How To Minecraft Season 4. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • Micah Hawes 2 weeks ago

    Hate pete

  • OriginalBlazing 2 weeks ago

    I knew a lot of people want longer eps but i want shorter i cant keep up!

  • Anand Rajan 2 weeks ago

    If blast works in the mine, surely fortune and telepathy (using the Miners Lost Pick) would do bits in the mine…? Like so Vik can see

  • Jeff and Susan 2 weeks ago

    I think that the endermites and endermen should be able to hit you but have no knockback as it’s just a obnoxious.

  • Xmedional Xmedional 2 weeks ago

    Vikk rage 49:00

  • Ioannis Bado 2 weeks ago

    amazing episode keep it m9

  • Julian Kelly 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for the vids

  • Andy L 21 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for the long episode❤️

  • SmalDalPal 2 weeks ago

    49:01 *BEST MOMENT*

  • Hydra Squad 2 weeks ago

    Vikk scrap your sword make a brand new sword with the other florian lost sword which u got from this episode is a better sword and anyway your disarmer aint maxed so max it

  • FluXCapAciTy 2 weeks ago

    Hay guys it’s me ragestar123 welcome back to another episode of H4M

    Like so Vikk sees

  • ItsTyler 2 weeks ago

    whats vices battlegrounds server ip? i can’t find it 🙁

  • Chris Wright 2 weeks ago

    at 49:10 when Vikk died and shouted, in chat it said ‘Your Rage has Cooled Down.’ lmao

  • Shane Tedder 2 weeks ago

    I’m on your side that it wasn’t your fault but I’m not on your side that you should have got the stuff the boss wasn’t even half how down I mean you did most of the dungeon but boss didn’t even do quarter of the health if even not that I need to stuff was really good but still one life Wyndham really changed anything

  • andre winama 2 weeks ago

    Why dont u just pass the wither boss then came back later ? When u have nore enchant

  • romae copeland 2 weeks ago

    Could they have a villager that only gives out custom enchants but costs like a ridiculous amount so that emerald isn’t useless anymore?

  • Abbas Zaidi 2 weeks ago


  • kenan karakaya 2 weeks ago

    how many hearts overload 4 gives because in the game jjut gives 10 hearts

  • Legendary Eclipse 2 weeks ago

    Vikk why dont you use your Miners Lost Pick in the mine, it has fortune V doesnt that give you more drops

  • John Delate 2 weeks ago

    Hoe did the pack die out?

  • Ryan B 2 weeks ago

    Anyone ever want to do YouTube so bad but you know your mates would rip you so your like f*** that

  • Tristan Schoonover 2 weeks ago

    Love this season but my only problem is that every update it is becoming more and more like factions which is a little disappointing

  • Sonix 2 weeks ago

    This guy here is part of the sidemen and this is what he does?

  • Itz_ TemplarMC 2 weeks ago

    Congrats on 3millon subs🎊🎉

  • Blue Diamondz 2 weeks ago

    What happened to Pete?

  • KingKangeroo 2 weeks ago

    I think it would be cool
    If they could show damage dealt at the end of dungeons and have loot distributed based on how much each member did

  • Noah Acker 2 weeks ago

    do the bosses in the dungeons re-heal

  • Kittycocool 2 weeks ago

    “Vik rlly did get pushed to the edge today” No… he got pushed OVER the edge today

  • Toby McCloud 2 weeks ago

    Prank rob for his treacherous act committed against king moolian

  • BeastmodeGaming 2 weeks ago


  • Fawaz Harbi 2 weeks ago

    The pick should be 60000

  • Fawaz Harbi 2 weeks ago

    What happens if you put ever inchantment

  • kasper hansen 2 weeks ago

    I was practically screaming reaply your chestplate before they took on radar boy so relieved when stream pointed it out to him

  • GlowStonePortal 1 week ago

    nah vikk raging is almost as funny as lachlan raging

  • Elliot Loke 1 week ago

    3mil for those books is dumb especially when there’s vampire 5

  • Katie Nguyen 1 week ago

    ” No, I’m done, I’m actually done with this game” then keeps playing 😂

  • Feqred _ 1 week ago

    I bet you 8738364677197372627 moneyz that you didn’t read the number and that you just now read it and say you did read it

  • Elmer Ortega 1 week ago

    Pete is that one guy in black ops zombies that leaves the crew during round 16 😑

  • TheBest 1 week ago

    At 49:30 somebody turn that into an animation

  • ItsTooEz 1 week ago

    Should add a bow that have doctor on it for the archer class and make it 4 players with one who have a axe but have like chain armor and iron chest



  • TheSaltyGamer 101 1 week ago

    The rage

  • C Rust 1 week ago


  • Oceanna Skaf 1 week ago

    What happened with pethut

  • Rael Jones 1 week ago

    I like the dungeon but I think that losing a life to falling off the map, when everything can knock you off, is not fair. I’d rather see them lose a life based on skill, not falling off by a endermite. Half of the map is void space, majority of deaths come from falling off. Either way, love y’all 🙂

  • King_skeleton 78 1 week ago

    When will u do another 7 days to die series

  • Brayden Stokes 1 week ago

    Yoooooo!!! Napolean Dynamite was filmed in my town! Its called Preston☺

  • Allen Allexander Uy 1 week ago

    at 27:34 vikky sticky getting triggered xD

  • •Rhys675d• 1 week ago

    49:11 Vikk turns into Lachlan

  • •Rhys675d• 1 week ago

    Vikk these videos are getting really repetitive like all that happens is go to mine then dungeon then thats all!

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