How To Minecraft Season 5. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • LMoleyGrail 1 month ago

    1:13:50 Karma for laughing at Side

  • McKinnon Family 1 month ago

    Why does Lachlan all ways quit?

  • Cody Wincen 1 month ago

    Omg u know what u should play ( only the old subs know this) lava run 🏃‍♀️ u haven’t played it in ages like if u agree

  • Ravishankar R 1 month ago

    Battle arena

  • Twiti Click 1 month ago

    hellow guys so if you want to learn langauges here it is

  • Do a huge basement under the castle with the staircase going down in the middle!

  • Esly Gadamez 1 month ago

    Make a casino in the middle of your house !!! Like if you agree

  • Ronnie Guha 1 month ago

    I a,ways watch Vikk and he always wins this event each time
    I wonder what it’s like on the opposing team?

  • Moggart 1 month ago

    Did Ethan quit

  • Hanne Osiagoh 1 month ago

    Do an auto wheat farm Like in season 3

  • PinkAnd Bluee 1 month ago

    ik a bunch of minecraft you tubers who would love you play vik
    pls let ask them to join cause the server is dying otherwise
    like so vik can see

  • Avinash Cheeranjie 1 month ago

    Just a suggestion: I think how to minecraft season 6 should be a role playing one where everyone is assigned a role in a specific community (for example, a city, castle, village) and it shouldn’t be preset quests, but the players follow a regime like going to work, partying, etc, like a normal life, except players are at liberty to do anything they desire.

  • TimeToWreck Playz 1 month ago

    You should go to the war zone like if u agree

  • Bryan Wang 1 month ago

    Shieldbusters can go through shields!!!

  • XxRetro MLGxX 1 month ago

    Can we all just appreciate 17:40

  • Cameron Sanders 1 month ago

    Probably the best episode of h5m. Well done vikk!

  • WildPeanut1011 1 month ago

    What kind of a computer should I get for gaming?

  • Jake Freedman 1 month ago

    Build Battle mini game!!! Like if you agree!

  • Tru3 _Gunn3r 1 month ago

    Vikk I think I got bottles of enchantment and someone stole them

  • Dontae_ Gamez 1 month ago

    do a prank the from h1m when you cover ali as chest with obsidan and cobwebs

  • Dontae_ Gamez 1 month ago

    do it to bez

  • Dork Shimada 1 month ago

    what happened to speedyfastboi account?

  • Stephen Chesser 1 month ago

    ​does he still collab with bajan and jerome

  • Storm Keem 1 month ago

    Get the /fix command

  • Luey Madden 1 month ago

    7 days to die season five pleaseeee

  • _YouAreHere_ 1 month ago

    Vikk is the only idiot not going for the hole in the middle

  • Connor Martin 1 month ago

    Vikk do you listen to Pentatonix?

  • HAYLEY BEDFORD 1 month ago

    Your castle battle fountain idea is awesome

  • ELiTe sWv 1 month ago

    Is there gonna be an episode today

  • Dork Shimada 1 month ago


  • EHFXL _ 1 month ago

    You placed a fireball instead of a missle 5 Times…

  • EHFXL _ 1 month ago

    And you tried to jump on a red lightning 4 Times…

  • EHFXL _ 1 month ago

    You have autism

  • Dork Shimada 1 month ago

    there was no base jumping last season?

  • Connor Martin 1 month ago

    Are Speedy and Side brothers or what is the relationship there?

  • XxRetro MLGxX 1 month ago

    1:18:01 that voice crack though

  • Louis Perrin 1 month ago

    Vikk’s change of facial expression when Kenny said Kara was a different type of person/

  • LillyNightShade 1 month ago

    Is there a server where you can actually play missle wars?

  • Parm Sidhu 1 month ago

    9:58 they start. Like if you wanna thank me

  • UnspokenBuild Gaming 1 month ago

    Vikk, i think you need to change the floor on the ground floor, you said it ages ago 🙂

  • Ashton Decker 1 month ago


  • SwaggyVBros M 1 month ago


  • Mia Curtis dances 1 month ago

    You should make a vikk logo in the middle

  • Daniel Pereira 1 month ago

    vik does not know his left or right

  • DM123 // Sam_H 1 month ago

    I remember last season when Vikk Solo’d the other team.

  • Niamh Trivedi 1 month ago

    The poor ocelot fell off at 49 50

  • Dr Dentist 1 month ago

    Hey vikk well played there . Can u just do a murder event because i really liked it and to bring back the old days plzzzz

  • Luc tranchemontagne 1 month ago

    Ure unbeatable

  • Konzaking 1 month ago

    Plz don’t spam or like this comment I’m trying to watch videos

  • Joris Bezemer 1 month ago

    How is every one so good says vikk bad he means😂

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