• Nuclear bomb WC 2 weeks ago

    You are awesome

  • Shehryar Afridi 2 weeks ago

    Beck I want to join your server but I have version and can you tell me how to join plz.

  • Adrian Ostman 2 weeks ago

    part 2 please

  • Michelle Serverson 2 weeks ago

    Beckbrojack will survive the zombie apocalypse

  • Adaijah Stapleton 2 weeks ago

    Second video

  • CTC Fire 2 weeks ago

    Part 2 pls

  • BLADE master 2 weeks ago

    do a roleplay

  • Avi Maltinsky 2 weeks ago

    Do a let’s play with this mod. Like if you agree.

  • Avi Maltinsky 2 weeks ago

    On the server please team up with other peeps. Like if you agree,

  • PVP Master 2 weeks ago

    Dude nice character and wolf names and BESSY ILL ALWAYS GIVE BESSY 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 LIKES

  • George gaming 2 weeks ago


  • KySchell Moore 2 weeks ago

    Make a series roleplay

  • Sohlor 2 weeks ago

    Obnoxious af

  • Kra-Zy Gymng 2 weeks ago

    Noice jack

  • rebecca lyon 2 weeks ago

    Part 2

  • May Dylan 2 weeks ago

    Awesome vid for the start of 2018

  • LaylaMC VlogChannel 2 weeks ago

    Can you please do a series on this llpretty please like if you agree or comment

  • Maria Quezada 2 weeks ago

    Do a serse

  • Nathan Figueroa 2 weeks ago

    I liked your video it is awesome

  • Nathan Figueroa 2 weeks ago

    Do the capital mod please see yah bro

  • gina andrada 2 weeks ago

    Its more like block story but awsome video

  • OnsidGamer OMG 2 weeks ago

    Can you make a series out of this

  • _iTzRiazPvP ツ 2 weeks ago

    reminded me the walking dead wont be back till feb 🙁

  • Slimy Tutorials/Gaming 2 weeks ago


  • Game Central- Volgging and Games 2 weeks ago

    *DO THE SERVER!!!😎😎😎✌💪💪👍👌👊👊👊✊✊✊🤜🤛💣💣💥💥*

  • Dylan Boyd 2 weeks ago

    You didn’t use the chainsaw or mini gun 😕😡

  • beckbro evan 2 weeks ago

    Will your sub to my chanal Evan Conrad and beckbroevan @ can you ask some of your fans if thay will sub to my chanal I’m asking your cause your a huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge YouTuber

  • BLKFIGHTERX VIDS 2 weeks ago

    your awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yhanxiel Dizon 2 weeks ago

    Your a zombie too ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • TheHuman Muffin 2 weeks ago

    I Realy like your videos

  • Kayden Voorn 2 weeks ago

    I think this mod is made by scotteh boe

  • Owen Selinger 2 weeks ago

    This is already a server what are you talking about

  • Abner Kaunds 2 weeks ago

    He’s the best just subscribe to him cuz he’s the best

  • CrazyLazyRabbit 2 weeks ago

    Im trying to watch the vido but he was talking to loud


  • Tiana Brown 2 weeks ago

    play robloxxxxxxxxxx!!!

  • sheogorath the daedric prince of gaming 2 weeks ago

    Like fallout 4 bottle caps as currencies

  • Boehmn Rito 2 weeks ago

    I always wanted a minecraft mod for months……. 🙁 help me!

  • Mary Jones 2 weeks ago

    I have

  • Maria Claudio 1 week ago

    How are you so good

  • FIT GO RAID SEVERS PLZ 1 week ago

    decimation lol

  • NiluxRoleplay 1 week ago

    Only scratched the surface, but you did well. Scotteh would be proud to see that you helped promote the mod.

  • yahya G 1 week ago


  • tee 786 1 week ago

    Cool mod ☺ I love zombie games

  • mr boobies 1 week ago


  • Brendon Sepsi 1 week ago


  • Esmeralda Jael Guzman Hernandez 1 week ago

    que feo

  • Kendrii 1 week ago

    mod NAME ?

  • Melissa Benskin 1 week ago

    beck your good you are already a zombie

  • ezio assassin 1 week ago

    the mod is still working on

  • Kjell De Waard 1 week ago

    Make more video’s with the extreme craftingtablemod

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