• Thrill Bro 2 weeks ago

    People are inventing more and more things

  • charley carrier 2 weeks ago


  • Thrill Bro 2 weeks ago

    You were supposed to use all the highways

  • Iqbal Haqim 2 weeks ago

    What is the meaning of irl

  • lowkeylil 2 weeks ago

    you shouldve got your editors to add a ‘do not try at home’ warning at the beginning 😂

  • Soccer Pro 2 weeks ago

    Find more parkour maps

  • GameForTheLolz 2 weeks ago

    I mean…

  • GameForTheLolz 2 weeks ago

    Emeralds like unspeakable…

  • Emmanuel Bynog 2 weeks ago

    Preston plz do a hide and go seek with wall street and the gang maybe with Nathan too IT WOULD BE AMAZING IF YOU DID THIS!!

  • Famalama 123 2 weeks ago

    Fire chokers so the band and then the fire logo as the charm!!! (That’s one of my brainwaves that hardly ever come!!!!!!!!)

  • Iraz Jahangier 2 weeks ago

    Unspeakable green steve confirmed???]

  • mateo lam 2 weeks ago

    Well ima savavege but unspeakable is garbage

  • Tyler Mcdonagh 2 weeks ago

    1 like = 1 happy preston

  • Ace_Trainer_ZeRo 2 weeks ago

    Only one person is supposed to collect the diamonds XD

  • zaekat 2 weeks ago

    Yeah make a part two

  • Callie_X 2 weeks ago

    I would fail on the first jump. I suck at parkour. Love ya Preston 😇

  • SkyMusic 2 weeks ago

    Hey there!! If you are reading this the you are AWESOME! Dont EVER FORGET THAT! You are born for a reason!!! <3 <3
    -Message from a Hypixel Youtuber <3 NOT REALLY JUST not .

    Click copy click paste (perfect!)

  • mayuge_mama 2 weeks ago

    Get this duck ti 1 mil subzbzbz

  • mayuge_mama 2 weeks ago

    Get this ducky to 1 m subzbz!!!

  • Ana Flores 2 weeks ago

    Hilarious 😂😂

  • The problem with kids these days is that they need to

    Read more

  • - ItsFlam3XD 2 weeks ago

    He seawer at 6:55

  • - ItsFlam3XD 2 weeks ago

    He seawerd at 6:54

  • - ItsFlam3XD 2 weeks ago

    Guys he said a bad word at 6:54

  • RaptorPack075 2 weeks ago

    i like spicy tacos

  • Rebekah Milner 2 weeks ago

    HI my name is Dragonfly and I am
    your hugest 😍

  • Aidan Cardwell 2 weeks ago

    8:40 this map is not multiplayer supported

  • Fateh 360 2 weeks ago

    Nathen you broke my ears

  • xpert warrior 2 weeks ago


  • Hale Compton 2 weeks ago

    Hi dudes craps to youa

  • deathlostGaming 2 weeks ago


  • Destroyer 3.14 2 weeks ago

    I love you preston. you sould see some of my vids “destroyer3.14

  • Destroyer 3.14 2 weeks ago

    you sould practice jumping

  • Minh Tran 2 weeks ago

    Preston You gotta jump on the other lane to do the parkour

  • Ryan Huttges 2 weeks ago

    That intro do XD.

  • Caroline Owens 2 weeks ago

    For level 3 you have to go to other side of traffic

  • Krystian Bergendahl 2 weeks ago

    I was triggered when useable got headphones

  • K Taylor 2 weeks ago

    RIP Nathan 2:46

  • Edwin Leon 2 weeks ago

    Your awsome

  • Melissa Kiser 2 weeks ago

    I️ know what you did to the emerald GREEN STEVE😅😅

  • Crimson Karma 2 weeks ago

    unspeakable needs his redstone powered jump boots

  • KittyKawaiiGirl Unicorn 2 weeks ago


  • portal master 2 weeks ago


  • aniaha princess 2 weeks ago

    Make one tomorrow

  • Gamer Kid 0473 2 weeks ago

    Those cops were coming after Nathen for his lack of parkour skills in Level 6

  • Flow Parkour 2 weeks ago

    Never clicked on a video so damm fast I think my fingers broken

  • Chris Clay 2 weeks ago

    it give me a feeling its bass on The Highway to Hell

  • Chris Clay 2 weeks ago

    The song

  • golden budgie 2 weeks ago

    Uhh im not supposed to do this irl??🌵

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