

  • λεων16 Prokiller 3 weeks ago


  • TieDye Hoodie 3 weeks ago

    YES! more fortnight

  • I’m like two years late, but what ever happened to ArcadiaCon?

  • Justin Martin 3 weeks ago

    You should do a 10 hour money war stream again

  • TORCHCROW 245 3 weeks ago

    More fortnite pls

  • Travis Calvetti 3 weeks ago

    Bajan I un subbed because of the no face cam and the not that excited but you are getting back and I will sub again! Thanks for the facecam and the videos!

  • Reach Moto 3 weeks ago

    Not Truly your first BR game, because you completed your daily challenge.

  • bullet proof 3 weeks ago

    https://youtu.be/lI-ehD8BQbo the good old days 🙁

  • Cleonice Gouvea 3 weeks ago

    Banjancanaden you should battle me and you are pros let’s play battle in the ps4 eu not make a video of it please.

  • Gavino Esparza 3 weeks ago

    I love burst rifle

  • Joshua Palmer 3 weeks ago


  • CJay 73gaming 3 weeks ago

    Does anyone have any issues with glitches like switching from your pick to guns and freezing?

  • KillerKross 101 3 weeks ago

    I just luuuuv how Mitch stayed in the storm letting it hurt him as he was fighting makes no sense like im salty.

  • Connor O'Neill 3 weeks ago

    I feel bad for mitch, he’s doing pretty bad right now, even when he plays a game that gets good views, it’s still got shit views

  • Carly Agen 3 weeks ago

    Love them

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