Today we begin our adventure on the brand new Hexxit mod pack, the


  • Jimmy Choy 4 months ago

    Wait a minute, since when did the Hexxit enchantment table become normal vanilla ones, they used to be customised to be like, the best enchantment table among all mods.

  • Benjamin Urquhart 4 months ago

    Jerome put the sweeping edge an sharpness swords together in an anvil. Basically, you want to repair your sharpness sword using the sweeping edge sword instead of diamonds.

  • grace russell 4 months ago

    How about you but in more gravity guns and dubstep

  • RUGGIERO DICOSTANZO 4 months ago

    jerome you can make a giant diamond sword with five diamonds and a stick

  • Party Zombie 4 months ago

    Setup hoppers so they collect the dropped items

  • Elijah deal 4 months ago

    Make faster

  • Elijah deal 4 months ago

    Do every day

  • Zgrly Fish 4 months ago

    Try elemental witches mod.. not too op and has a dungeon but idk what update

  • Leevi 4 months ago

    Shouldn’t hexxit have those huge castles?

  • Platinum Dragon 4 months ago

    Right click lugia

  • The gren drogen Holme 4 months ago

    No blame ben

  • Christina Kinkade 4 months ago

    Christ on a bike just op Jerome already it’s frustrating to watch him without the convenience of commands

  • LB Porky 4 months ago

    Jerome make a op cleaver and a hammer for mining

  • Earth Destroyer 4 months ago

    Ur Hexxit vids are awesome Jerome. Keep it up man

  • K1ll3R X1 4 months ago

    Me: yes haxxit my tablet battery critticaly low me god damnit

  • Gene Andrei Godoy 4 months ago

    When is new ark survival season going?

  • ShadowFlameGaming 4 months ago

    Time your attack so it does more see the sword in middle that is a cool down

  • Guh Gubh 4 months ago

    OPP JEROME!!!!!!

  • Zihao Luo 4 months ago

    Do u noew de wea

  • Riley McDonald 4 months ago

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  • Isaac Yap 4 months ago

    Make a blaze spawner they give the most xp

  • Mohamed Desouki 4 months ago

    Awesome vid! You can dry rotten flesh in a drying rack to make leather

  • James Bray 4 months ago

    You do not know the way you think you do but you don’t only me and my brothers know the way of the Ugandan people I remember when it was red vs the blue but know we joined teams to fight the penguins and we jump together die together for the queen and when she dies we are sad but we have new Queens in mind and we spit on are enemy’s we will spit on you and you will be sad for my brothers Ugandan knuckles

  • Gabi Barukcic 4 months ago

    why doesnt he just combine sweping edge 3 sword with sharp 3 sword

  • virgil gaming 4 months ago

    Jerome forgot about the light pierce on the iron sword

  • Bright Night 4 months ago

    What happened to twetiy?

  • hacker buster 4 months ago


  • Hobbitman 5 4 months ago

    Jerome combine your swords

  • savagebandit gaming 4 months ago

    They found squidward

  • Awesomeking8864 4 months ago


  • Robert Sims 4 months ago

    to start abyssalcraft you need to make the necronomicon.

  • Marcus Batchelor 4 months ago

    Jerome u can combine ur sharp 3 sword and sweeping edge sword

  • Jack Kam 4 months ago

    Combine the swords with an anvil

  • Adrian Ruiz 4 months ago

    I love when he says meow instead of now do to meow being my favorite word😋

  • The_Derfer Langenderfer 4 months ago

    name tag bunny then use fresh soul shard on it

  • Andrew Gair 4 months ago


  • Gito Cruz 4 months ago

    Put both swords in the anvil to have sharpness 3 and sweeping edge 3

  • Watsup97 4 months ago


  • Ashten Starks 4 months ago

    get hopers underneath the mod Farm

  • Jordon Allred 4 months ago

    you need to have hoppers leading into chest at the xp farm

  • Markie A. 4 months ago

    For that mo grinder you guys made, if your all able to make some hoppers, place them at the end lip of the water’s tail, and a chest where the smooth -stone blocks are located, and you can catch the other drops a lot quicker, too. ^-^ [2nd Helpful Tip]

  • Reap Gaming 4 months ago

    What’s the download link?

  • ArabsCamel 4 months ago

    Looting does not count towards xp. There’s enchants that do but not looting.

  • Robonneth Bontigao 4 months ago

    Volcano dungeon

  • Joshua Hodges 4 months ago

    Use EMC

  • KLW So 4 months ago

    is anyone paranoid by the inventory of Jerome’s inventory”?

  • GreatTimes Sv 4 months ago

    wtf I only got one ad   👌😃
    (normally get like 8)

  • Huck Le 4 months ago

    Do they have the better enchanting table mod?
    If so they can make the better enchanting table which allows them to select their enchantments

  • Gerrycorn_ Ducky 4 months ago

    Bork 115

  • Owen Ng 4 months ago

    Make it so it kills the mobs automatically

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