• Cobie White 8 months ago

    maybe you can use them new blocks you got to make a nether room because you never know when you need to go back

  • Danger Kitty 8 months ago

    golden horse armor is better than iron.

  • Crazy Shawty 8 months ago

    Lizzie you should decorate your house on one life on Sunday for Halloween since Sunday is the first

  • Roham Hosseini 8 months ago

    Lizzie please play mini world art block and maybe start a series on it I really would appreciate it if you did 😊

  • Roham Hosseini 8 months ago

    Today’s Meh birthday I’m not lying I swear to God can I get 10 likes it doesn’t have to be more then that thanks😊 p.s I’m turning 9

  • sone mio 8 months ago

    lizzie blaze lanter in the middle of the star pls pls pls

  • jason niehaus 8 months ago

    Go to Joeys shop he might have todems of undieing!!!

  • Molly Barlow 8 months ago

    I think you should make a big statue of yourself and use the void stone for your obsidion armor

  • Molly Barlow 8 months ago

    could you name an animal Kookie or Cookie be cause I think thats a really cute name

  • Unicorn Glitter juice 8 months ago

    I know this was a few days ago but I wanted to know if could call something floppy butt,black current,moonlight,star fright,Corel,The Grimm reaper,iceyblue,moonflow,chocolate,sylvie,Faelan (spelt with the ae),firerose and waterrose,Ethel,Clark,vinill,billinda,violet,snowy,icedrose,torch,Mollie and Millie,Alexa and Aleksis,Rapunzel,Cinderrella,gus gus,spot(my lizards called spot),Snow White,fai,thai,taloola,deathbutt and belle or bella and for a dangerous creature belladonna

  • Pauline Molina 8 months ago

    I watch your vids if you make new ones I watch it if it’s Minecraft or not

  • Lilet Anasco 8 months ago

    Hey Lizzie I know what can you do with the void stone chisel the galaxy void stone and make a galaxy House bring your dogs to the galaxy house make them galaxy one the skin it would be cool and one block of iron at the top only one in the middle and it would be a cool house for galaxy dogs 😀

  • leah 2fab 8 months ago

    please lizzie make a wedding for zombella and mr.Boney and but the void stone the shape of heart
    Like if you agree 💞

  • Jojin Fuertes 8 months ago

    lizzie for the void block make a space shop using them 2.collect stuff from other biomes or dimension so its like its from a planet 3.create space banners with all the planets 4.make the shop shape like a planet 5.also make a fake nether portal so that it looks like when you go in the nether portal you go to other planets…….OR…….create a planet inn or hotel for them 1.they need to pay a jem that looks like a planet 2.create a bookshel like tons of them so that they will write the date,name,tell them what going on like example:blood moon like that………………….like if you agree……………………….

  • game girl 10 8 months ago

    Hey lizzie! Could you name an animal crispybar or mr/mrs fart?

  • Dont leave your kids In the oven!! 8 months ago

    You could build a galaxy mermaid!! And build it out if the voidstones!!^^

  • Trill Zid 8 months ago

    But then what’s the point off building the extra animal castels

  • Lolly Queen 8 months ago

    I think oil should be on this, he would be soo funny!

  • claire ng 8 months ago


  • Gisele Jon 8 months ago

    When is Rapunzel coming back to her family

  • Jerusha Levina 8 months ago

    Can you name animal Mr.Frikle Frakle

  • claire ng 8 months ago

    lizzie has the wierdest taste in horses :,)

  • claire ng 8 months ago



  • Tom_1 Beau_22 8 months ago

    😂 Lizzie you could have just taken the nether brick blocks instead

  • Flutter Gt 8 months ago

    You can sell it 2 per g apple or make a Room with it or a secret base!

  • Ivana Grande 8 months ago

    My Birthday is almost at Sept. 30 Can i have 10 Likes please?

  • Oliver Leicester 8 months ago

    Her channel should be called Addiction, because once you’ve seen one video, (Old or new) you just can’t stop watching

  • Ash and Alyssa Vlogs 8 months ago

    Ldshadow lady make them into stepping stones to your house

  • katie hung 8 months ago

    Build a galaxy palace or house

  • fifi lesmana 8 months ago

    Please call a animal planet sparkle and shuyding star

  • Angela Valentina 8 months ago

    I think Grimm need a house, owh how about use voidstone to make a house for Grimm 🙂

  • Darlene Herra 8 months ago

    I think you should make A wolf house ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ if you do thank you

  • Sparkleunicornlucy 9 8 months ago

    Mqke grimm a house with voidstone

  • Earshad Chowdhury 8 months ago

    sell the void stones for gems and use the void stones for decorating your house plz

  • pin Li 8 months ago

    Use the blocks to build a dog house who agrees with me 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Earshad Chowdhury 8 months ago

    use the gems to build and sell them at shop

  • Clara Brennan 8 months ago

    I think it’d be cool if you caught another animal and built it a house like the others with the “galaxy” block! If not, you could sell them at your shop! Could you please give me a shoutout in one of your videos?

  • Payton Schmidt 8 months ago

    Lizzie will you please make a space themed princess tower/lookout tower next to your castle? 💙😇thanks

  • gaming panda 8 months ago

    do a house tour please

  • Oscar Cheetham 8 months ago

    Lizzie can you please name a pet mr Mosley cause in a book a dog was in it and died from cancer and it was really sad………………😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
    If you like the name please like this!!!!!!!!!

  • Kayla Satiyana Pardede wiraatmaja 8 months ago

    You can yous the blox for a galaxy sebscriber room

  • Twindom TV 8 months ago

    Lizzie you should change your shop colours to the void block

  • Twindom TV 8 months ago

    Or maybe build a dog house with the void stone

  • Hannah Clark 8 months ago

    Hey Lizzy, with the void stone block thingy majigy… you should make another stable for an animal… since it looks kinda galaxy it could be a villager but change your texture pack so it looks like an alien!! Thanks

  • Lucy Palmer 8 months ago

    Hey Lizzie,
    If You Get A Cow Or Any Other Animals I Have Some Names:
    Furry Potato,Mr Mooing-ton,Spinny Boi,Petunia.
    Thanks <3

  • Mutant_Cosplay 8 months ago

    Use the void stone to make a galaxy room to keep dangerous things in like items that have caused you harm or mobs

  • Its Tessa 8 months ago

    hey lizzie you should make the voidblocks to galaxy theme blocks and build some galaxy thing 🙂

  • Yasmin Shastri 8 months ago


  • Cakesareyum Jellydogg 8 months ago

    Put the blaze lantern in the middle of your star on your house!!! Please!!!

  • Ety Retnawati 8 months ago

    Lizze you should make a cat castle or a zoo

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