• DanTDM The Bot 3 weeks ago

    Cool bro!

  • Frostbite 3 weeks ago

    Hey Tyler, I have a question for you: Are you going to be at the Minefaire on September 15-16? Hopefully you are 😉

  • Morgan Kneale 3 weeks ago

    I always use the bonus chest

  • The King of Legos 3 weeks ago

    I remember all of these…..

  • LazyTurtle 3 weeks ago

    13:05 well how ba dat

  • Bob Gee 3 weeks ago

    Logdotzip you look like papa jake

  • acid ninja duck 3 weeks ago

    I use this all the time….

  • STE00132 3 weeks ago

    You do not have the arms on the armor stand

  • Mekner 3 weeks ago

    The minecart with furnace can be useful if you are running low on red stone and powered rails, and for automated item transport

  • Grace Cupcakes 3 weeks ago

    does anyone remember sheering the pumpkin of a snow golem?

  • KirbysPVS 3 weeks ago

    I’m surprised that the bonus chest is considered to be a forgotten feature… my sister and niece use it all the time.

  • Tycho Games 3 weeks ago

    I knew all xD

  • Trev Auton 3 weeks ago

    The furnace minecart is on console edition.

  • Amber Mature 3 weeks ago

    Nether reactor core!

  • Amber Mature 3 weeks ago

    -Cinematic camera

    Screen recorder:
    -Bandicam (Or related)
    -DirectX screen recording system

    -Java SE Binary Platform
    -Minecraft Java
    -Minecraft Regular
    -Advanced OpenGL capture system
    -Graphics card driver

    -Windows 10
    -Powered graphics card
    -CX-39 System

  • 100% Running out of ideas.

  • Nat Colucci 3 weeks ago


  • Funny GummyAyden 3 weeks ago

    But where is the i

  • Janne Dankertsen 3 weeks ago

    Bonus chests is’nt forgotten

  • Janne Dankertsen 3 weeks ago

    Dessert well is’nt forgotten

  • dab princess 3 weeks ago

    I never ever will forget the bonus chest

  • Badgers Den 3 weeks ago

    I stopped playing minecraft ages ago, and had started playing since around beta 1.4, but man a couple of these took me by surprise, nice video Log xD

  • DiamondCrafterHQ 3 weeks ago

    I forgot the minecart furnace

  • steam train Ty 3 weeks ago

    FACE CAM! (sorry i havn’t been here for awhile

  • Scratchfan321 3 weeks ago

    Advertisement be like

  • Eleni Gianakouros ( Student ) 3 weeks ago

    Woo first 10 views!!!

  • Scratchfan321 3 weeks ago

    Lol cave spiders

  • Being a person who uses redstone a lot, I can assure you that locking repeaters isn’t forgotten.

  • Jamie Tong 3 weeks ago

    I encounterd locking repeater an I toght wow what is that

  • Kehara-Magnay Keita 3 weeks ago

    Think noodles told us that or err showed us

  • Slamon

  • Shiny Umbreon JET 3 weeks ago


  • Lettuc3 3 weeks ago

    I never forgot these. I still find the minecart furnace useful, but most of these I don’t care about

  • xXKitty CatXx 3 weeks ago

    “Hey i just made that joke, at least I can say we r on the same page” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 page haaa I get it 😂😂😂love ur jokes

  • RED SEA GAMING 3 weeks ago

    I want a train. That is powered by coal and can pull minecarts in Minecraft of you would need a lot of iron and wood to build one and it would be big enough to get inside it with buttons to the train to move backwards or forwards this is just a idea of mine. Make it able to haul 10 mine chest carts.

  • [AP] Antoine 3 weeks ago

    I dont know what “OG” means. Old gamer?

  • LORA ROBINSON 3 weeks ago

    I have forgotten about Minecraft furnaces because they were removed from both Minecraft console and pocket editions. P.S. the stonecutter is another forgotten feature that still exists but only in Minecraft pocket edition.

  • Jake Lance Nhoel Sesuca 3 weeks ago

    I know mushroom stew’s are mooshroom pee

  • An Noonymoose 3 weeks ago

    doesnt you notice aghq? hes on your left on nevada las vegas

  • Alexander Morgan 3 weeks ago

    Most of the things pe user use a lot

  • Gavin Grunhovd 3 weeks ago

    My brother uses the bonus chest is creative

  • Super C4 3 weeks ago

    I’m a couch potato so I’m bound to know everything in this video.

  • Microman Channel 3 weeks ago

    do you have some sort of illness that makes you spontaneously show off your merch?

  • King Slayer 3 weeks ago

    How did I forget minecart furnace

  • Dinoman972 3 weeks ago

    Wait, so that’s what furnace minecarts are for? I thought they were just moving furnaces!

  • [AO] Via 3 weeks ago

    I thought this stuff was comn nolig

  • Mohamed Amr 3 weeks ago

    Falling on hay bales reduces fall damege

  • Mooster Booster 3 weeks ago

    but I’m not a og

  • Zack Immortal Gaming 3 weeks ago

    I didn forgot it,But Minecraft Want Me To Forgot Because It Always LAG!!

  • Nerd Budz 3 weeks ago

    i didn’t forget any of these features

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