• THENEWBOSS 3 weeks ago


  • сахарок. 3 weeks ago

    Топ что сказать ??

  • Fer Del pozzo 3 weeks ago

    2nd comment

  • PAVLENTIY 3 weeks ago

    1:18 Lol

  • NoName Channel 3 weeks ago

    Go Granny

  • Lil uzi on yt 3 weeks ago

    I hate you because all the time zombie got F_ I will unsub and unlike I am crying nobody love zombie but aa12 is my best youtuber not you giga

  • Axion105 Quintanilla 3 weeks ago


  • Explicit Title 3 weeks ago

    I dont get these things

  • Henzo Vlogs 2 weeks ago


  • Farzan Shiraz 2 weeks ago


  • Venedieck Parantar 2 weeks ago


  • laku PVP995 2 weeks ago

    Sexy flip

  • PanAndrzej 2 weeks ago

    Najlepsze jak ten zombi tak tanczy mocno sie smialrm i mama przyszla powiedziala ze ciho ma byc i jak kriper sie przewrovil to tez smialem ale mamy juz nie bylo wiec moglem

  • EisregenKnopf 77 2 weeks ago

    The bush 😂😂 3:21

  • crystal Anastasia 2 weeks ago

    Zobie d’AB 0:10

  • 3PIC PI3 2 weeks ago

    Bad animation

  • Austin Grozier 2 weeks ago

    I think I’ve reached the penicle of cancer on YouTube and need to be treated asap

  • SkullgamesRLBX XD 2 weeks ago


  • Gohan Playz 2 weeks ago

    Its confirmed the Earth is a cube

  • [GD] RavineX 2 weeks ago

    Where we droppin bois?
    R.I.P Dusty Depot

    Ur dad gay

  • Mubashir Ismail` 2 weeks ago

    where is orange justic

  • Trolls MLG 2 weeks ago

    *why do people still like minecraft*

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