• Wilson Rogers 5 months ago

    Cody plz plz plz plz bring back who’s your daddy we need it

  • Wilson Rogers 5 months ago

    Cody plz plz plz plz bring back who’s your daddy we need it i miss it so so so so much

  • Johny Paul 5 months ago

    I wanna pick the Side that’s not that evil

  • Elizabeth Erwin 5 months ago

    Hi I love yo vids

  • catmanperson ooo4532 5 months ago

    hi Cody you have the best channel ever created in YouTube history i love the videos and pleas try to do more videos with cannibal
    ,kraken , selena , blopper and the baby blooper because when all of you make videos it makes really funny videos. catmanperson

  • Caitlyn Fricks 5 months ago

    Do you have a PO box?

  • Santiago Pérez 5 months ago

    Sometimes I remember for how long Atlantic Craft has made minecraft videos, and I just can’t resist the question.
    Do you even like the game anymore? Does it make you happy? If so, keep doing what you love. If not, find something else that makes you happy, you might regret it if you don’t.

  • Julia Braner 5 months ago

    U owe me money I was on Sponge Bob 😂

  • flaming tornado 5 months ago

    What about good vs evil

  • alek simpson 5 months ago

    planktons won because they won twice

  • Crazykraken 18 5 months ago

    Cody can you make a forest 2 that will be great

  • The redstone sith 5 months ago

    I hate spongebob

  • Alvin Lim 5 months ago

    The last round is insane

  • andrew noel 5 months ago

    hey cody i cant get in to your discord chanle for fans it is saying it has expierd

  • Nicholas Makhoul 5 months ago


  • Steven thach 5 months ago

    Do skeleton regime vs skeleton rebels. Bring the Might of the Skeleton Empire to these lands and let them destroy all you create! Bring them to Massive Mob Battles! You shall see the true might of the Skeleton Regime!

  • Steven thach 5 months ago

    I’m bored so that’s all I could think of to type in the comments out of boredom.

  • catmanperson ooo4532 5 months ago

    your welcome cody keep up your amazing videos. love the videos and they are so funny i wish i could be in one of your videos

  • Loveclan Leader 5 months ago

    Cody I love your videos you should make another Jurassic park video but with laser rifles and futuristic stuff

  • SubZeroIcepunch 5 months ago

    Do more roblox plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • m boy 5 months ago


  • The League of Fishers -Phoenix -Leviathan -Fisher 5 months ago


  • Chase Blankenship 5 months ago

    Pls do more base defense

  • Kasey Bonethug 5 months ago

    This is so awesome

  • Rich Benevento 5 months ago

    Can you bring bendy and the ink meashen back sorry with my incrat spelling

  • QuicknehZ 5 months ago

    Will joes ever return to play minecraft with you guys

  • Waluigi 5 months ago

    what mod do they use to breath underwater

  • TASHA oh I know. sex. oc 5 months ago

    Kodi how is SpongeBob almost bigger than you wow I wonder how big mr. Crab is

  • TASHA oh I know. sex. oc 5 months ago

    I mean is bigger than

  • ماين كرافت 5 months ago

    بدي توصلوني 200 مشترك ممكن

  • Matt Felicisimo Magno 5 months ago

    if the planktons are so
    lagy they turn into little

  • Starjohnson HD 5 months ago

    167th comment

  • Legendary Boy 5 months ago

    What song do you use for your outro

  • MR. Jinglebells06 5 months ago


  • Zhi Kai Tan 5 months ago

    British empire vs plantons

  • _Foz_lexcombo_X channel 5 months ago

    This is my birthday

  • Conor Lynch 5 months ago

    Mr Kiran .exe vs Patrick army

  • Jonathan Hartfield 5 months ago

    Please do another spin it you drink it challenge, and without the chicken nuggets, please do it with Selena and blooper and Kraken kid, tell Kraken kid to drink it this time.

  • Cool Gamer Clone Trooper 5 months ago

    What happend to sam from the forest

  • Cool Gamer Clone Trooper 5 months ago

    Also wow…

  • Isaac Delgado 5 months ago

    Do star wars vs. Bendy and the ink machine.

  • catmanperson ooo4532 5 months ago

    sorry rixil godking and joe buzz

  • Emily Dickenson 5 months ago

    I think u can build a Castle plz do it

  • Leydi Ecalante 5 months ago

    This is the Best video

  • Leydi Ecalante 5 months ago

    Anser me

  • Killeraxe DONAGHE 5 months ago


  • Kim Apirion 5 months ago

    You are amazing 😉

  • Flame Master 5 months ago

    do patric.exe vs spongebob.exe

  • Angela Flow 5 months ago

    do a penguin vs a zombie

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