• Shawn Rozche 3 weeks ago

    And do shark vs moose vs Nathan vs fans

  • joselle angelo palamo 3 weeks ago

    Moose selling cows in $500 dollors lol

  • Elaina Malone 3 weeks ago

    Yes, do a series on this! This looks like it will be good…

  • joselle angelo palamo 3 weeks ago

    #moosecraft #09sharkboy #unspikable #trollerninja

  • Tiffany Ralph 3 weeks ago


  • MiniMarcus 3 weeks ago

    I want to be one of the fans I’m a huge fan of this channel

  • bendy gaming9547 3 weeks ago

    I want to be in it

  • MiniMarcus 3 weeks ago

    Love moosecraft

  • nico craft 3 weeks ago

    Moose iphone x died in infinity war

  • Zaw Min Tun 3 weeks ago

    #moose army squad is the bestttttttttt!!°°a!!!!!!!!

  • TheBossSteve 3 weeks ago


  • Tucker Kirkes 3 weeks ago

    try to go raid someone else’s faction WHILE they’re in their base

  • TheBossSteve 3 weeks ago

    I wished I did had Mwncwft cause I KNOW a few really good trolls… I wish I could make a *real* big troll on you guys factions…

  • Keaton Judd 3 weeks ago

    # moosarmy

  • Lanie Enriquez 3 weeks ago

    #Moose4Life! From Phillipines!

  • WAmirulhakeem WMZulhilme 3 weeks ago

    Hey if you want to see my channel is NojuyJeff

  • Tyler Lynch 3 weeks ago


  • Mphatsoane Mojakisane 3 weeks ago

    Throwing the phone this dude

  • Sithabile Ndlovu 3 weeks ago

    I am so good in this can you invite me?

  • Sithabile Ndlovu 3 weeks ago

    please give me a shoutout I have never got a shout out from anyone 😭

  • Usman Aijaz 3 weeks ago

    Hey ur really cool Can’t sleep until I watch your vid

  • Minecraft Cristian Romania_Ro 3 weeks ago

    Hi am satrabont_Ro!!

  • FriedPasta !.! 3 weeks ago

    Are you sharkFX’s brother?

  • ZAID TAOSIF PROTTOY 3 weeks ago

    #Nethen and Androu is nood

  • Evan Matteson 3 weeks ago

    i have been watching you for 6 years

  • Abdurahmon Ziyomuhamedov 3 weeks ago


  • Catherine Sihou 3 weeks ago

    I sud

  • Danica Marks 3 weeks ago

    #Moosearmy is the best ever

  • Rocky awesomeness 4XD 3 weeks ago

    Moose react to the diss track unspeakable did on shark(another one )

  • Erin Prier 3 weeks ago

    Right now I have a:
    Burn on my hand, a black eye, I keep stubbing my toe and my life is miserable

  • Tomato DD 3 weeks ago

    Mosses the noob

  • Andrew Roell 3 weeks ago

    Moose is the best😎 09sharkboy is a NOOOOOOOOOOB

  • Marcin Pruszek 3 weeks ago

    lol my mum tells me off because moose and unspeakabele shout so loud

  • Maks Telefon 2 weeks ago

    #moose the pro😊😊

  • Ismael Carranza 2 weeks ago

    I got an idea for ur base but I don’t have PC. The idea is to use a repeating command block /summon lightning_bolt for more protection.😁

  • arielita love 2 weeks ago

    Wide 160 is we’re there at OK

  • Beny Santiago 2 weeks ago


  • matt chisholm 2 weeks ago

  • itshervin elibox 2 weeks ago

    make one one cycloneplays

  • Codie Henderson 2 weeks ago

    No seriously I can’t gain weight

  • rachschu2011 2 weeks ago

    Dis moose
    No do cyclone

  • Kingwierdo 2 weeks ago

    do you have a girlfriend?

  • Ray Ewing 2 weeks ago

    It so so coooooooooolllll # moose Army!!

  • Ray Ewing 2 weeks ago

    # moose Army is the best!!!!!!

  • Ray Ewing 2 weeks ago

    Love it

  • Aariz-Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    React To Shark Attack 09SHARKBOY Got Dissed

  • Legendary Zourzi 2 weeks ago

    Wow your face turn red when you scream

  • David Berry 2 weeks ago

    I love your vids and i love moose milk from kriran Whittaker

  • Purple Phone 2 weeks ago

    Bog sky tower nice unspeakable is the squad heart

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