• JCPlayz , 4 days ago

    132th who liked

  • Zeddicus Cypher 4 days ago

    As soon as I saw Beefers digging down to the IG spawners I was like ‘he should really cover that lava’ RIP xD

  • Zappy 4 days ago

    Rip Iron Golem Spawner — 2018-18

  • Henry 4 days ago

    Don’t think you need to repair the sell wand. The person who sold it probably hoed farmland with it before they sold it which is why it has a durability bar.

  • Lord Buttlington 4 days ago

    Cmon beefers, is an iron golem spawner not worth the the 2min to remove and replace the lava?

  • firelight gaming 4 days ago

    Amazing vids

  • LaRaughn Duronslet 4 days ago

    Why didnt he put that trap door on the other side ahhhhhh

  • Ellen 4 days ago

    You don’t need to repair the sell wand, someone has probably just used it to till soil.

  • Johnny 0123 4 days ago

    Remember how you said you have to reconnect the Redstone to the sugarcane farm every time you log on? I think the reason the sugarcane farm isn’t producing as much is because you haven’t been reconnecting it when you log on. (I might be wrong idk)

  • Sam Mullins 4 days ago

    Hey beef, I was swammysaurus! Weird to see my character in ur video. Def a rly cool moment. Thk for making vids and if u ever wanna check my island out I’m INFINITE_NEXUS. Keep it up!

  • Joel Hudson 4 days ago

    All your gold are in your hiding hole Beef!

  • Markie Mondoy 4 days ago

    Beefers! If you don’t know, when you place end portals, it gives more island level! 😀

  • godlessmunkey 4 days ago

    Beef please – the Skyblock videos all have the same spelling mistake in the description! It’s juRassic, not juRRasic – named for the Jura mountains in Switzerland.

  • PastorVor 4 days ago

    Easy come, easy go. 🙂
    Great Show!

  • MrSurfinGamer 4 days ago

    Hey Beef you know when you vote for the server u get free fly for 30 minutes, use /fly to gain the ability right after you vote

  • Ryan Hartono. 4 days ago

    make a good old Vintage Cuts on the opening slogans from minesaga you’ve made! xD

  • Shamar McPherson 4 days ago

    love your vids

  • Chelseaa 4 days ago

    as soon as beef showed those sell wands in AH i went and bought one lol

  • kjemradio 4 days ago

    Minesaga. Where derpiness falls into lava just like golem spawner.

  • Tyler Skipper 4 days ago

    Beef your failure in every aspect of your life LOL

  • Ciaran Mcbrearty 4 days ago

    Are you ever going to the sugar cane Farm

  • Vera Guindos 4 days ago

    Keep up the good work Beef, I love this series. A tip, you could change the cobblestone blocks from Iron golem spawner, to Iron blocks, these ways you can upgrade your level island, and recycle those blocks as well.

  • Ammon Horton 4 days ago

    U should make the enchantment island a full sphere where as the room is a cave with leaf blocks and a water fall

  • Legit Hippo 4 days ago

    Hey Beefy Black Beard, you should try playing a map called Stratosphere Survival with Team Canada. You have to travel to different floating islands and complete various challenges. It’s an old map but its a fun one with lots of easter eggs and secrets. I think you three would have a lot of fun with it.

  • brandon G. 4 days ago

    you just burnt a million dollars

  • RiverSiege 4 days ago

    Valuable lesson learnt… maybe

  • I Just Triggered You. Lel. 4 days ago

    Beef, one of your keys might have given you a treasure kit. Do /kit treasure.
    Also, end portals are worth no more than 500k. If you see something in the AH, that’s because it’s overpriced and no one is going to buy it.
    Also, beacons are literally worthless. Seriously. All they give is 20 island points (not levels), which you can get for 50$ by buying redstone lamps. Just place them. It’s not worth attempting to sell them.
    And just fly, dude. It’d be idiocy not to. It’s not “cheating” or “overpowered”. Skyblock is meant to be godlike. You’re supposed to get millions of dollars and just feel overpowered. It’s not a survival gamemode.

  • Arnav Maiti 4 days ago

    Beef just /is go instead of ladders or pillars to go back

  • DasVERMiT 4 days ago

    It wouldn’t be a Beef video if it didn’t have at least one horrible mistake! lol <3

  • MarineTuck 4 days ago

    What you need is a void chest. I have an extra if you will take a gift 🙂

  • Jaynee Burks 4 days ago

    Hey Beef, if you grow 4 jungle trees, you get vines on them 🙂

  • Tommy Kong 4 days ago

    I thought void chest is to discard items you don’t want

  • Garam Ng 4 days ago

    Waiting the episode Beef accidentally sold all his important items in a chest by accidentally clicking it with a sell wand.

  • DasVERMiT 4 days ago

    You got blocks of diamond and gold with your first two Basic Crate keys.

  • Lemon Lord 4 days ago

    I’m so sorry you worked hard for your channel. And it’s practically dead. You have 1.2 million subswith an average of like 5 thousand views

  • Bluetiger 2020 4 days ago

    RIP Golem spawner 4/16/2018

  • Fnassau 4 days ago

    Minesaga. Where Iron burns!

  • Nate Strand 4 days ago

    RIP Basic Key… I got that beacon!

  • Ian Ang 4 days ago

    Don’t hate thebeef hate the server for derping out

  • Unity MC 4 days ago

    Hey Guys Small Server that needs love Sorry for advertisment

  • TheRealPPGaming 4 days ago

    Hey VintageBeef pro tip do /points shop And. /points for void chest and more

  • -Less Playz - Minecraft & More 4 days ago

    Subscribe to you for only this series and survival ❤❤

  • Olle Svensson 4 days ago

    Why all blocks under the spawners? Let them fall and only Use blocks above

  • videofan77 -Louise 4 days ago

    Beef, I wouldn’t dislike the video. Infact I would like it because mistakes show you are human and not perfect! I like that in a human ;D

  • Peter Sebald Tørressen 4 days ago

    Best minecraft`er ever

  • Krimson Succubuz 4 days ago

    it says how much money you have made and how may blocks you have mined on the information box while your in the mining world Beef <3 love your island dude <3

  • Jens Rezpe 4 days ago

    What the heck you destroy the iron golem spawner

  • Scott DuBois 4 days ago

    I subbed

  • Headsplitter 35 4 days ago

    PLEASE dont yell so much. Makes ma head hurt mang…

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