How To Minecraft Season 5. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • Vikkstar123HD 6 months ago

    Nvidia have given me a Star Wars Titan Xp Graphics Card to giveaway to one of you! Enter here if interested!

  • justinhastobe-vlogs and stuff HD 6 months ago

    You left coal in the furnaces , lapis you didn’t sell and so much ore you left behind

  • Combustible Lemons 6 months ago

    vikk please play getting over it with bennett foddy

  • Adnan Shaben 6 months ago

    Try using more wood in your builds it will help make the castle a bit more lively

  • Emerald Hayden 6 months ago

    What’s next name king moolian, king sheepian

  • Mohamed Elrahmany 6 months ago

    Vikk do a gate with redstone so if smeone attacks u flip the switch and it closes like a kingdom

  • Sliced Yah 6 months ago


  • Matthew Thomas Dy 6 months ago

    3:45 vikk called a sheep a cow xD

  • Edwin Buckroyd 6 months ago

    You stay up all till 12 and party

  • warisshah67 6 months ago

    Like on a level vikk’s house from afar looked like sandstone

  • SlobbyMC 6 months ago

    such a cool series

  • TheIceLorD _32 6 months ago

    vikk plz plz plz play ark abberation with meola and lachlan and pete plz ur gonna have fun

  • Matthew200411 6 months ago

    You could of got a free flower pot from the witch hut you saw in the swamp an episode or two ago

  • Joshua Robertson 6 months ago

    Vik dat castle is lit

  • Kai Ming Koh 6 months ago

    Where is mitch(bajancandian)???

  • Frozzones 6 months ago

    Racist Vikk…. Not killing the Brown sheep cuz he’s brown like it! Only killing white sheeps

  • Manikya Bardhan 6 months ago

    Vikk, you should do some normal minecraft videos once in a while…

  • benyplayz mobile games 6 months ago

    Salty lagoon

  • BertBooks23 BertBooks23 6 months ago

    good episode

  • BertBooks23 BertBooks23 6 months ago

    that cow sheep though.

  • Netec River | Netec Assassins 6 months ago

    3:50 Vikk confirmed racist! HOW COULD YOU VEEEK!

  • xZenoz 6 months ago

    Stop playing daily you are the reason all the SMP’s are dead because you play it to much

  • Juvanji Gamin' 6 months ago


  • Coxxy 123 6 months ago

    Yo your castle looks sick, can’t wait to see it when it’s finished 👍🏻

  • Jason Hendricks 6 months ago

    At 3:44 cow?😂

  • Darshin Dodhia 6 months ago

    Vik i think you have unlocked war zone

  • stupid cat 6 months ago

    I know you won’t see this but put mending on the fortune pick

  • Moizy Boizy 6 months ago

    46:57 2+2 is 4-1 that’s 3.quick mafs

  • Teo Jervis 6 months ago

    Can u invite popularmmos

  • Noah Addison 6 months ago

    not getting rid of the sto e shovel triggered me for a while

  • Edwin Buckroyd 6 months ago

    Don’t be so sure some past years he’s either taken his PC or streemed on the PC there still he shouldn’t though

  • Satisfying Crunches 6 months ago

    *Vik:Sorry cow your time has come.*
    *Also Vik:We need some wool*
    *Ps:It’s not racism that he let the brown sheep live.Racism is against black people.*

  • Sofy Foda 6 months ago

    Vikk, your a legend!! I was sick for a few days now, but you’ve made me feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maximilian Heuwold 6 months ago

    Can’t u grind the distance advancement by doing /spawn and then /warp plains

  • Mr Pringle 6 months ago

    get rid of the grass on your floor

  • Wolf Man 6 months ago

    Sheep’s are the new cows

  • Young Savage 6 months ago

    You should build a cool wall around your castle after your done like robs in the last season

  • Mads Thygesen 6 months ago

    My OCD kicks in because your castle isn’t a perfect square…. It really bugs me, haha…. But you’re still my fav youtuber, so you are doing something right

  • Adam coleman 6 months ago

    I know but he could have done that and got the white flowers for that mishen

  • sasuke 25 6 months ago

    Vikk should have killed him while he had the chance

  • Darryn Schmidt 6 months ago

    3:44 am I mistaken or did he call a turtle a cow

  • AiM-G0D_ 1 6 months ago


  • Noah Coutinho 6 months ago

    Vikk use elevator blocks in tower

  • Mark Riske 6 months ago

    When Vik loses by the 3 coal he left in the furnaces. Imagine

  • Nicholas Allen 6 months ago

    Do a mining challenge in vr

  • THEpandaPvP 6 months ago

    Sub to creepersedge

  • PotencialMC 5 months ago

    “The brown sheep can live” -Vikkstar123

  • AiM-G0D_ 1 5 months ago


  • Sam and Eli 5 months ago

    Invite zexyzek to how to minecraft

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